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The year of “Military youths proudly advancing under the Party’s flag”- Lessons learned

The year of 2015 is full of anniversaries and big events of the country, and gives favourable conditions  for promoting Union work and youth movement. For this reason, The Military Youth Board has proposed the action theme of the year to the General Political Department as “Military youths proudly advancing under  the Party’s flag”. After one year of various activities, significant achievements have been gained and precious lessons have been withdrawn.

With the leadership, direction of party executive committees and commanders at all levels, the proactiveness and creativity of Youth Union’s cadres and the proactiveness of the military  youths, the year of “Military Youths proudly advancing under  the Party’s flag” has gained multifaceted achievements, making contribution to fulfilling the assigned political task. Some achievements and lessons have been drawn from the realistic activities of the military youths in the years as follow:

First, propagation and education have been done by a number of methods with focuses on historical events, bringing about resonant and pervasive influence and multifaceted results. Prior to anniversaries and important political events of the country and the military, mass media and reporters at all levels  joined in, creating momentum for the propagation and education of the Youth Union. Youth Unions at all levels have always renewed the programs and methods of their operations, strengthened education on the traditions, revolutionary targets and ideal; enhanced the consciousness on law obedience and disciplines, practising moral merits and lifestyle; built political steadfastness; consolidated patriotism and belief and the responsibility of youths in fulfilling their tasks. The Military Youth Board and related units have actively proposed to the leaders of the General Political Department and political offices at all levels on the leadership, direction and implementation of meetings and campaigns appropriate with each unit’s mission and the need of youths.

An art performance stimulating the movement

Second, youth unions at all levels have cleverly changed awareness into actions by launching emulation movements of the youths closely connected with the Determining to Win Movement and significant drives. Particularly, the emulation movement of “Military  Youths striving for the pinnacles”, and “Military Youths heading toward science and technology” have been strictly carried out, gaining breakthrough achievements. Adhering to the drive of “Promoting traditions, promoting talents, deserving to be Uncle Ho’s soldiers” and the Determining to Win Emulation movement, the requirements of political missions, units throughout the military have launched a number of emulations with new contents and methods appropriate to their own circumstances. This has promoted the proactiveness of  cadres and youths in fulfilling their political tasks; positively changed the weak points, particularly in training, building regularity, disciplining, studying, researching, labouring, producing and doing business, etc. Numerous good models and effective methods have been multiplied and upheld in agencies and units through out the military.

Third, the movement of “Creative Youth” in the military has seen new developments in both scope and quality, contributing greatly to the modernization of the military. At the whole military level,  the Military Youth Board has positively and actively directed and guided and carried out awarding activities; successfully held the 15th Creative Youth Reviewing and Rewarding Ceremony and held a number of activities celebrating the 15th anniversary of launching Creative Youth Award in the military.

The movements of studying, conducting scientific research, initiative for technical renovation have been implemented profoundly in units through out the military. Political  offices of the units have actively coordinated with the military science offices to inform about the prizes. Besides, a number of solutions have been proposed to encourage and stimulate the study, scientific research, to promote initiatives and technical innovation of cadres and youths. Various effective models and movements continue to be multiplied and upheld, such as: “Young scientist club”, “Students conducting scientific research club”, “Prize for youths with scientific creativity”, “Prize for determining to win talented youth”, “Prize for creative youth”, “Nguyen Phan Vinh Prize”, “Nguyen Viet Xuan Prize”, “Centre for young science and technique”, etc.

Fourth, the Military Youth Board and youth union cadres of the whole military have coordinated with local offices and organizations to carry out a number of mass work and voluntary activities, gaining significant results.

Fifth, “One theme a month” is a right direction for action in order to create driving force for emulation movement frequently and pervasively among youths. To gain the above achievements in 2015, the Military Youth Board has proposed to the leaders of the General Political Department on dividing the general theme “Military youths proudly advancing under  the Party’s flag” of the year 2015 into 12 specific themes for 12 months. Monthly themes are closely linked to the anniversaries and historical events of the country, both connected the past with the presence and the future and allowed each youth union to build their own targets and program in accordance with their unit’s missions and conditions.

Implementing the theme of the year 2015 – “Military youths proudly advancing under the Party’s flag”, union work and youth movement of the military  have gained three outstanding achievements, namely: Cadres, union members and youths have all seen progress and matured (human resource); unit’s missions have all been successfully accomplished (work); youth unions have been consolidated and built comprehensively strong, making contribution to building party organizations pure and strong and units comprehensively strong (organization). The achievements and lessons in the year 2015 will drive vigorously union work and youth movement in the military forward in the coming time.

Lieutenant Colonel Thai Duc Hanh

Head of the Military Youth Board

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