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The Vietnam People’s Navy and the mission to defend the Homeland’s sovereignty over seas and islands

Over 60 years of development, the Vietnam People’s Navy has gained many outstanding victories, making considerable contribution to the cause of liberating the nation, building and protecting the Homeland. Promoting its glorious tradition, the Navy is striving for enhanced synergy and combat strength, being capable enough to serve as the core force in protection of seas and islands.

Combat readiness training in 861 division

After the victory in the resistance war against French colonialists, the issue of controlling and defending the North’s seas and islands became urgent. On July 5th 1955, the Ministry of National Defence released the Decree 284/NĐ-A on the establishment of the Coast Guard Department - the forerunner of the Navy. After its very inception, in spite of difficulties in personnel, organization, and material and technical conditions, under the Party and State’s leadership with the Central Military Party Committee and the National Defence Ministry first, being loved and protected by the people, supported by international friends, the Navy gained significant achievements in building and developing the force, training and equipping, enhancing combat strength, meeting the requirements set by the cause of national liberation.

In the anti-US resistance war for national salvation, despite the fact that its fledgling force had to fight against the US navy and air force, equipped with much better weapons, the Vietnam People’s Navy, with high determination, courageous and wise fighting spirit, won the first victory on August 2nd and 5th 1964. This victory was of paramount significance; strongly encouraging the whole Party, people and military in general, the Navy in particular in defeating the US invaders. Not only demonstrating the nation’s “dare to fight, know how to fight, and determine to win” strong will against the barbarous imperialist of the times, but also did it affirm that our Navy was capable enough to defeat the enemy in water battlefield. Bringing into play its first victory, the Navy continued to overcome countless difficulties, hardships, and sacrifices, closely working with the whole country’s people and military to defeat the enemy’s two air wars and blockage in the North; attacking to annihilate the US and Saigon troops in the South’s water battlefield; opening the Ho Chi Minh trail in sea, effectively assisting the large front; engaging in the 1975 strategic General Offensive, liberating the Spratlys, making significant contribution to completely liberating the South and reunifying the country.

In the cause of building and protecting the Homeland, especially over the past 30 years of reform, the Navy has always grasped the situation, proactively recommending the Party, State, Central Military Party Committee, and National Defence Ministry sound and appropriate policies to settle sensitive issues in sea; at the same time, always being proactive and flexible in leading and commanding to resolve arising complex situations avoiding passiveness and surprise. In recent years, the Navy has focused on building, fully developing the force in the modern direction, and building a firm shore-sea-island defence posture; unceasingly enhancing the synergy, combat strength and readiness, as the core force successfully accomplishing the task to firmly defend the national sovereignty, and maintain a peaceful and stable environment in the Homeland’s seas, islands, and continental shelf. With its outstanding achievements, the Navy was awarded 2 Gold Star Orders, 2 Ho Chi Minh Orders, the title “Hero of the People’s Armed Forces” for 2 times and many other noble awards by the State President.

Currently, the developments in the East Sea continue to be complex and unpredictable, having a direct impact on the stability of Homeland’s sea, island sovereignty and security. That context imposes higher requirements in the Navy’s task. To complete its task of protecting Homeland’s sovereignty and territory, as a key force, the Navy should have a new way of thinking and synchronous implementation of measures, with a focus on the main ones as follows:

Firstly, continuing to make the navy cadres and soldiers firm and resolute in political stance, highly determined, disciplined, and ready to fight and sacrifice their life to protect the Homeland’s sovereignty over seas, islands, and continental shelf.

Secondly, enhancing the capability of anticipation, grasping, evaluating, and analyzing the situation, particularly the developments relating to the Homeland’s security and sovereignty over seas and islands; at the same time, seriously and closely maintaining the combat readiness system, from the headquarters to units, ensuring not being in passiveness and surprise. On that basis, the Navy should proactively recommend the Party, State, Central Military Party Committee, and National Defence Ministry proper policies; commanding, operating, and resolving complex situations that could occur in tactful, flexible, and timely way in order to resolutely defend national sovereignty, territory, and interests, and firmly preserve a peaceful and stable environment in the Homeland’s seas and islands.

Thirdly, accelerating the process of building a “revolutionary, regular, seasoned, modern” Navy; attaching the force building to the appropriate adjustment of arms structure; strengthening training, regularity, disciplining, and safety guarantee; considering this a breakthrough to unceasingly enhance the force’s synergy and combat strength.

Fourthly, promoting the military and defence diplomatic affairs from service level to unit level in both width and depth aiming at the objective: firmly protect the Homeland’s sovereignty over seas and islands; maintaining peace and stability in the East Sea; at the same time, consolidating confidence, strengthening cooperation, and raising the position of the Vietnam People’s Navy.

Admiral  Nguyen Van Hien, PhD

Member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Minister of National Defence

Commander of the Navy 

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