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The Party’s viewpoint on upholding the defence activeness at the 12th National Congress

Actively prepare for defence is an objective necessity and an internal requirement of all nations as defence is the most fundamental factor to firmly protect national independence, territory, unity, territorial integrity and security in any circumstances. For this reason, defence preparation has always been a principal and continual matter in shaping defence lines, and national defence of each country, particularly small ones. As for our country, basing on the right appreciation of the world, regional and domestic situations, the Political Document of the 12th National Party Congress pointed out that: “Positively and actively prepare capable defence forces and and realistic, scientific combat plan for firmly protecting national independence, sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity and security in any situations”. This is a basic viewpoint, manifesting the Party’s theoretical thinking and perception of guidelines, methods as well as basic and urgent solutions for successfully fulfilling the task to safeguard the Fatherland, one of the two strategic tasks of Vietnam’s revolution amid the fast changes and complicated and unpredictable evolutions of the world and regional situations.

Historically, the viewpoint is not a new one. It did not just emerge from the past two resistance wars but it has existed throughout the nation’s history of construction and protection. Therefore, positively and actively preparing for defence has been imbued and a continual viewpoint of the Party and the nation. This does not mean that there is nothing new about the viewpoint. The new thing is that the Party has inherited the traditional viewpoint and thinking on national protection of the nation and Vietnam’s revolution through different periods and applied it creatively into the country’s realistic circumstances in a skillful and suitable manner. Accordingly, for the first time ever, defence preparation has been mentioned in a political document of the Party. This shows the complexity and  urgent need of defence mission and national protection in the new situation as well as the Party’s sensitive thinking and strategic vision so as to actively respond to fast, complicated and unpredictable changes of the world, regional and domestic situations. Moreover, it not only points out direction and the necessity to strengthen preparation to create defence capability for national protection in any situations but also aims at a more ambitious goal of preventing and crushing the risk of war and conflict. Therefore, the above viewpoint not only meets the requirements and strategic missions of Vietnam’s revolution but also holds profound theoretical, practical and humane values.

Grasping the Party’s viewpoint, over the past years, along with all round preparation, we have screened, supplemented and perfected our combat plans and determinations, and held exercises for dealing with situations. In particular, we have completed our plans for protecting sovereignty over border, seas and islands and strategic combat plans in each area, etc. Moreover, we have strengthened defence capability, actively studied and adjusted defence forces towards the direction of seasoned, lean and powerful, meeting the requirements and both regular and irregular missions, truly being the core force in firmly protecting independence, sovereignty, unification, territorial integrity of the country, contributing to maintaining peaceful and stable environment for the country construction and development.

Therefore, this matter should be grasped and seriously implemented by all levels, sectors and the entire people with focus on the following issues:

First, actively prepare combat plans and methods. This is the most basic and decisive content in the preparation for defence and national protection as it presents the orientation and method of action as well as the will and determination of the Party, State, people and armed forces in dealing with possible incidents. In order to have scientific and highly feasible plans, preparation must be based on the right evaluation and review of all related matters, particularly evaluation and anticipation of the object of combat and new factors of the national salvation war. On this basis, sound guidelines, solutions and strategies are to be drawn out for preparations.

In the current situation, it is necessary to anticipate and prepare plans and methods of struggle in disputes over seas and islands with involving parties. Attach importance to further study and anticipate the sudden incidents that may occur in localities, including border, sea and island areas and the solutions for dealing with them.

Second, actively prepare forces, assets and disposition right in peacetime. This, in essence, is the preparation for defence capability in order to create strength in the implementation of the approved combat plans. Therefore, this preparation must be made all round but with focuses and importance being attached to quality enhancement. Regarding force preparation, it is required that we have the synchronous combination between widespread and specialized forces; between on – the –spot forces and mobile ones, between those of defensive areas and the ones of ministries in the area. In the short term, basing on the situation and new requirements, it is necessary to pay attention to building new specialized forces, such as: border surveillance, sea enforcement, while not disregard the entire – people force, particularly in border, sea and island areas, etc. These are the fastest, most opportune and effective forces in the direct struggle to protect the country’s sovereignty.

Third, actively struggle to prevent the risks of war and conflict, creating driving force for defence preparation. Accordingly, active defence preparation must go hand in hand with combat activities. Recently, we have been consistent with the viewpoint of peaceful settlement of disputes and disagreement in accordance with international laws but we should not neglect and disregard combat activities. In contrast, we should have more resolute and thorough struggles in all fields with various types and means. In the current situation, besides combating effectively against the  “Peaceful evolution” strategy of hostile forces and preventing and countering the internal “self evolution”, “self transformation”, we should actively fight effectively against invader to protect our sovereignty over seas and islands in the East Sea.

During the struggle, in any time and situation, we should mobilize and incorporate various forces to create synergy. Though armed forces are considered the core ones, we should not disregard the ones of the people, ministries, sectors, industries, associations from the central to local levels. It is necessary to combine different ways of struggle, such as: defence, security, economic, political, diplomatic, etc. Especially, in the current situation, struggle in the diplomatic field has a very important role in the cause of national protection. For this reason, foreign affairs should pay attention to in-depth and substantive issues, particularly in the relations with neighbour and regional countries, with our traditional friends and major powers to contribute to enhancing the activeness in defence and firmly protecting the country soon and from afar.

 Lt Gen, Assoc., Prof., Dr. Tran Thai Binh

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