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The Coast Guard Region 3 effectively implements the model “fishermen’s fellow-travellers”

The work of public relation always receives the attention of the Party Committee and High Command of the Coast Guard Region 3 (CGR 3 for short). In this regard, the model of “The Coast Guard soldiers to be fishermen’s fellow–travellers” has been proving effective, contributing to the building of strong "people's hearts and minds" posture on the sea and islands.

In order to well fulfill the tasks of ensuring security, order and safety and maintaining the observance of Vietnamese laws and relevant international laws in our country’s territorial waters, islands and continental shelf, the Party Committee and High Command of the CGR 3 determine that it requires the unanimity and cooperation of all levels, sectors, and forces especially the fishermen who are working and living on the sea. Their presence not only plays an important role for economic development but also asserts national sovereignty over the sea. In the farthest end of the Homeland’s territorial waters in the midst of the vast ocean, fishermen’s fishing vessel and boat with the red flag and golden star flying in front of the wind are the markers of our country’s sovereignty over the sea and islands. The seafood - catching teams and groups, which are organized as villages and hamlets on the sea, are not only the sovereignty landmarks of Vietnam but also the "eyes and ears" to inform the Vietnam Coast Guard and the functional agencies about the situation on the sea and islands. When the situation occurs, the fishermen themselves are supporters of the Coast Guard and other functional agencies in law enforcement as well as fighting in the field. Therefore, along with the functional forces, the role of fishermen in strong protection of sovereignty over the sea and islands should be brought into play. It is a long-term significant task to organize this force with a view to affirming sovereignty over the sea and islands of the country. Through that perception, the Party Committee and High Command of the Vietnam Coast Guard have developed and deployed the model of "The Coast Guard soldiers to be fishermen’s fellow–travellers" in order to further renew the content and forms as well as to improve the quality and the effectiveness of the public relations work of the Coast Guard force in the new situation. Simultaneously, the role of fishermen should be promoted in building political bases, facilitating socio-economic development, building strong island districts and communes. The focus is also placed on the enhancement of responsibility of fishermen in cooperating with the Coast Guard Force in performing the task of protecting the sovereignty, political security, social order and safety on the sea and islands of the Homeland.

Therefore, the Party Committee and the High Command of the CGR 3 focus on leading, guiding and deploying the model of "The Coast Guard soldiers to be fishermen’s fellow–travellers" in a close, synchronous and effective manner. The Party committees and Party organizations at all levels have specialized resolutions on leading the implementation of this model; in which the specific content and measures are determined so that the leadership and direction of the committees and cadres in charge at all levels meet the set objectives and requirements. Right after the introduction of the Guideline No. 427 on February 10th, 2017 of the Vietnam Coast Guard Political Bureau on the implementation of the model of "The Coast Guard soldiers to be fishermen’s fellow–travellers" in the 2017-2020 period, the High Command of the CGR 3 has developed Plan 169/KH-BTL to implement this model in 2017-2020 period and beyond. At the same time, the decision on the establishment of the Steering Committee, the Organizing Committee and the sub-committees in charge of organizing the model in Phu Quy island district (Binh Thuan province) and Ninh Van island commune (Ninh Hoa provincial town, Khanh Hoa province) is made.

Based on the preset resolutions and plans, the units of the Region have defined the contents of the implementation in accordance with the characteristics, functions and assigned tasks. In particular, good implementation of law dissemination, propagation and education, especially the Law of the Sea of ​​Vietnam, the Law on Fisheries, the Law on Environment, the Law on Drug Prevention and Control, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982, the maritime law of the countries which share the adjacent, overlapping or conflicting waters for fishermen not to violate other countries’ waters is fundamental. Besides, the focus is also on ​​propagation about fishing grounds, sea and island conditions, ensuring that when fishermen catch the fish, they do not violate the law, limiting the damage to fishermen and not affecting foreign affairs. The method of propaganda is appropriate to the level of awareness and conditions of each object, through the following forms: oral propaganda, leaflets, speaker systems, tapes, discs, etc. The propaganda is conducted right before fishermen go offshore and even while the fishermen are fishing in the waters of the Homeland. The Region organized the contests on knowledge of the sea, island and the Vietnam Coast Guard for the subjects, while instructing the Region Youth Union to cooperate with the local Youth Union in organizing paintings competition on the theme of the sea, islands and activities of the Region. The Region worked with secondary schools of Xuyen Moc district (Ba Ria - Vung Tau province), Phu Quy district (Binh Thuan province), Ninh Hoa town (Khanh Hoa province) to hold contests on knowledge of the sea and islands with the theme "I love the sea and islands of the Homeland". At the same time, the Region also encourages fishermen to detect and promptly notify the Vietnam Coast Guard and functional agencies when foreign vessels violate the territorial waters of the country so that they can take appropriate and effective handling measures. It collaborates with the Party Committees and the administrations of the island communes to encourage the people to actively participate in protecting the sovereignty, maintaining security, order and safety of the sea and islands, actively participating in the fight against smuggling, trade frauds, and drug offence, preserving the security, order and safety of the sea and islands of the country and fighting against the aggression of hostile forces.

In order to keep fishermen’s mind on operating on the sea, the Party Committee and High Command of the Region determines to increase the work of inspection and control, especially in the distant and adjacent sea, as well as to inform the fishermen of the frequency of communication with the search and rescue watch houses of the Vietnam Coast Guard and the Regional High Command to well cooperate with each other in performing rescue operations, ensuring the safety of the fishermen. This is a combat mission in peacetime. Thus, regardless of weather conditions, circumstances, rainstorms or distant waters, officers and soldiers of the Region are always ready to present opportunely to help fishermen. With the spirit of respecting the people, helping the people and sharing with the people, the Region actively participates in building new rural areas, helping people overcome the consequences of natural disasters and protect marine environmental resources. The Region takes ​​care of 1 Vietnamese Heroic Mother for the rest of her lifetime, sponsors 7 poor pupils to their age of 18 with the allowance of 500,000VND per month, and assists policy beneficiary families. They also organizes medical examination and counseling, and freely provides medicine for nearly 1,000 poor fishermen and policy beneficiary families in island districts and communes, while persuading people to actively participate in the protection of marine resources and environment. This is a key issue in the construction of "people’s hearts and mind" posture at sea.

In order to well perform the preset content, the Party Committee and the High Command of the Region directs the units to create a variety of new, suitable and meaningful forms. In this regard, the focus should be attached to the forms, such as: twinning with island districts and communes, and local mass organizations. Through practical activities, there have appeared many good, effective models, such as: twinning between the Naval Squadron 301 and Tam Thanh Commune (Phu Quy District), the Naval Squadron 302 and Ninh Van Island Commune (Ninh Hoa Town, Khanh Hoa Province). Such cooperation has created a link between localities and units in performing the tasks of protecting sovereignty and security at sea and in islands and patrolling, controlling, and maintaining law enforcement at sea as well as search and rescue operations. The collaboration between units and local Party committees and authorities, socio-political organizations in the fields of political ideology, economics, culture-society, and defence-security has brought about practical results. The Region has signed regulations and documents to cooperate with the customs, police, and border guard in 9 coastal provinces and cities from Binh Dinh to Tra Vinh. At the same time, it closely collaborates with the Committee of Movement of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, Ho Chi Minh City Fatherland Front Committee, the High Command of the Military Region 7, Standing Provincial Party Committees of Binh Thuan, Khanh Hoa, and Ba Ria - Vung Tau Provinces; the Party Committee and the People's Committee of Vung Tau City; District Party Committees, People's Committees and People's Councils as well as agencies and departments of Phu Quy island district, armed forces and port authorities stationed in the island; Commune Party Committees and authorities of Tam Thanh, Ngu Phung, Long Hai and three secondary schools of Phu Quy district; Ninh Van commune (Ninh Hoa town, Khanh Hoa province); socio-political organizations and enterprises accompanying fishermen.

             Giving flags, first-aid kits and life jackets to fishermen from
Vung Tau city (photo: canhsatbien.vn)

In addition, the Region regularly cooperates with news agencies as well as radio and television ones in reporting on the activities of the Model. It also conducts propagation work for over 28,000 key cadres, students, and fishermen in coastal communes of Phuoc Thuan and Bung Rieng (Xuyen Moc district), Tam Thanh, Ngu Phung and Long Hai (Phu Quy district), Ninh Van and Ninh Hai communes, agencies and departments of 9 coastal provinces and cities in combination with issuing leaflets on the situation of the sea and islands as well as the functions and tasks of the Vietnam Coast Guard. In particular, attention should be paid to raising awareness and responsibility for protecting the marine environment for fishermen. The Region organizes humanitarian activities such as: search and rescue at sea; fire and explosion prevention and fighting; visiting and offering gifts to Vietnamese Heroic Mother fishermen’s policy beneficiary families, poor families on the occasion of Tet holiday and other ones, and excellent students in difficult circumstances in the poor coastal areas; and providing fishermen with life jacket, fresh water, foodstuff when they are in difficulties or surrounded by flood. They organize regular free medical examination and counseling as well as medicine provision with the focus given to poor families and policy beneficiary families, being ready to provide emergency rescue for fishermen whose boats anchored in the lock in the island commune. They also organize cultural-artistic, physical training and sports activities, and hygiene work for martyrs' cemeteries, roads, and environment, especially marine environment. In propaganda, officers and soldiers always keep a close eye on each fisherman, making them clearly perceive the harmful effects and the dangers of "eradication" fishing form which not only seriously affects the fisheries resources and the environment but also directly threatens human life, causing insecurity and disorder at sea. Thereby, the local Party committees, authorities, and people are all in sympathy with officers and soldiers of the Region, engraving the image of the "Uncle Ho’s soldiers – Vietnam Coast Guard soldiers" in the hearts of the people.

The implementation of the model of "The Coast Guard soldiers to be fishermen’s fellow–travellers", which is concretized through the above-mentioned meaningful activities, has directly promoted the combined strength, the quality and effectiveness of the public relations, building the strong "people’s hearts and minds" posture at sea and in islands. Thereby, it contributes to strengthening the national great unity block, consolidating the people’s comprehension and belief in the Party and the State in general, in the Coast Guard force in particular, effectively supporting the officers and soldiers of Vietnam Coast Guard in protecting sovereignty, security and safety of the sacred sea and islands of the Homeland.

Senior Colonel Le Van Thu, Chairman of the Political Department of the Region

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