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The Border Guards actively participates in the Covid-19 prevention and fighting

Over the past time, along with the entire armed forces, the people, and the political system, the Border Guard has actively advised and directly played the role as one of the important forces in pioneering and leading prevention and fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic in the border areas to contribute to preventing the pandemic, protecting people's health, and maintaining socio-political stability. Its achievements have been recognized and appreciated by the Party, the State, the Central Military Commission, and the Ministry of Defense as well as all levels, branches, and the people.

The Covid-19 pandemic since December 2019 has developed complicatedly and spread over several countries and territories to become a severe pandemic and pose great challenges all over the world, including Vietnam. Thoroughly grasping and strictly implementing the guidance of the Party, the State, the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of National Defence, and the Steering Committees at all levels on the Covid-19 prevention and fighting, the Border Guard Party Committee and High Command considered the Covid-19 prevention and fighting as a central and urgent political task, timely mapped out several guidelines and measures for drastic and synchronous leadership and direction in the spirit of “Fighting the epidemic as fighting the enemies” with early preparation of plans and options. In particular, the commanders of agencies and units have been required to urgently brief the guiding documents of the Government, the Prime Minister, especially of the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of Defense, and instruction and directions of the Military Medical Department and recommendations of the Ministry of Health on pandemic prevention and control. The propagation for cadres, soldiers, people in the border areas, and entry and exit passengers has been promoted to raise their awareness of the causes of the disease, transmission routes, main symptoms, and precaution measures.

To implement the instructions and conclusions of the Politburo, the Secretariat, and the Prime Minister and the directions of the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of National Defence, and the Border Guard Party Committee issued Resolution No.979-NQ/ĐU on March 23rd, 2020 on leading the implementation of the task of the Covid-19 prevention and fighting in the Border Guard. The Force established the High-Command-level Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Fighting and issued Directive No. 380/CT-BTL, on February 1st, 2020 and Plan No. 381/KH-BTL on February 2nd, 2020 for synchronous direction within subordinate agencies and units. The Provincial Border Guard Party Committees and Commands and subordinates have thoroughly grasped and strictly complied with resolutions, directives, plans, and instructions of the Border Guard Party Committee and High Command; established Steering Committees for Covid-19 Prevention and Fighting at their own levels; and issued resolutions and plans to lead and direct the implementation with multiple concrete, drastic, and effective measures and methods.

It can be affirmed that the determination and comprehensive implementation of measures for the Covid-19 pandemic prevention and fighting of the Border Guard agencies and units have brought about positive results, contributing to preventing the spread of the pandemic and maintaining socio-political stability, that have been trusted and highly appreciated by the Party, the State, the Central Military Commission, and the Ministry of Defense as well as all levels, branches, and people.

The current situation of the Covid-19 in the world, in the region, and in the country, however, is developing complicatedly and unpredictably that directly threatens the lives and health of cadres, soldiers, and people. Meanwhile, as the Border Guard manages the land border lines with the total length of more than 4,924 km, including 202 border gates and hundreds of trails and openings, unless otherwise being well managed, it will be easy for the spread of the pandemic. That has posed to the Army in general and the Border Guard in particular the increasingly heavy responsibility before the Party, the State, and the People in the war on the frontline against the pandemic. To strictly implement the instructions of the Party, the State, the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of National Defence, and the Steering Committees at all levels on the Covid-19 prevention and fighting to contribute to preventing, repelling, and suppressing the pandemic and stabilizing people's lives, the Party committees, commanders, cadres, and soldiers of the Border Guards are required to continue promoting the good qualities of the “Uncle Ho's Soldiers” and the image of “Border Guard Soldiers” to effectively implement the guidelines and solutions as follows:

1. To continue to thoroughly grasp and implement timely, seriously, and effectively the instructions, conclusions, and plans of the Central, the Government, the Central Military Commission, Ministry of National Defence, and the Border Guard Party Committee and High Command on Covid-19 prevention and fighting and mastering the direction viewpoint to consider the pandemic prevention and fighting as one of the key political tasks at present and combat mission of the Army in peacetime in the spirits of  “Fighting the pandemic as fighting the enemies”; “Considering the pandemic prevention a combat readiness task”; and “Early detection, timely isolation, and zoning for thorough suppression and effective treatment”, all for the health and happiness of the people. Thereby, to have guidelines and measures for leadership and direction and developing plans and options to closely comply with the developments of the pandemic and suitable to the functions and tasks of agencies and units. To regularly do well the work of communication, propagation, education, situation notification, and ideological orientation to make cadres and soldiers understand the dangers, harms, and impacts of the Covid-19 on the socio-economic situation of the country and the health of the people in general and the tasks of national defense, security, and border work in particular. Every Border Guard cadre and soldier should uphold the responsibilities to the people and be calm and confident without panic and subjective and disregardful thought; and to strictly comply with and drastically and effectively implement preventive measures to contribute to successfully preventing the pandemic and bringing peaceful life to the people. To actively coordinate with central and local news and press agencies to promote communication, propagation, encouragement, and mobilization of people and soldiers on pandemic prevention and fighting. The Steering Committee 35 and the Task Force 47 of units, under their functions and tasks, should continue to direct and well implement the propagation and struggle against misrepresentations of hostile and disruptive forces and political opportunists to sabotage the Party, the State, and the Army, especially in cyberspace.

2. To proactively grasp the developments and levels of the pandemic to promptly develop plans and options to cope with each level; to implement drastically and synchronously measures for preventing and fighting against the pandemic; to mobilize the maximum forces, means, facilities, equipment, and techniques to timely and effectively handle the situations. Subordinate agencies, schools, and units at the rear line and the provincial Border Guards at the coastal line should strengthen forces and means to participate in pandemic prevention and fighting when required by their superiors. With the support of forces and vehicles, the land border provinces should organize well the patrol, management, and control of the border and border gates, tighten the control of trails and openings, prevent illegal export and entry, and promptly manage and coordinate with other forces in isolating all people who enter Vietnam through border gates, trails, and openings. To regularly strengthen and consolidate the Steering Committees, pandemic prevention and fighting mobile squad to be close to the practical situation. To strengthen the health supervision and management and infection prevention for soldiers and people, especially the forces directly on duty at the border lines and border gates. Military medical forces should work closely with local health authorities to promptly detect suspected cases; and to organize isolation, zoning, quarantine, and treatment strictly in accordance with the Health Ministry's regulations.

3. To maintain a serious regime of combat readiness and strengthen patrol and control of border lines, border gates, trails, and openings. To coordinate and well perform the exchange of information on the situation of pandemic developments with functional forces of the neighboring countries to take responsive measures and advise and propose solutions for arising problems. To proactively grasp the situation, discover, and effectively fight against the conspiracies and intentions of hostile and disruptive forces to maintain security and order in the border areas. To promote the communication, propagation, and mobilization of the people in border areas to raise awareness and understanding about the causes, consequences, and symptoms of the pandemic and instruct the measures for preventing and fighting against the pandemic without avoidance and discrimination of the infected and isolated people; in response to the call of the General Secretary - President, to be calm, confident, solidary, and unified with the Party, the State, branches, and forces in the fight against the pandemic; and to raise vigilance, not to believe in the propagation of hostile forces to create “hot spots” on the border areas. Advise localities to deploy measures for overcoming difficulties in production and business in association with pandemic prevention and fighting under the Government's direction in a strict, safe, and effective manner.

4. To lead and direct the prevention and fight against the pandemic within the Border Guard agencies and units; to strictly implement the directions and guidance of the Health sector and voluntarily do health declaration. The military medical forces should review, consolidate, and supplement human resources, supplies, and medical equipment to be ready to cope with each level of pandemic; and to strengthen health checks, manage military personnel going in and out of barracks, especially those studying or working on or travelling through pandemic zones to detect and organize isolation as prescribed. To take good care of and ensure good material and spiritual life for cadres and soldiers involved in the mission. To strengthen inspection over task accomplishment and organise review of the leadership and direction of the prevention and fight against the pandemic to promptly overcome limitations and shortcomings; and encourage and commend collectives and individuals with achievements and severely punish the violations.

Major General DO DANH VUONG, Political Commissar of the Border Guard

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