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The Army Corps 4 focuses on improving its combat power

Enhancing combat strength is one of our Military’s central political tasks. Well performing this task is critically important to the Army Corps 4 as a strategic, mobile, main unit stationed in the South. Hence, the Army Corps 4 has been taking various synchronous, proper measures to reach this goal and meet the requirements set by the Homeland protection in the new situation.

Over the years, under the direct leadership and direction by the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defence, with the effective support from local party committees, authorities, and citizens, the Army Corps 4 has successfully fulfilled all missions assigned by higher echelons. However, due to the complex developments of the global, regional, and domestic situations, there have been detriments to political security and social order and safety in the area. The hostile forces are enhancing their “peaceful evolution” strategy and their plots of “self-evolution,” “self-transformation,” and “depoliticisation” of our Military via new malicious artifices. In addition to its central task of training and combat readiness, the Corps also takes part in natural disaster prevention and control, search and rescue, mass mobilisation, and construction of the all-people national defence posture associated with the people’s security posture. To accomplish all missions, the Corps’ Party Committee and Command have determined to raise the synergy and combat power to a new height, with a focus on making the Corps politically, ideologically, organisationally strong, improving the quality of training, combat readiness, standard order building, and discipline management, and well performing the logistics and technical work.

1. To make the Corps politically, ideologically, and organisationally strong

The Corps will continue to grasp and effectively execute resolutions and directives by the Party Central Committee, the Central Military Commission, and the Ministry of National Defence on building a “revolutionary, regular, elite, gradually modern” Army, particularly making it politically strong, while developing a contingent of cadres at all levels with political zeal and absolute loyalty to the Party, the Homeland, the State and the people. At the same time, it will enhance the work of political education and ideological orientation to build up troops’ political zeal and determination to overcome all difficulties and render them fully aware of the importance and necessity of improving their units’ combat strength. To translate the Resolution of the Corps Party Congress into life, party committees of offices and units will concentrate on grasping and implementing measures synchronously for realising goals and targets set by the action programmes/plans after the Congress. The Party building will be aligned with the construction of comprehensively strong, “typical, exemplary” units, while the building of party committees will be associated with the building of commanders at all levels. Importance will be attached to improving cadres and party members’ task performance and capacity to grasp and execute resolutions. Due attention will be paid to promoting their vanguard, exemplary role in performing the tasks. The Corps will direct its offices and units to well implement the Grass-Roots Level Democratic Regulation and ensure policies for their cadres and soldiers. They will be also asked to closely cooperate with local party committees and authorities in carrying out the mass mobilisation work to cement the unity between the Military and the people. Besides, they will enhance the Determination to Win Emulation Movement, the 12th Politburo’s Directive 05-CT/TW and the Campaign titled “promoting tradition, devoting talent, deserving to be Uncle Ho’s soldiers in the new period,” prevent and fight against all signs of degradation in political ideology, ethics and lifestyle as well as “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” to avoid social evils penetrating into units. At the same time, offices and units will build a healthy cultural, political environment so that troops will keep their mind on their work. On a yearly basis, over 90% party organisations will be pure and strong, 100% of party members will fulfil their task, and more than 85% of them will successfully or excellently fulfil their task.

Commander of the Corps encourages troops during an exercise

2. To raise the quality of training and combat readiness

The Corps will require its units to adhere to the motto of “basics, practicality, and thorough grasp,” attach significance to synchronous and intensive training, proactively make all preparations for training, raise the quality of training courses for commanders and offices at all levels, and further invest in training grounds and materials. Due attention will be paid to combining combat training with self-improvement, organising training courses on various types of terrains and in different weather conditions, and enhancing troops’ manoeuvrability. At the same time, consideration will be given to making training courses relevant to combat reality and operating areas in the conditions of a hi-tech war. Advocating that tactical training will be the centre, technical training will be the foundation, and detachment-level training will be the focus, the Corps will ask senior cadres to directly take part in training inferiors in the difficult contents and it will clearly assign the responsibility to its offices and units for counselling, directing and operating training courses. To meet the requirements set by modern warfare, the Corps will direct its offices and units to focus on manoeuvre, prevention, and counter-attack training associated with the operation of defensive zones within the people’s war posture, establish a flexible posture, conserve their force for durable, constant combat, and improve their capacity to deal with rapid, complex developments in a hi-tech war. Therefore, in addition to motorised manoeuvre training, the Corps will intensify long-distance loaded training marches and river-crossing training courses to enhance troops’ physical resilience and mentality. Moreover, offices and units will actively renew and improve their exercises at both campaign and tactical levels, while placing emphasis on practising projects to defend targets and organising live-firing and anti-terrorism exercises and drills on cooperation with other forces within defensive zones. They will also proactively supplement the system of combat documents, strictly maintain the order for duty, and sufficiently ensure the strength and materiel for performing their tasks and opportunely, effectively settling contingency situations.

3. A breakthrough in the construction of military standard order and discipline management

Grasping and implementing higher echelons’ directives and guiding documents on the construction of military standard order and discipline management, the Corps will focus on conducting this work, particularly in training and combat readiness, renewing the working method and style, stepping up the military administrative reform, and raise the quality of daily, weekly regulations. Offices and units will assign party committee members and commanders to monitor and inspect this work, enhance measures for the management of troops and materiel, and conduct patrols, especially on national holidays and in days off and rest hours to proactively detect and prevent the signs of violation. Besides, units will always resolutely, strictly handle violations of discipline under the Military’s regulations and the State’s law. “Eating with, living with, working with, and sharing with troops,” party committee members, commanders and commissars will opportunely grasp, manage, and deal with troops’ ideological issues to achieve a sense of consensus between cadres and soldiers as well as between superiors and inferiors. By adopting those synchronous measures, the Corps will witness a positive change in the construction of military standard order and discipline management to greatly contribute to making itself capable of successfully fulfilling all missions.

4. To provide sufficient, timely logistics-technical support for tasks, particularly for combat readiness, training, and exercises, and improve troops’ life

The Corps will direct its offices and units to proactively surmount all difficulties, promote self-reliance, and actively exploit on-the-spot resources for training and combat readiness. Units will enhance the effectiveness of their processing stations and make more investments in large-scale production zones to be 80% or 100% self-sufficient in vegetable, fish, and meat. It should be noted that the Corps will cooperate with the rice milling plant of O Mon (Can Tho city) to ensure its demand for rice. The Corps’ logistics work will help improve troops’ life, build “green, clean, beautiful” barracks, protect the environment, increase tree coverage on battlefields and training grounds, and consolidate logistics and technical bases. Concerning the technical work, the Corps will direct its technical offices to concentrate on enhancing their staff members’ knowledge and professional competence, and closely manage the quality and quantity of weapons and technical equipment for both regular and irregular missions. Offices and units will be asked to stringently maintain the order for “technical hour” and “technical day,” raise the quality of preserving, maintaining, repairing, upgrading, labelling and storing weapons and technical equipment, especially the modern, new ones, and ensure the absolute safety of technical stations and zones. The Corps’ Technical Department will take various measures for well executing the Campaign titled “managing and exploiting weapons and technical equipment effectively, sustainably, safely and economically, and ensuring traffic safety” and the movement on “technical initiatives and innovations” within units. Doing so will enable the Corps to sufficiently, synchronously provide weapons and technical equipment with the technical coefficient Kbđ = 1 for training, combat readiness, A2 task, and air defence duty.

Being proud of its recorded achievements, the Army Corps 4 will continue further raising its synergy and combat power to meet the task requirements of a main, mobile unit and deserve the trust of our Party, State, Military, and people.

Maj. Gen. PHAM XUAN THUYET, Commander of the Army Corps 4

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