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The Airport Construction Corporation soars to new heights

Bringing into play the achievements obtained over the past 30 years, the Airport Construction Corporation’s Party Committee and Board of General Directors have been drastically adopting measures for further developing and making the corporation capable of successfully fulfilling all assigned tasks.

The Airport Construction Corporation (hereafter the ACC) was founded on November 6th, 1990 as an economic-defence unit and first named the Airport Survey, Design and Construction Factory under the Air Defence - Air Force Service. In the past 30 years of construction and development, experiencing a lot of changes in its model of operation and name, the ACC has kept developing itself into a reliable, large enterprise and brand name of the Military. Its areas of business and production are now very diverse. More specifically, it is mainly tasked with constructing aviation and national defence works, building hydroelectricity, irrigation, and transportation infrastructures, investing in property and construction materials, providing consultancy, producing designs, and assessing the quality of products.

Grasping the Party’s guidelines on combining economic development with defence consolidation and the particularities of aviation construction, in its process of construction and development, the ACC has always attached importance to enhancing all-level party committees and commands’ leadership and direction over business and production, promoting the spirit of proactiveness, creativity, and self-reliance, remaining steadfastness in its business and production strategy, and considering the quality of construction and products as its goal and motivation for its development. Therefore, the ACC has mobilised the synergy, overcome all difficulties, successfully fulfilled its assigned political tasks, and greatly contributed to facilitating socio-economic development and consolidating national defence and security. The ACC’s brand name has been attached to hundreds of constructions across Vietnam and in some other countries; many of them have been highly qualitatively appreciated and played an important role in the country’s economy, politics, defence and security. Typical examples include the Project TS15, the border patrol road, the Eastern Truong Son road, the airports of Can Tho, Yen Bai, Kep, Cam Ranh, Bien Hoa, and Chu Lai, the National Air Defence - Air Force Headquarters, the international airport terminals of Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang, Phu Quoc, Cat Bi, and Van Don, the airport terminals of Pleiku, Chu Lai, Tho Xuan, and Lien Khuong as well as the National Highway 1A (Ninh Thuan), campuses of the Northwest Law School (Son La) and the Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics, and the Provincial Archives Centre of Lao Cai. With those outstanding achievements, the ACC was given the title of Labour Hero in the Renewal Period by the State. The Ministry of Construction presented it with 57 gold medals for 57 constructions and the Gold Cup for Typical Enterprise in Vietnam’s construction. It was also given many other noble rewards by the Ministry of National Defence and the Air Defence - Air Force Service.

In recent years, the ACC has faced a lot of difficulties due to the requirements of its renewal and development, the Military’s task of combining economic development with defence consolidation in the new situation, and the trend of international integration. Besides, it has been confronted with the issue on creating employments due to the more fierce competitiveness in the construction market and a lack of funding for its projects. Against that backdrop, the ACC’s Party Committee, Board of Members, and Board of General Directors have taken drastic measures for comprehensively renewing the corporation, formulating a new strategy for business and production, restructuring the management system, developing human resources, modernising equipment and technologies, renewing business administration, expanding the market, seeking new partners, improving the competitiveness, and building the trademark. Thanks to a sense of unity and efforts made by cadres, employees and labourers as well as all-level leaders and commanders’ creativity and spirit of daring to think and daring to do, the ACC has made impressive, comprehensive, solid progress. Its capacity, competitiveness, and business and production efficiency have been improved under law and the regulations set by the Ministry of National Defence. The scale of its production and business has been increased. Its capital has been preserved and developed. Employments and income for its labourers have been ensured. Since 2015, the ACC has signed over 700 contracts worth 16,000 billion VND, completed and handed over more than 800 works worth over 15,000 billion VND to investors. Many of its constructions have been highly qualitatively appreciated and played an important part in boosting socio-economic development and consolidating national defence and security.

The title of Typical Young Entrepreneur

Those above-mentioned achievements and experiences will lay a solid foundation for the ACC’s cadres, employees and labourers to keep developing their corporation as mentioned in the Resolution of the ACC Party Congress for the 2020-2025 tenure that the ACC will hold a large share of the aviation construction market and it will become a strong enterprise in building and investing in national defence, industrial, civilian, and transportation constructions. It will keep enhancing its business and production efficiency, maintaining its brand name and prestige in the market, sufficiently fulfil its duties to the State, ensure policies and entitlements for its staff, and improve their living standards. Its annual revenue will be over 2,620 billion VND. Its yearly profit before tax will be 70.8 billion VND. Its staff members’ per capita income will reach 11.3 million VND per month.

To achieve those targets, the ACC’s Party Committee, Board of Members, and Board of General Directors will continue thoroughly grasping the Party’s guidelines on combining economy with defence and strictly executing the Central Military Commission’s Resolution 425-NQ/QUTW, dated May 18th, 2017, the Resolution 431-NQ/ĐU, dated January 10th, 2017 by the Air Defence - Air Force Service’s Party Committee, the Resolution 462-NQ/ĐU, dated December 7th, 2017 by the ACC’s Party Committee on “rearranging, renewing, and improving the ACC’s operation towards 2020 and beyond,” and the Project on “restructuring the ACC.” Emphasis will be placed on making the organisational structure “compact and strong,” developing high-calibre human resources, adopting advanced technologies, maintaining traditional markets, developing new markets, investing in infrastructure, housing, BT and BOT projects, raising the quality of legal education and discipline management, and ensuring safety in all operations. More importantly, the ACC will attach special significance to streamlining its structure, enhancing all-level party committees and organisations’ leadership and combativeness, maintaining and strengthening the ACC’s Party Committee’s leadership over business, production, and the building of comprehensively strong units.

Grasping and implementing the project on restructuring the corporation, the ACC will continue making its affiliates’ organisational structure “compact, strong,” and relevant to its model of operation. Due attention will be paid to designing policies to attract and develop human resources both qualitatively and quantitatively. A system of criteria will be established to assess the task performance while there will be regulations on decentralising the management and recruitment of labourers. The ACC will focus on maintaining and promoting its existing human resources, improving its cadres and engineers’ knowledge and professional competence, and well performing the work of personnel planning and use. Importance will be attached to building corporate culture, kindling staff members’ potential, aspirations, creativity and dedication, rotating job titles, and ensuring preferential treatment policies to encourage the ACC’s labourers to keep their mind on their work.

In addition to developing its human resources, the ACC will continue modernising its equipment and technologies, especially machines for building airport facilities, such as SP-64, SP-850, CF-6022, and CG-3R to enhance its business and production capability and play a vanguard role in this field. Consideration will be given to actively renewing construction procedures and technologies and encouraging the application of technical initiatives and innovations to building national defence, aviation, transportation, industrial and civilian constructions so as to increase productivity, raise the quality of construction, reduce costs, shorten construction time, ensure the quality and safety of constructions and projects, and improve the business and production efficiency. In the medium term, the ACC will concentrate its human resources and means on completing its projects and constructions qualitatively on schedule, including the two key projects on upgrading the runways at the International Airport Terminals of Noi Bai and Tan Son Nhat under the Prime Minister’s urgent order in order to opportunely restore domestic and international air transportation when we could control the COVID-19 pandemic.

To facilitate its international integration against the intense competitiveness, the ACC will renew and improve its business administration. In this regard, great value will be attached to designing, perfecting, and strictly maintaining a system of regulations within the corporation and its affiliated members to deal with a lack of professionalism. The ACC will strictly maintain the quality management system under the international standards, seriously fulfil its commitments on the progress rate and quality of constructions, and improve its all-level cadres and commanders’ capability in managing and operating production and business, particularly in the key projects. It will continue to renew and complete mechanisms for management and operation within itself and its affiliates. To be more specific, the ACC will regulate its affiliates’ production and business, while enhancing the work of inspection and production under the annual plan. Besides, the ACC will focus on studying and collecting information about plans for capital and infrastructural construction by ministries, sectors, localities, and enterprises in aviation and transportation as well as on analysing and assessing the potential and feasibility of projects to submit bids. It will also improve its bidding competence and maintain close cooperation with other tenders to create more competitive advantages.

Being proud of the achievements attained in the past 30 years of construction and development, the ACC’s cadres, employees and labourers will keep promoting a sense of unity and devoting efforts to fulfilling all assigned missions, bolstering the brand name of ACC, bringing the corporation to new heights, and making contributions to the Homeland construction and protection.

Col. NGUYEN MAI DO, MA, Secretary of the ACC’s Party Committee

Chairman of the Board of Members

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