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The 2nd Corps enhances combat strength

Ready to fight and win in all situations is the regular, focal and primary task of the Military in general and of the 2nd Corps in particular. To that end, the 2nd Corps focuses on implementing measures for improving its overall quality, combat strength, meeting the requirements of Fatherland protection.

Thoroughly grasping the Party’s viewpoints and guidelines on defence, military and Fatherland protection and its assigned tasks, over the past years, the Party Committee and Headquarters of the 2nd Corps have thoroughly deployed all of its tasks, focusing on implementing the breakthroughs to improve the overall quality and combat strength. Therefore, the awareness, sense of responsibility of its cadres and soldiers for this important task have been enhanced; the level and capability of cadre both of operational and tactical levels have seen steady progresses; the combat readiness level and maneuverability of troops for both regular and emergent tasks have been increasingly enhanced. It has always successfully accomplished all assigned tasks; maintained its internal solidarity; overcome the hardships and determined to fulfill all tasks assigned.

In the coming time, both the Military and the 2nd Corps will be assigned with new and highly demanding tasks. In order to further improve its overall quality and combat strength, meeting the mission of Fatherland protection in the new situation, the 2nd Corps will focus on the following solutions:

1. Building the Corps politically strong as a ground for enhancing its overall quality and combat strength. The Corps continues to grasp and implement effectively the resolutions and directives of the Central Party Committee, the Central Military Commission, and the Ministry of National Defence on building the Military “revolutionary, regular, highly-skilled, and gradually modernised”; pay attention to making its cadres absolutely loyal to the Fatherland, the Party, the State and the People. At the same time, strengthen political education, ideological orientation to make its troops politically steadfast, determined to overcome hardships, and fully aware of the importance and the necessity to focus on enhancing the combat strength of their units in the present period. Thereby, they will show strong will, be ready to receive and fulfill all tasks, especially the protection of strategic targets, and important political events of the country, etc. To implement the Corps’ resolution, its bodies and units focus on grasping and deploying a number of measures with emphasis on the fulfillment of the goals and requirements in the action plans and programs after the party congress; well conduct the Determine to Win Emulation movement; link the building of pure and exemplary party organisations and units with the implementation of the Central Resolution No. 4 (12th tenure) on Party building and rectification and the Directive No. 05-CT/TW of the Politburo, the Directive No. 87-CT/QUTW of the Standing Office of the Central Military Commission; promote the role and responsibility of the chairing cadres and party members at all levels.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Phan Van Giang, Chief of the General Staff checks the preparation for exercise of Division 325 in 219

2. Improving the training quality, combat readiness level and capability to meet the task requirements. Combat readiness level and capability is the core in shaping the overall quality and combat strength of the Corps. Therefore, bodies and units of the Corps continue to grasp and implement effectively the Resolution No. 765-NQ/QUTW, dated 20 December, 2012 of the Central Military Commission, the Resolution No. 253-NQ/ĐU, dated 13 June, 2013 of the Corps’ Party Committee on “Enhancing the training quality in the 2013 – 2020 period and beyond”; conduct training in a serious and timely manner for all officers and soldiers. During the course of training, seriously adhere to the viewpoints, guidelines, and principles; training should be connected with the spread of combat experience and the observance of regulations and safety precautions. Combine training with disciplining, the building of regularity, and the implementation of “2020 – the year of disciplines”.

Together with training, bodies, units and schools of the Corps proactively renew, enhance the quality of exercises and drills both at operational and tactical levels; pay attention to the exercises of plans for protecting the crucial targets and political events, the general tactical exercise with partial participation of troops and live-firing, anti-terrorist exercise, joint-forces exercise in the defensive area, etc. Actively consolidate and sufficiently supplement the documents, especially documents on combat and combat readiness tasks; seriously adhere to duty regimes, ensure sufficient troops, materiel and vehicles for readily manoeuvre and effectively deal with situations, especially emergencies.

3. Actively research and develop military art. On the basis of promoting the tradition, fighting forte in the liberation war, the research direction of the General Staff, the contents of the strategies: National defense, military, Fatherland protection, etc., and the practical reality of the Corps, agencies, units, and schools actively construct scientific works, research and development projects on military art, then get them approved through the Scientific Council at all levels and distribute to soldiers as training materials. It is forecasted that in the future wars (if war is to occur), the enemy could use different types of warfare, including: unconventional warfare, asymmetric warfare, non-contact warfare, and proxy war, etc. Therefore, research should focus on developing the art of camouflage, diversion, and logistic and technical support for mobile operational combat force of small, medium and large scale, especially the units of arms, such as: tank and amour, artillery , air defense, etc. At the same time, deepening the measures for transforming the posture, maneuver flexibly to cope with the tactics of diverting the strategic attack of the enemy; methods of coordinating combat with local soldiers, militia and self-defense forces, using defensive structures prepared from peacetime according to strategic combat plans on the battlefields during the process of maneuvering in the areas of operation.

4. Paying attention to the adequate and timely logistic, financial and technical support for tasks, prioritizing combat readiness, training, drills, natural disaster prevention and control, search and rescue, epidemic fighting. The Corps regularly consolidates, enhances the capacity of advising, directing and organizing the implementation of professional tasks for its contingent of logistics and financial cadres and personnel at all levels. At the same time, doing well the work of planning and construction of barracks towards regular and modern direction; strengthening measures for managing, creating sources, and ensuring adequate and timely fuel , oil, transportation, electricity and water support; attaching importance to ensuring a sufficient reserve for combat readiness as required. For financial affairs, continue to thoroughly grasp and effectively implement the Resolution No. 915-NQ/QUTW, dated August 25th, 2018 of the Central Military Commission and the Resolution No. 246-NQ/ĐU, dated October 1st, 2018 of the Corps’ Party Committee on financial work, ensuring adequate and timely financial support for regular and irregular tasks; vigorously renovating methods of assurance towards quick, neat, strict directions in line with the principles and new financial management mechanism; try to avoid wastefulness and losses, practice thrift associated with the implementation of the emulation movement of "The Military logistic sector follows Uncle Ho’s teaching".

Along with logistic and financial work, the Corps focuses on directing and effectively implementing the superior’s resolutions and directives, especially the Resolution No. 607-NQ/QUTW, June 16th, 2018 and the Ministry of Defence’s projects on technical work, ensuring adequate, timely, and synchronous materiel and vehicles for units, giving priority to units on combat readiness. Maintain and implement effectively the rules and regimes of technical work; strengthen the management, planning; invest in upgradation of the system of technical support  establishments, especially technical units in the regular, modern and standardized directions; attaching importance to building a safety belt for the system of technical warehouses, stations and garages.

Implementing the above solutions will make an important contribution to improving the combat strength, ensuring the Corps’ excellent completion of all missions, commensurate with the tradition of "Speed - Dare - Determination to win" of the heroic Huong Giang Corps.

Senior Colonel PHAM VAN HOA, Commander of the Corps


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