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Thai Son Corporation firmly maintains stability, redouble efforts to overcome difficulties, enhances production and business

Thai Son Corporation is an economic-defence enterprise, which has nearly 20 member units with over 5,000 cadres, employees and workers. The Corporation's production and business activities cover a wide range of areas and seek to combine military, defence missions with economic development. Over the course of nearly 30 years' building and development, the Corporation's prestige, status and trademark have been recognised and appreciated by business community both at home and abroad. However, recent violation of law in one of its member units has had serious influence on the Corporation's production and business activities, prestige and trademark. Many of its existing partners ceased cooperation. Many investors refused to invite the Corporation to bid for new construction contracts, resulting in a decrease in the number of constructions in 2018 and early 2019. The Corporation found it very difficult to access to credit. Jobs and lives of cadres, employees and workers were affected, which led to a number of ideological issues, even fluctuation or unease about their future.

It is within this context that the Corporation has strictly complied with instructions of the Central Military Commission (CMC) and Ministry of National Defence (MND) on seriously reviewing and punishing organisations and individual violation of law within its jurisdiction. Furthermore, it has applied many measures concurrently to stabilise the situation, reorganise and strengthen leadership and management, restore production and business activities, and so forth. Given its high political responsibility, ability to face the truth without hiding wrongdoings, solidarity, and spirits of the "soldiers" on the production front, the Corporation has step by step overcome difficulties and challenges, and quickly stabilised the situation to continue development. Its production and business activities have begun prospering since the end of 2018 and 2019. In 2018, the Corporation had a total turnover of over VND2,700 billion and made a payment of over VND300 billion to national budget. The average wage per person was about VND11 million per month. For the first six months of 2019, it achieved a turnover of VND1,350 billion and paid VND128 billion to national budget.

Sr. Ltn. Gen. Nguyen Phuong Nam addresses at the Cooperation's Executive Board's meeting

Although the aforementioned results are still modest, they have proved the Corporation's significant effort and served as an important beginning for a new development period of Thai Son Corporation after upheavals. Nevertheless, difficulties, challenges and emerging problems have not been over. To fulfill its political missions and take steady steps during integration and development process, the Corporation continues to realise the following measures.

First, promoting leadership efficiency and effectiveness of party committees and commanders at all levels over the Corporation in every aspect. This is the decisive factor that helps to stabilise and develop the Corporation in a sustainable way. Accordingly, every production and business activity is placed under the comprehensive, close, unified leadership of the Corporation Party Committee, Board of Management, and Board of Directors as well as party committees and commanders of member units. On the basis of deeply grasping requirements and missions in the new period, the Corporation advocates enhancing political education, stabilising ideology, raising the awareness of cadres, employees and workers, and generating high consensus and resolution in coordinating mission execution. It also requests party committees, party organisations, boards of directors of companies and enterprises to perceive and strictly implement specialised resolutions of the Corporation Party Committee on "firmly upholding stability and development of the Corporation in the coming time" and "privatisation." Companies, enterprises and units are required to successfully carry out propaganda, identify clearly advantages and disadvantages in current period, and stimulate the pride in the Corporation's 30 years' building and development in order to create momentums, resolution, drivers to surmount difficulties and challenges, continue to prosper and bring the trademark of "Thai Son" to a new height, and accomplish the task of combining economic development with national defence. From the lessons learnt, the Corporation requests all cadres, party members, employees, and workers to bring into play the spirits of "The vanguard is the soldiers," unity and creativity on the production front. On the one hand, the Corporation focuses on disseminating and propagandising the reorganisation and reform of enterprises to ensure that cadres, employees and workers, especially those working for units under restructuring, thoroughly grasp standpoints of the Party, State and MND as well as the inevitability of business restructuring. On the other hand, it seeks to make public information and plans relating to reorganisation and restructuring so as to enable workers to know, discuss, inspect, and supervise the implementation. Particularly, the Corporation is determined to deal with localism, abstaining from innovation, hiding shortcomings, avoiding privatisation, manifestations of opportunism, corruption, and wastefulness, and causing property losses of organisations, the military and State. Additionally, it seeks to timely and properly settle aspirations of workers, thereby creating consensus of awareness, ideology, and the Corporation's privatisation plans approved by the MND among the workers.

Thai Son Cooperation was honoured as transperent, reliable and sustainable business

Second, actively restructuring resources. The Corporation is to strengthen its organisation, restructure the management apparatus, and manage enterprises in accordance with new model in the adept, lean and highly efficient direction. It also advocates creating favourable conditions and working environment for individuals and collectives to bring into play their dynamics, creativity, self-mastery, and self-responsibility to create new breakthroughs in production and business activities. Its rules of organisation and operations, financial management regulations, etc., are developed on the basis of Law on Enterprises and other regulations. The Corporation continues to supplement and amend the regulation on internal control to ensure its congruence with the model of a joint stock company and improve mechanisms for management, cooperation, collaboration between enterprises to enhance their competition and satisfy the demands of of major projects with high levels of techniques, technology and professionalism. It also reviews and inspects operations of joint stock companies and joint venture companies to which it has made financial contribution. The Corporation resolves to sell all of their shares in joint stock companies which simply perform economic missions and operate ineffectively. It does not allow its subsidiary companies and joint venture companies to take advantage of its name and trademark to do unlawful things and violate the MND's regulations. The Corporation clearly attributes blame and settles outstanding debts completely without incurring new debts, closely manages capital and assets so as to practise thrift and use them effectively for key projects while strengthening inspection, audit, compliance with principles of financial management and laws on production and business.

Third, focusing on developing a highly qualified human resource to meet the Corporation's requirements in the new period. This is fundamental content that helps to satisfy the demands of sustainable development. As for cadres in charge of leadership and management, the Corporation continues to hold short training courses with the aim of improving cadres' management capabilities, updating them on legal knowledge about international business and general standards of advanced, modern administration, and so on. Attention is paid to sending competent managers, engineers and technicians to universities and colleges both at home and abroad so as to cultivate a corps of good experts. Additionally, the Corporation gradually develops recruitment policy to attract the highly qualified human resource. As far as the workers are concerned, units attach importance to training them through best practices, especially by means of emulation movements on bringing into play initiatives, innovating technologies, and rationalising manner of execution. They are not only economically efficient methods but also help to detect new qualified personnel to hold management positions at the grass-roots level. Besides, the Corporation also instructs its unit members to well perform the task of improving workers' skills and grades and updating them on advanced, modern technologies to enable them to use new machines, equipment and production lines in a skilful way. Priorities are given to training workers in terms of discipline and industrial style, improving labour productivity. Moreover, the Corporation pays regular attention to improving labourers' material, spiritual lives, well carry out policies on salary, bonus, insurance, etc., ensuring equity, publicity, performance-based pay so as to encourage workers to tap on their capabilities and have a strong attachment to units.

Fourth, expanding and developing production and business activities on the basis of the Corporation's advantages. In construction, the Corporation has a corps of cadres, employees and workers with solidarity and high discipline, many modern, specialised constructional equipment made in Japan, Russia, the United States, Sweden, Germany, etc., and experience in building major military and civil projects. Therefore, apart from carrying out defence projects, including Border Guard posts, facilities of the Coast Guard, border patrol road, etc., the Corporation has also participated in bids for key national projects, major civil projects, complexes, etc., with strong commitments about rate of progress, quality, techniques, and fine arts as requested by investors as well as competitive prices. Additionally, the Corporation advocates becoming deeply involved in trade, service, and logistics, continuing to stabilise domestic distribution system, maintaining cooperative relationships with its partners in Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Serbia, promoting trade in new markets such as South Korea, Japan, etc., developing a joint venture between the Corporation and Sojizt Group, and well managing Long Binh Industrial Park in Dong Nai province. Furthermore, the Corporation continues to research and take part in new areas of production and business full of potential and socio-economic effectiveness, including participating in generating electricity from solar energy, rubbish, liquefied petroleum gas, commercialises products using technologies that are  modern, environment-friendly and good for community health such as flameproof building materials, air purifiers, LED intelligent bulbs, and so on.

In the spirits of "The vanguard is the soldiers," proactiveness, creativity, daring to think, daring to do, ceaseless innovation and high resolution, Thai Son Corporation continues to overcome difficulties and challenges to successfully accomplish its assigned missions, firmly advance on the path to development, and make worthy contribution to national construction and defence.

Senior Colonel Pham Gap, Chairman of the Board, Director General of the Corporation

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