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Tay Nam Company brings into play its tradition and firmly advances on the path to integration and development

Over the course of 20-year building and development, Tay Nam Company has become one of the leading enterprises of the 7th Military Region. On leveraging this tradition, its Board of Directors is adopting drastic, synchronous measures to make the Company develop comprehensively and futher strong, meeting requirements and missions in the new situation.

Tay Nam Import- Export Trading Production Company Limited (Tay Nam Company for short) of the 7th Military Region, whose predecessor was Tay Nam Business, Eastern Investment Company, was founded on 15 May 2000 with the aim of satisfying demand and missions of national defence and economic development in the new situation. Being a state-owned enterprise in the defense sector, operating according to the parent-subsidiary business model, missions of the Company are continually supplemented and broadened with economic development in connection with national defence and security as the core. Besides, it is tasked with supporting exercises, transporting military cargo by waterways and sea, building defence facilities in association with conducting defence diplomacy in Cambodia, and so on. On thoroughly grasping their assigned missions, the Company Party Committee and Board of Directors have proactively strengthened organisation and staffing, stabilised ideology, enhanced determination, reached an agreement on operating regulations, and taken measures.

Conducting external activities

Under the comprehensive, close leadership of the Ministry of National Defence (MND), especially that of the 7th Military Region Party Committee’s Standing Board and Command, help of local people, effort, creativity, and sharpness of cadres, staff and workers, the Company has ceaselessly developed in every aspect and successfully accomplished its key political mission of economic development in connection with national defence, security and diplomacy. Since its inception with some fields of operation and modest start-up capital, the Company has participated in various fields and broadened its area of operation to include Cambodia. Its production and financial results always reach and exceed planned norms. The Company gradually stabilises production and business activities, facilitates sustainable development, and increasingly integrates in both breadth and depth. It has an annual turnover of over VND1,800 billion and pays nearly VND300 billion to state budget. The corps of cadres and employees enjoys higher income on average and dedicates themselves to the development of the Company.

Moreover, discipline management, fire prevention and fighting, occupational safety, building of pure and strong Party organisations in association with building of comprehensively robust units, emulation, commendation, and reward have obtained many positive results. Unplanned tasks assigned by the MND and Military Region were successfully completed. Some were even graded as excellent. The State, MND, and Military Region Command have presented the Company with many lofty awards in recognition of its achivements. This has inspired and encouraged cadres and employees of the Company to continue to promote the tradition of “proactiveness, creativity, unity, unification, integration, development” to successfully complete every assigned task.

Today, in the context of increasingly deep and wide international integration, fierce competition, high requirement of service quality, the Company Party Committee and Board of Director are renewing all fields of operation to resolve to bring the Company to a new height, focusing on the following solutions.

1. Continuing to make the Company strong in terms of politics, ideology, organisation, and morality. First of all, the Company Party Committee and Board of Directors instruct their subsidiary units to educate their cadres and employees about political steadfastness, making them confident about the innovation cause of the country and leadership of Party committees and commanders at all levels. Furthermore, there needs to promote popularisation of laws and military discipline, ideological orientation, cultivation of professional ethics, motivation, determination, enthusiasm, sense of responsibility, and creativity in performance of national defence and security missions as well as economic development. It is necessary to develop party organisations and command organisations in connection with building strong corps of leading cadres at all levels, capable of leading, directing and successfully organising implementation of all assigned tasks; well realise Resolution of the 4th Plenum of the Party Central Committee (12th Tenure), Directive 05 of the Politburo on stepping up studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and style in connection with carrying out the Campaign of “promoting tradition, devoting talent, deserving to be Uncle Ho’s soldiers” in the new situation; and regularly strengthen and tap into the role of organisations, including trade union, women’s union, and  youth’s union, in performing missions. Effectiveness of the emulation movement: “Democracy, unity, intelligence, discipline, example setting, determination to win” is to be enhanced. It is also important to actively prevent “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” in the Party, unhealthy competition, misunderstanding and distortion of combining national defence and economy, contributing to building pure, robust organisations, capable of satisfying mission demands.

2. Promoting restructuring, innovation, and business efficiency. The Company Party Committee and Board of Director continue to grasp and strictly implement resolutions, directives and conclusions of the MND and Military Region on streamlining organisation in the military, especially the Project of “restructuring, innovating and improving business efficiency of Tay Nam Company Ltd by 2020, with a vision of 2025,” set out by the MND on 3 January 2019. It seeks to reconstruct staffing of each department and division in the direction of adept, leanness, efficiency, effectiveness, realising the full potential of cadres’ competence, strong points and creativity, and align responsibility, duty with interests with a view to enhancing labour productivity. During privatization and reconstruction, special importance is attached to successfully performing ideological work and policy on labourers without causing disorder and influence on production and business activities.

3. Well combining national defence and economy. This is the key mission of the Company. Thus, the Company Party Committee and Board of Directors concentrate their efforts on leading and instructing the execution of this task through many suitable, scientific measures. Attention is paid to successfully supporting diplomatic activities of the MND and Military Region at the Pavilion Conference Centre, Tan Son Nhat Hotel Group and Con Dao; ensuring sufficient fuel for combat reserve, regular and unplanned missions of departments and units of the Military Region; and transporting commercial, military cargo to Phu Quoc island and Con Dao island. They also request their unit to perceive and effectively realise resolutions and directives of the Military Region Party Committee’s Standing Board and Commander, most notably regulations of the Company and major breakthroughs in Resolution of the Company Party Congress for the 2020-2025 period. There needs to improve unit management, promote order and discipline to bring about changes in all aspects. Additionally, military training and political cultivation for two self-defence platoons draw great attention of the Company, making them ready to fight and defend the Company and factories, prevent and fight fire, contribute to firmly maintaining politcal security, social order and safety in local areas. As for production and business activities and defence support, units always deeply grasp the standpoint of combining economic development with strengthening national defence and security, ensuring that each step of economic development is a step of national defence and security consolidation or vice versa. Moreover, units proactively participate in new construction projects while enhancing quality and progress of on-going dual-use projects such as the border patrol road in Long An province and business activities of the Company. They also actively conduct exchange with localities of the neighbouring country, contributing to strengthening national defence, security, economy and building the national boundary line within the area of responsibility of the Military Region into a zone of peace, friendship, and development.

4. Enhancing production and business efficiency to meet the requirement of international integration. This is a vital task, which decides the survival and development of the Company. Therefore, the Company is committed to closely combining implementation of policies on attracting talent, tapping into intelligence, competence and experience of highly skilled cadres with speeding up investment in modern production lines in order to improving production and business efficiency. Additionally, it seeks to exploit potential and advantages to bring production and business activities into depth, practicality, and effectiveness. Attention is paid to firmly preserving trademarks of the Company in some key areas such as logistics services at inland container depots (ICD), restaurants, hotels, marble, construction of defence facilities, and so forth. The Company also continues to research and invest in office buildings; renovate Tan Son Nhat Hotel to reach international standards in Ho Chi Minh City; and renew services to meet market demand in accordance with its development direction, state law and regulations of the MND and Military Region. It is important to strengthen inspection of service quality; encourage cadres and employees to propose many initiatives in technical reform and application of advanced technologies to production and business activities; adopt measures to manage vehicles, facilities, finance, environmental protection, and safety at work according to laws, especially the Law on Enterprises; and take care of material, spiritual life of cadres and employees.

Adopting the aforementioned solutions will create fundamental drivers and premise for Tay Nam Company to firmly advance on the path to integration and development and fulfill the goal of becoming a prominent enterprise of the MND in the South.

Colonel Truong Kim Hoang, Secretary of the Company Party Committee, Deputy Managing Director

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