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Synchronous implementation of measures to improve quality of technical work

In 2019, technical work in the whole military saw a great deal of innovation and creation, which contributed to successfully completing military missions. Based on these outcomes, in 2020, the technical branch takes initiative in deeply grasping situations and missions and operationalising contents and measures in a synchronous and drastic manner to enhance the quality of technical support for the whole military.

Despite facing many difficulties and challenges last year, technical work in the military continued to be maintained and witnessed a series of positive changes. These achievements resulted from direct leadership and instruction of the Central Military Commission (CMC), the Ministry of National Defence (MND) and effort of the whole military. On the basis of closely aligning with direction and military, defence missions, the military technical branch proactively advised, instructed and effectively performed technical work, which contributed to success of the whole military. All the goals and targets of technical work were fulfilled and beyond all expectations. The quality of technical work, especially technical support of weapons and equipment, was gradually promoted and sustained. Much progress was seen in the use of new weapons and technical equipment. The whole branch focused on ensuring enough quantity and quality and synchronising weapons and technical equipment for units tasked with combat readiness to firmly safeguard national borders and sovereignty over waters, islands and airspace of the Homeland, training, drilling, search and rescue, and defence diplomacy. Particularly, the branch took initiative in collaborating with organisations concerned to conduct preliminary summing-up of 5 years implementing the 50th Campaign for the period of 2015 – 2019 at the level under direct command of the MND, thereby drawing many lessons that contributed to bringing the campaign into depth with high quality and practical results.

However, there remained some limitation in technical work of the whole military. Some units did not maintain a regular technical regime. Technical support for new weapons and equipment was not on a par with mission requirements in some respects. The quality of training and using weapons and technical equipment in some units were still poor. Traffic safety decreased in all 3 criteria, but some serious accidents still occurred.

In 2020, the whole Party, people and military strive to successfully accomplish all the goals and missions identified in resolutions of the 12th National Party Congress and the 10th Military Party Congress. At the same time, it is necessary to organise Party congresses at all levels prior to the 12th National Party Congress. Military missions in the new period present increasingly high and comprehensive requirements for technical work. To successfully complete the assigned targets and missions of technical work requires the whole military, first and foremost technical units at all levels, need to thoroughly grasp their functions and missions, bring into play their leading role and carry out their work in a synchronous and comprehensive manner, especially the following measures:

First, successfully performing its advisory function for the CMC, MND and units’ party committees and commanders in terms of technical work. The military technical branch, most notably specialised departments and functional agencies of the General Department of Technology (GDT), should continue to deeply perceive Resolution of the 8th Plenum of the Party Central Committee (11th Tenure) on “Strategy to safeguard the Homeland in the new situation,” Resolution 382/NQ-DUQSTW of the Central Military Party Committee (currently the CMC) on leading technical work in the new situation, and so forth. They need to regularly monitor the situation in all aspects and actively advise commanders at their levels on military technology concurrently. Priorities are given to fulfilling the development and synchronous, effective execution of projects regarding the planning of technical support infrastructure, Project 324-KT, Project on the organisation and staffing of the military technical branch, and Resolution 382/NQ-DUQSTW for the 2021 – 2025 period with a view to creating breakthroughs in technical work.

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Second, proactively making careful preparation to timely ensure weapons and technical equipment for combat readiness and training. To meet high requirements of the mission to safeguard the Homeland in the new situation, besides bringing into play the proactiveness, creativeness, self-reliance, resilience, thoughtful preparation, timely provision of good, integrated weapons and equipment for units in charge of combat training, readiness and winning the war in any situations, the branch must continue to enhance implementation of programmes, projects and plans on procurement, production, upgrade, and modernisation of weapons and technical equipment according to approved approaches and timelines. The procurement, production, upgrade, and modernisation of weapons and technical equipment must be synchronised with both infrastructure, material support, repair, training material, and training of experts, cadres and employees. It is requested to refrain from proposing procurement of weapons and technical equipment of equivalent features from different countries because this will cause great difficulty for technical support and integration with the existing command system. Accordingly, departments and units must have plans on the use, exploitation, training, support, budget, etc., when proposing the procurement, production, upgrade, and modernisation of weapons and equipment. It is necessary to strictly adhere to Order 14/CL-BQP, dated 28 March 2017, of the Minister of National Defence on combat readiness, especially the regulations on storage of weapons, equipment, vehicles, and materials in support of combat readiness. To make technical work increasingly qualified and effective requires departments and units to concentrate on reviewing, resolutely taking out of service and completely disposing level-5 ammunition, obsolete weapons and equipment with the aim to clear warehouses, save money on storage and maintenance, and reduce the risk of fire and explosion.

Third, vigorously expediting measures to improve quality of technical support. Technical departments and units at all levels take initiative in performing technical support work in a basic, solid direction with focal points. Priorities are given to synchronising new generations of weapons and equipment, especially high-tech weapons and equipment with high degrees of integration and weapons and ammunition of units stationed in remote, border areas and on islands. It is important to promote application of new technologies to enhance quality of repair, storage and maintenance at all levels with the aim of increasing reliability and quality of weapons and equipment. The GDT steps up its inspection and instruction on major repair projects. Priorities are given to repairing weapons and technical equipment dedicated to combat training and readiness, defence of sovereignty over waters and islands, search and rescue, and counterterrorism as well as the new generations of modernised, frequently used equipment. Specialised departments need to enhance appropriate devolution of technical support to units, unleash the full capacity of stations and factories equipped with new technologies, and closely align on-site repair with mobile repair, especially for units in the hinterland. During this process, there needs to step up developing innovative thinking in technical support and performing maintenance according to expiry dates of new, high-tech weapons and equipment such as aircraft, submarines, warships, missiles, radars, and so on. It is necessary to concentrate on developing prototypes, domestically manufacturing spare parts and materials, especially those in support of repairing new weapons and technical equipment and making the most of indigenous technical materials in regular technical work and even using the reserve resources for unscheduled tasks.

The GDT requests further investment in improving weapons and equipment repair facilities, especially those situated in the hinterland and major areas; to step up joint venture cooperation and import some critical technologies compatible with new weapons and equipment, which lays the foundation for enhancing capacity, mastering repair technologies and timely dealing with problems arising in high-tech weapons and equipment. Additionally, it is necessary to early propose a staffing plan and supplement newly stablished units with vehicles, equipment and technical bases to enable them to timely provide technical support. Departments and units enhance investment in building their facilities in the direction of regularity, modernity, increased quality and storage condition, and safety with a focus on restoring and improving weapons storage facilities at strategic and operational levels and regularising technical material facilities in the military according to Circular 105/2014/TT-BQP. There needs to effectively realise Directive 399-CT/TW of the CMC’s Standing Committee on speed up occupational safety and health in the military; action month on occupational safety and health; national programme on occupational safety and health; strengthen ability to verify technical safety; and verify all machines and equipment with strict requirements on occupational safety.

Fourth, intensifying technical management, sector-building work, innovation, and quality of technical training. Technical organisation at all levels focus on reviewing, supplementing and strictly following technical rules, procedures, regulations, and regimes as well as sector-specific disciplines regarding the use and technical support for weapons and equipment, especially high-tech weapons and equipment. Technical management must be strictly carried out in repair facilities from operational to strategic level. In addition, it is important to enhance inspection and supervision of technical work; closely combine reports of units and on-site inspection to advise and instruct units to successfully complete targets and technical missions of the year 2020 and identify key technical missions for the short, medium and long terms, laying the foundation for the MND to allocate budgets for account owners to realise plans in 2021 to maintain and promote quality, reliability and readiness of weapons and equipment. Moreover, the GDT regularly appraises, examines and re-examines contents of technical work as provided by regulations.

In the coming time, the GDT continues to perfect organisation of Military Technical Branch, gradually improves the system of norms for technical support for weapons and equipment, amend the Technical Manuals of the People’s Army, issues Regulation on verifying contents of technical work in the new situation to ensure unity of command and technical support in the whole military. Technical organisations and units work closely with functional agencies to manage and develop the corps of technical cadres and workers. They are requested to make recommendations on training quotas and majors for technical cadres. In addition, there needs to step up innovation, enhance training quality, and ensure sufficient time and contents and correct people according to Order on Training Work by the General Chief of Staff and Instruction on Technical Training issued by the GDT in 2020. Furthermore, agencies and units must pay attention to ensuring safety during training, exercises, live firing, and weapons handling training; continue to implement Directive 68/CT-BQP of the Minister of National Defence on renewing training procedures and programmes for technical cadres and personnel at all levels in the military, with a focus on developing the high-quality human resources for services and arms advancing straight to modernity.

Apart from the aforementioned contents and measures, the branch steps up organisation of competitions, training in shifting states of preparedness, conducting exercises, maneuvers and dispersion of technical installations at all levels, and training drivers in support of ASEAN 2020 meetings. It also promotes order and discipline according to Directive 917/1999/CT-BQP, in which attention is attached to building prominent units in terms of technical works and enhancing implementation of the 50th Campaign in a practical, effective direction in connection with carrying out the “Determination to Win” Emulation Movement and other campaigns with a view to improving the quality of technical work and meeting requirements of defence and military missions to safeguard the Homeland.

Lieutenant General Le Quy Dam, Director, General Department of Technology

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