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Success of 15th Corps Party Congress is decisive to the results of its task performance

Successfully organizing the Party congresses at all levels and leading and directing agencies and units to implement the resolutions are the key political tasks of the 15th Corps’ Party Committee, of which the factors that play an important and decisive role are the leadership capacity and the combat power of the Party committees and organizations, especially commissioners, secretaries, and deputy secretaries.

15th Corps’ Party Committee leads the Unit to perform the task of socio-economic development in association with construction and consolidation of national defense and security in strategic areas of the Central Highlands, mainly in the border, remote, ethnic minority, and socio-economically difficult areas. The Corps has a high proportion of ethnic minority Part members. During the previous term, despite being affected by unstable prices of rubber latex and coffee product, even very low for several years, erratically changing climate and weather, complicated epidemics,... the Army Corps' Party Committee focused on comprehensive leadership and direction with multiple synchronous and drastic solutions to achieve many encouraging results that contributed to consolidating the trust of cadres, Party members, workers, and employees to the Army Corps and creating a driving force for their enthusiasm and passion for working, producing, and building the strong unit and area.

In the coming time, the world and regional security and politics, climate change, epidemics are forecasted to develop complicatedly and unpredictably. Meanwhile, for the country’s situation, hostile forces will step up to distort the Party and State’s economy-defense combination policy and its efficiency. Especially, the security issues in remote and ethnic minority areas will have a significant impact on the leadership of the Corps Party Committee. Being aware of that, the entire Party Committee have always stayed united to proactively overcome difficulties, make thorough preparation and successfully organize the grassroots Party congresses, and be determined to successfully organize the Corps Party Congress and implement the objectives, requirements, contents, tasks, solutions, and breakthroughs set out by the Congress Resolution.

Workers of the Corps harvest coffee bean

To that end, the Corps Party Committee has focused on leading the synchronous implementation of solutions, particularly, in the immediate future, to successfully organize the 8th Party Congress of the Corps for the 2020 - 2025 term (Corps Party Congress). Deeply grasping Directive No.35-CT/TW issued on May 30th, 2019 by the Politburo, Directive No.747-CT/QUTW issued on July 23rd, 2019 by the Central Military Commission Standing Committee, Directive No.80-CT/ĐU issued on August 20th, 2019 by the Corps Party Committee, and the superiors’ instructions on the organization of the Party congresses at all levels towards the 11th  Military Party Congress and the 13th National Party Congress, grassroots Party organizations among the Corps have successfully organized congresses at all levels. This is an important basis for the success of the Corps Party Congress. Accordingly, the Corps has strengthened education and propaganda for cadres, Party members, and the masses to raise awareness and sense of responsibility and done well the preparation work for the Corps Party Congress. The Party Committee has directed agencies and units to follow the superiors’ directives and instructions and develop propaganda and education programs and plans suitable to their assigned characteristics and tasks. The contents have been focused on clarifying the leadership role of the Party committees and organization, key political tasks of the Corps in the coming term, internal political protection, hostile forces’ sabotage plots and tricks, and, especially, the personnel work of the Party committees.

Basing on the Party Congress organization plan, the Corps’ Party Committee has decided to establish the Congress support boards, organize training courses, fostering, discussing, and contributing ideas to documents submitted to the Party Congress, and, particularly, do well the personnel work for the new Party Committee, that is considered an important and decisive content for the successful organization of the Corps Party Congress. Thoroughly grasping the superiors’ directives and guidelines on personnel work, the Party Committee has directed all levels to review and recommend the superiors to mobilize, appoint, and consolidate the presiding cadres in association with the preparation of personnel for new term to ensure strict principles, processes, standards, reasonable structure, inheritance, development, and personnel planning to suit the characteristics and tasks as well as the working capacity of cadres. Adhering to the superiors’ regulations, the commissioners participating in the new term must be the real typical factors of political qualities, ethics, lifestyle, intelligence, competence, leadership style, methods, and working manners and have high reputation and experience of practical activities, especially young, female, and ethnic minority cadres. In addition, the Corps has also set up delegations to inspect, guide, and assist the boards to grasp and promptly and thoroughly solve the arising ideological issues and direct the forces to resolutely fight against misleading, wrong, and bad public opinions that affect the prestige of the Party Committee, cadres, and Party members, especially key leaders.

Along with doing well the personnel work, the Party Committee has attached great importance to improving the leadership capacity and combat power of the Party committee and organization. This is the main content and decisive factor to the results of the implementation of the Corps’ key political tasks in the new term. To well implement this content, the Corps has focused on building a politically, ideologically, ethically, and organizationally strong Party Committee. Accordingly, the Corps Party Committee has required its junior levels to organize the education and fostering of the Marxist-Leninist view, Ho Chi Minh thoughts, and working-class nature for the cadres and Party members within the Party Committee, with attention paid to the personnel at the new Party committee. Continue to thoroughly grasp and effectively implement the 4th Central Resolution (the 12th Tenure) on Party building and rectification in association with the implementation of Directive No.05 of the Politburo, Directive No.87 of the Central Military Commission’s Standing Committee on promoting the learning and following of Ho Chi Minh thoughts, ethics, and style. It has also organized the strict implementation of resolutions, directives, and regulations on the Party members’ deed restrictions and modeling responsibility of cadres and Party members and prevention and repelling of the degradation of political thoughts, ethics, and lifestyle, “self-evolution”, and “self-transformation” within the Party Committee. Cadres and Party members have always strengthened their vigilance to clearly identify partners and subjects, not to be affected by the distorted or false claims of hostile forces.

Party Congress of the 732 Company (2020 - 2025 tenure)

The Army Corps' Party Committee has regularly renewed the leadership method and style and working style of the commissioners, especially secretaries and deputy secretaries towards sticking to the grassroots and implementing the motto of “Words go along with actions.” It has also promoted democracy and upheld the initiative, creativity, and dare to think, do, and take responsibility of the presiding cadres and heads at all levels in leadership and implementation of tasks. The commissioners in the Party Committee have implemented the motto of “short speech, short writing, clear communication, deep guidance, and close inspection” and actively assisted the grassroots in overcoming the weak aspects and stages. The Party inspection, supervision, and discipline have been also focused by the Party Committee with the view of “expanded supervision and focused inspection”. In that spirit, the Corps Party Committee has focused on inspecting and supervising the leadership in the implementation of political tasks, party building, financial management, investment, basic construction, saving practice, wastefulness combat, etc. The inspection and supervision of the Party organizations have been associated with the inspection and supervision of commissioners and presiding cadres. The cases of violations, depending on the nature and severity, have been handled to ensure objectivity, fairness, right person, and right job that has contributed to maintaining the Party's disciplines and creating favorable conditions for violators to overcome and correct.

Promoting the tradition of solidarity, dynamism, and innovation, along with the success of the Party congresses of grassroots Party organizations, it is certain that the 8th Army Corps 15 Party Congress will successfully complete the proposed tasks and identify contents, objectives, and solutions suitable to the characteristics and tasks of the Army Corps in the new period, especially to choose new commissioners who have proper qualities, capabilities, qualifications, and prestige - an important factor determining the leadership of the Army Corps Party Committee.

Senior Colonel HOANG VAN SY

Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Commander of the Army Corps

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To thoroughly carry out the preparatory work for, and successfully conduct the 13th Party Congress, leading the country to a new phase of development
The entire Party, people and armed forces shall unify in hearts and minds, join forces to carry out thoroughly the preparatory work for, and successfully conduct the 13th National Congress of the Party, leading the country to a new phase of development with the goal of “prosperous people, powerful, democratic, just and civilised country”, successfully fulfilling the heartfelt wish of great President Ho Chi Minh and the desire of the entire nation.