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Southern Northeast Coal Trading Company - 10 years of development and integration

Southern Northeast Coal Trading Company (formerly a Branch of Northeast Corporation in Ho Chi Minh City), is a defence-economic company, a dependent accounting unit, operating under the authorisation assigned by the Corporation, performing the tasks of coal production and trading in the locality; providing coal delivery services for thermal power plants in the South and for the military and national defence work.

After 10 years of construction and development, despite a number of difficulties and challenges, particularly in terms of working offices, warehouse system, inexperienced staff, unqualified machines and equipment, extended area of operation (from the North to the South), and growing demands, with the spirit of solidarity and the determination to overcome difficulties, the promotion of "Uncle Ho's soldiers" on the economic front, as well as the tradition of the Northeast Corporation, the unit has constantly strived, grown and steadily developed. It has become one of the leading members in terms of production and business efficiency, successfully fulfilled all socio-economic tasks of the Corporation. At the same time, the unit has paid attention to the performance of military and defence work; taking care of and ensuring the material and spiritual life for cadres, staffs and employees; conducting well the work of mass mobilisation; helping the people in hunger eradication and poverty alleviation; participating in the prevention of natural disasters and epidemics. It has also actively implemented the emulation movement of "The Army joins hand to build new rural areas". With those contributions, the Company was awarded the Third-class Labour Medal by the State in 2022; and a number of noble awards commended and presented by the Ministry of National Defence and the General Department of Technology.

Founding ceremony of the Party Committee of the Company

To achieve the above mentioned outcomes, the Unit’s Party Committee and Board of Directors have synchronously and drastically implemented solutions to lead, manage, and promote internal resources, creating synergy, and accelerating the production and business, affirming its brand in domestic and foreign markets.

First of all, importance has been attached to strengthening the leadership and direction of the Party committees and commanders at all levels in raising awareness and responsibility of cadres, staffs and employees. It is considered an important measure to enhance the strength of the employees for successfully fulfilling all assigned tasks. Thoroughly grasping the Party's guidelines and viewpoints, and resolutions and directives of higher commands on combining socio-economic development with consolidating and strengthening national defence and security, the Party Committee, the Board of Directors of the Company have issued resolutions and plans to implement the tasks that are relevant to specific and practical conditions of the units and localities. The company has ordered the party committees and commanders of the units to concretise them and issue their own resolutions and plans to implement at their level in close and effective manner. Emphasis has been placed on strengthening education for cadres, staffs, employees to firmly grasping the national defence strategy in the new situation, the tasks of the Army, the Corporation, the Company, as well as the tasks and responsibilities of each group or individual. It is important to help them clearly be aware of the advantages and difficulties of the company in bringing into play the economic development in association with the military and defence work, attaching to specific realities of the area of ​​operation of the Company to take measures to overcome difficulties and fulfill the task, especially in the context of the complicated and prolonged Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the characteristics of the Company, staffs and employees are  scattered and busy with their work, it is difficult to gather them for lessons. To overcome that obstacle, the Company’s Party Committee and Board of Directors agreed on guidelines and measures to implement by decentralisation in education. Monthly, the Company’s Party Committee assigns its members to come directly to each unit to grasp the situation, educate and motivate cadres, staffs and employees. Moreover, attention has been regularly paid to the material and spiritual life and family policies for cadres, staffs, and employees so that they feel enthusiastic and dedicated to their work and the unit.

Along with that, emphasis has been placed on implementing the ‘determined to win’ emulation movement in association with promoting the studying and following President Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality and lifestyle, the Campaign of promoting tradition, devoting talents, and deserving "Uncle Ho's soldiers" in the new period, and the resolutions and directives of the superior levels on Party building and rectification. The Company has effectively implemented the emulation movement of "the Army joins hands to build new rural areas", "Military enterprises’ integration and development", etc. At the same time, it has focused on building and replicating good models, especially of the ones who directly participate in production, conducting the preliminary and final review, and promptly rewarding collectives and individuals with outstanding achievements. In addition, importance has been attached to resolutely adjusting wrong manifestations, achievement obsession, strictly handling cases of violation of State law and military discipline. To date, 100% of the company's cadres, staffs and employees have clearly understood their tasks, unified, and shown high determination to fulfill their tasks.

Along with raising awareness, determination and responsibility for cadres, staffs and employees, the Party Committee and Board of Directors of the Company have paid attention to leading and encouraging the production and business, affirming its brand of "Southern Northeast Coal Trading Company" on the domestic market, gradually integrating and developing it to foreign markets. This is considered a very important direction, effecting the completion of assigned tasks of the Company. To implement it, the Company’s Party Committee and Board of Directors have thoroughly grasped and drastically implemented the guidelines of the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of National Defence, and the Northeast Corporation on restructuring, renovating, reorganising and improving efficiency of production and business activities; streamlining the apparatus, reducing the service and auxiliary workforce, etc., thereby, improving production and business efficiency and raising incomes for employees. In order to maintain development speed, ensure labour productivity and steady growth, the Company has focused on promoting all human resources and investing in warehouse and port systems; applying advanced technologies that are environmentally friendly, and in harmony with the community.

In management and administration, the comprehensive goal of "Safety, innovation, responsibility, thrift, efficiency, and development", has been set out and conducted in association with the implementation of three breakthroughs, namely: "Applying scientific and technological achievements to production, improving labor productivity"; “Innovating management methods and working styles”; and "trying the best to reduce production costs". This is the guiding line for each cadre, staff and employee in the whole Company, demonstrating high determination, decisive action, and promoting the scientific and creative nature, the spirit of solidarity to overcome all difficulties, striving to successfully accomplish all assigned tasks. As a result, in conducting the tasks, the Company has promoted the proactive and creative spirit of the cadres, staffs, and employees. So that they have proposed initiatives, technical improvements, and technology application in production and business activities, so as to reduce production costs and make profits worth billions of VND. Regarding the aspect of scientific and technological application, in addition to studying feasible technical options, importance has been attached to leading the selection, investment, and procurement of modern equipment, in accordance with production and business conditions of the Company, ensuring effective production and business activities. Currently, the Company has a closed coal storage system that is environmentally friendly and a conveyor system for loading and unloading coal from the port to the warehouse and from the warehouse to the most advanced means of transport in Vietnam. In the management of equipment, materials and input costs, from its own practical experience, the Unit has regularly innovated methods and constantly improved the quality of management, contributing significantly to reducing the production costs.

In business management, on the basis of forecasting the situation and demand of the market and production conditions of the Company, the Party Committee and Board of Directors have specifically and meticulously directed the balance between revenue and expenses, implementing production and business plans and contracting costs to branches. The contract and cost management are deployed to the production stages with economic and technical norms. As a result, the production cost is kept at 05% of the contract cost. Regarding product management, on the basis of quantity and quality of each type of coal at the request of customers, the Company has assigned production and business plans, and flexibly applied reward/punishment solutions to the units. Therefore, the profit of the following year is always higher than the previous year, jobs are guaranteed, income for cadres, staffs and employees has constantly been improved. In production and doing business, occupational safety is considered the top priority that the Party Committee and Board of Directors has focused on with the slogan "Safety for production - Production must be safe". To achieve this goal, attention has been paid to investing in safety equipment, and directing cadres at all levels to strengthen the work of inspection, propaganda and education for employees to raise their awareness of strictly following the processes and regulations in production. Along with that, environmental protection and industrial hygiene have always been placed emphasis on and implemented by many measures, such as: conducting the movement of planting trees on warehouses and ports; watering to limit dust; and scientifically planning warehouses and yards, etc., contributing to preserving and protecting the green - clean - scenic ecological environment. As a result, for many consecutive years, there have been no unsafe incidents at work. The company's production and business quality has grown steadily, ensuring absolute safety, which is highly appreciated by the Ministry of National Defence and the Northeast Corporation.

As there are small and separated working forces in complex areas, the company pay attention to successfully implementing the task of regularity building, disciplining and corporate culture building. Emphasis has been placed on strictly maintaining working regulations, improving the practice, creating a highly professional working style; promoting the quality and tradition of "Uncle Ho's soldiers" in socio-economic development. The cadres at all levels are required to uphold the sense of responsibility, strictly control the number of employees, and their social relationships, so as to promptly correct any manifestations of wrongdoing, preventing the cases of disciplinary violations. In addition, the Company has regularly attached attention to education, guiding and creating favourable conditions for agencies and units to implement corporate culture, creating a joyful, healthy, friendly and unified working environment, making contribution to the improvement of the quality of mission accomplishment.

10 years of construction and development, have gradually affirmed its brand name in domestic and foreign markets. In the coming time, Southern Northeast Coal Trading Company will strive to successfully fulfill all assigned tasks.

Sr. Col. BUI QUOC HUY, Director of the Company

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