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Son La Border Guards actively combat and prevent crimes in border area

Combating and preventing crimes in border area represent an important mission to ensure political security, social safety and order. As the core force in this fight, the Party Committee and Commandant of Son La Border Guards have always paid attention to the implementation of this task.

As a mountainous and border province with low intellectual level of people living in the remote and border areas and the tough geographical location and the complications of the areas, in the past few years, Son La has seen much complication in security in its border areas. National security and social order infringements, drug trafficking are severe, especially in border areas, causing much trouble for the society. In order to fight, prevent and counter the crimes for maintaining border security, with its rights and responsibilities, the Party Committee and Commandant of the Provincial Border Guard have always stuck to the leadership and direction of the Party Committee and Commandant of the Border Guard High Command, the Party Committee and People’s Committee of Son La Province  to direct its affiliate units to strengthen coordination with other departments, sectors of the province and local authorities and other functional forces in mobilising most of their forces, implementing synchronously and drastically measures for combating, preventing the crimes, especially drug-related ones.

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First, the Provincial Border Guard’s Party Committee and Commandant direct their units to coordinate with sectors, industries and local unions to conduct propagation and persuade people to seriously adhere to the guidelines of the Party, laws and policies of the State, local mission and regulations in the border areas, focusing on documents relating to national border, crime combat and  prevention, such as: Law on National Border; Law on drug prevention and control; the Decree No. 34/2014/NĐ-CP dated 29th April 2014 of the Prime Minister on regulations for land border of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; the Directive No. 01/CT-TTg dated 9th January 2015 of the Prime Minister on “Launching the movement of all people participating in the territorial sovereignty and border security in the new situation”; the Agreement on regulations for land border and border gates between the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and its Lao counterpart, and the programs for socio-economic development of the localities. Strengthen propagation and convince people to participate in the emulation movements of “All people unite to build cultural life”, “All people participate in the protection of Fatherland’s security”; not to migrate freely and grow poppy plants; proactively participate in crime combat and prevention. Thereby, they have developed people’s belief in the Party, the State, the Military and the Border Guards, while making them more proactive in production, cooperative and supportive for the Border Guards in the combat against crimes.

The Party Committee and Commandant of the Provincial Border Guards have directed their units to strengthen professional measures and combat effectively against crimes, especially drug-related ones. Implement synchronously measures for border work, focusing on the measures for drug combat and prevention, grasping their areas of operation and determine the focal one and peak times so that they can map out the effective measures for combating against each kind of crimes. At the same time, they are required to establish covert networks to soon grasp the situation for early prevention; actively coordinate closely with forces of the Drug and Crime Administration under the Border Guard High Command, Son La Public Security, and Lao counterparts to exchange information, track operations of the suspects, make plans for early combat against several cases and eradicate a number of focal areas of drug.

In the combat against human trafficking crime, the Provincial Border Guard Command has directed its units to grasp the situation, actively coordinated with functional forces and local party committees and authorities to opportunely detect and prevent the crime in the area; carry out propagation and persuade people to stay vigilant against the plots and schemes of human traffickers. In the prevention and combat against smuggling and trade fraudulence in the border areas, the Provincial Border Guard Command has directed its units to coordinate with related functional forces to exchange information, grasp the areas of operation, prevent, detect and have severe punishment for the illegal imports and exports through border line. As for other crimes, such as: robbery, burglary, illegal migration, illegal exploitation of forest products, illegal carriage and usage of weaponry, etc. the Provincial Border Guard Command has ordered it units to grasp the situation, have strict control of the area and coordinate with functional forces to detect and combat with such crimes for maintaining political security, social order and safety in the area.

At present, the protection the border sovereignty and security is posing increasingly high requirements, and criminal operations are becoming more and more sophisticated and complicated. In order to effectively combat with crimes in the border areas of Son La Province, the Provincial Border Guards focus on the following measures:

1. Continue to grasp and strictly adhere to the directive, resolution, order of upper levels; promote the role, responsibility of leadership and commandant at all levels; implement synchronously measures of border work, grasp the situation to map out plans for effectively combat the crimes, especially drug-related ones. In particular, emphases are paid to the plans of the Border Guard High Command, the Drug and Crime Administration, the 389 Steering Board of Son La Province, and the Provincial Border Guard Command for combating and preventing drug and crimes.

2. Actively coordinate with other departments, sectors, industries, unions and local authorities to strengthen propagation, persuade people in the border areas to strictly observe the guidelines of the Party, laws and policies of the State, regulations for the land border; actively denounce the crimes and participate in the movement of “All people participate in the protection of national territorial sovereignty and border security” in accordance with the directive of the Prime Minister. At the same time, actively assist the local authorities in border areas to consolidate their political systems; promote the programs and models for socio-economic development to improve living standards of people in the border areas.

3. Strengthen coordination and information exchange with other functional forces, e.g. Public Security, Customs; opportunely grasp the situation to have plans for combat and prevent crimes effectively. Synchronously implement the measures, attach importance to the quality of fundamental professional measures; grasp the operations of crimes, particularly drug-related crimes on both sides the border line. Conduct unilateral and bilateral patrols in the control of border with emphasis being placed on the focal areas and peak times; carry out recce to grasp the area and situation to make plans for combatting effectively, especially complicated areas in drug of two districts of Moc Chau and Van Ho.

4. Regularly exchange information about drug-related crimes with the Public Security of two provinces of Huaphanh and Luang Prabang of Laos, and coordinate with them in investigation and joint combat to prevent drug crime soon and from afar. At the same time, coordinate with them to settle the emerging issues relating to the two border sides in accordance with the laws and agreements of the two countries.

Combatting against crimes in the border areas is a focal political mission of the Provincial Border Guards. Thoroughly and effectively implementing this task will contribute to maintaining political security, social order and safety in Son La Province and creating a favourable environment for people to carry out production and socio-economic development, improving living standard and building the border between Vietnam and Laos of peace, stability, cooperation and development.

Senior Colonel CA VAN LAP, Political Commissar of the Provincial Border Guards

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