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Signal Brigade 139 focuses on building an all strong unit

The Signal Brigade 139 under the High Command of the Signal Corps, was founded on the 18th April 1978 as a mobile communications head center. Promoting the tradition and the feats of its former units, cadres and soldiers of the Brigade have always overcome all hardships and difficulties, been united, active, creative, self-reliant, studious, renewed their thinking and approaches to master new equipment and maintain clear and steady communications in any situations.

At present, the Brigade is serving as a strategic mobile communications head center of the Ministry of National Defence. It has been tasked with assuring regular communications, maintaining combat readiness, broadcasting the political events of the Party, State and the Army, and carrying out other tasks. Grasping and implementing the guideline of developing the Signal Corps directly to modernity and the “Strategy for developing the military communications system in the 2010 – 2020 period”, the Party Committee and Command of the Brigade have focused their leadership and direction on the synchronous and comprehensive renewal of the training and combat readiness tasks. Adhering to the motto of “basic, essential, steady”, the Brigade has attached importance to intensive and focal training, making it relevant to the reality, object of combat, topography, weather conditions and tasks of the unit. In particular, special emphasis has been placed on training to make its cadres and soldiers capable of traditional communications, seasoned in mobile communications and master in exploiting high-tech communications equipment. During the implementation, the Brigade considers cadre training as the key, technical training as the centre, tactical training as the basis, etc in order to improve the communications assurance capability in all situations, especially the combat operations of high-tech and cyber warfare. besides, disciplining and formality building, party work and political work, etc. have also been paid due attention and close direction, contributing to creating a synergy for the Brigade to accomplish its assigned tasks.

A mobile communications detachment

For the past 40 years, generations of cadres and soldiers of the Brigade have ceaselessly strived to build its tradition of: “Brave, creative, overcoming difficulties, solidarity, strictly disciplined, determined to master science and technology, highly manoeurable, opportunely and steadily assuring communications for leaders and commanders of the Ministry with the entire military in the construction and combat missions”. Acknowledging its outstanding achievements, and great contributions in the national liberation wars and in the cause of Homeland construction and defence, 36 collectives and thousands of cadres and soldiers of the Brigade have been awarded with noble medals. Especially, the Battalion 2 of the Brigade has been awarded with the title Heroic Unit of the People Armed Forces.

In order to meet the requirements of Homeland construction and defence in the new situation, especially the task of assuring communications and developing the Brigade directly to modernity, its Party Committee and commanders have agreed on the following measures:

First, focusing on building the brigade politically and ideologically strong. Party committee and commanders at all levels should seek to improve the quality and effectiveness of political and ideological education in light of the Project “Renewing political education at unit in the new stage”. At the same time, they should focus on briefing the soldiers so that they are fully aware of the role and importance of the brigade, as well as advantages and disadvantages in communications assurance and the requirements for the direct modernity development,… These are aimed to unify its troops’ perception and actions; equip them with political steadfastness, right impetus and attitude, strong will and determination in their task performance. On the other hand, it is necessary to have propagation and education to make soldiers fully aware of the decisive role of human factor in the combat capability of the Military and overcome the subjectivity of soldiers when using modern weapon and equipment, hence promoting the proactiveness, and self-consciousness of soldiers in studying to master, exploit and maintain their communications equipment.

Second, enhancing the quality of training and combat readiness. Implementing the guidelines, viewpoints, principles and combinations in training, party committees and commanders at all level should focus on renewing and improving the quality of training towards the “Standard, battle-tested, seasoned” direction to make soldiers excel at mobile communications, master new equipment to meet the requirements of developing the brigade directly to modernity. In particular, importance should be attached to developing the knowledge, capability for implementation, management, education and training method of cadres at all levels.

In addition, party committees and commanders at all levels should focus on improving the standard and capability of mobile communications units; better the assurance of mobile communications and broadcasting for the missions of A2, disaster prevention and relief, search and rescue; for big events of the country, for exercises of the Ministry and the Corps, and participate in the installment of projects when assigned.

Third, thoroughly carrying out supply work. As a directly modernized unit, the Brigade has been provided with several new kinds of equipment, hence the requirements for technical maintenance are very demanding. For this reason, party committees and commanders at all levels should grasp and educate to make their cadres and soldiers fully aware of their responsibility in maintaining, and exploiting the equipment; uphold the sense of good maintenance, durable exploitation, safety, and thrift in the unit. Attention should be paid to nurturing the technical staff who are sufficiently qualified, and master the maintenance procedure of equipment, particularly new and modern one. At the same time, thoroughly carry out decentralized storage, maintenance and repair.

To prepare for all missions, units and agencies should actively build their logistics supply, both for regular and combat readiness tasks; opportunely screen, adjust and supplement the plans to meet the mission requirements. Closely monitor the quantity and quality of logistics materials; seriously maintain the duty regime to ensure the safety of logistical venues, warehouses and materials.

Upholding the 40 year tradition of resilience and development through hardships, with their intellect, desire and brave, cadres and soldiers of the 139 Brigade will continue to unite, stay side by side to turn their strength into internal potentiality and determine to gain new achievements, successfully accomplish all assigned tasks, and develop the Brigade directly to modernity.

Lieutenant Colonel Ho Van Dung, Brigade Commissar

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