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Renovating to make a comprehensive and solid change in the military's technical work in 2021

In 2021, the entire army will deploy many breakthrough goals and missions, which sets new and high requirements for technical work. In this situation, the entire army needs to further promote the spirit of “proactive, creative, self-reliant, self-sufficient”, promote innovation, and make comprehensive and solid changes in technical work, successfully complete assigned targets and tasks.

The year 2021 is the first year that the entire army grasps and implements the Resolution of the 13th National Congress of the Party, the Resolution of the 11th Military Party Congress, with the goal of building the Military revolutionary, regular, seasoned and increasingly modernised, with a number of forces being developed straight into modernity, and a modernised Military by 2030. Accordingly, technical tasks become increasingly heavier and more demanding. In order to meet the technical requirements for the tasks, the entire army, with the Military Engineering branch being the core, needs to promote innovation, synchronously and comprehensively deploy all aspects of work, in which, focusing on a number of main contents as follows:

1. Actively advise the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of National Defence, party committees and commandant at all levels to lead, direct and efficiently implement technical work. Military Engineering branch, first of all specialised departments, functional agencies of the General Department of Engineering actively research, firmly grasp the situation in all aspects, improve the quality of advisory and proposals, meeting the military and defence tasks in the new situation. Focus on advising and proposing guidelines and measures to improve the quality and efficiency of technical work, etc. Technical agencies at all levels should grasp, develop and implement plans and programs to realise the objectives and targets of technical work identified in the resolutions of the Party congress at all levels for the 2020 – 2025 term, especially the Resolution of the 11th Military Party Congress, associated with the implementation of resolutions, conclusions, projects, programs and plans of the Central Military Commission, the Standing Committee of the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defence on technical work, practically bringing the resolutions of the party congress at all levels to life, well implementing technical tasks in 2021, creating a premise for successful implementation of the tasks for the period of 2021 - 2025.

MND leader speaks at the GDE's Party Congress

2. Concentrate on well performing the technical assurance of weapons and equipment. This is the central task of the technical work. Accordingly, along with focusing on effective implementation of programs, projects, schemes, and plans of procurement, production, improvement and modernisation of weapon and equipment according to the approved roadmap, technical agencies and units at all levels should organise technical assurance aspects in a fundamental, solid, focalised manner.

The entire army continues to implement the planning of the system of weaponry and technical equipment (KA-10) according to the plan approved by the Ministry of National Defence; deploy the repair facility system planning according to Project 08-KT when approved; organize the implementation of technology-intensive investment projects and expand joint ventures, association and import of a number of key technologies corresponding to the technological characteristics and level of weapons and technical equipment to enhance capacity, master the technology of repairing new and modern weapon and equipment. Improve the capacity of technical quality check; conduct check of 100% machines and equipment with strict requirements on labour safety according to regulations; strengthen inspection of labour safety and sanitation, fire and explosion prevention and control for grassroots units; meet the minimum needs for protective equipment for labourers.

3. Renew and improve the quality of technical training; actively research and apply science - technology to the practice of technical assurance. Promoting the achieved results, the units should continue to thoroughly grasp and strictly implement the Resolution No. 765-NQ/QUTW, dated December 20, 2012 of the Central Military Commission, guiding the technical training of the General Department of Engineering in 2021, strictly maintaining the orders and regimes of training, fostering training techniques at all levels; focus on renewing the contents and methods of implementation; improve the quality of technical training, ensuring that technicians and staff are capable of exploiting and mastering technical specifications of existing weapons and equipment. Strengthen the training and fostering of skills, foreign languages, technical mastery training on weapons and equipment of new generation and high technology; conduct training to improve advisory and command capability of technical assurance in all types of combat. At the same time, promote competitions, sports, technical drills at all levels.

In addition to improving the quality of training, the Branch strengthens scientific research activities, promotes technical innovation initiatives to meet the requirements for Military modernisation in the new situation. The research institutes and centres need to actively research, cooperate and apply scientific and technological advances and achievements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in solving urgent challenges and requirements in the exploitation, preservation, storing and repair of weapons, technical equipment, especially new-generation, modern and high-tech ones; step up the application of new technologies to preserve, store and promote the trial manufacture of weapons, equipment, spare parts and technical materials to meet the requirements of military and defence missions.

4. Strengthen technical management; build a comprehensively strong branch to meet the requirements of the mission in the new situation. In the face of the development of science - technology, especially military science - technology, agencies and units should continue to review, adjust and perfect the system of rules, processes, regulations and disciplines in exploiting, using and securing techniques for weapons and technical equipment. To take initiative in researching, building and supplementing technical standards and norms; perfect methods of technical assurance for weapons and equipment in line with the process of military modernisation; strictly maintain technical management in repair facilities from tactical to operational and strategic levels. Strengthen inspection and supervision of the implementation of technical tasks; organise the appraisal of technical work contents according to regulations. Continue to study and perfect the organisational structure of the Military technical branch. To speed up the amendment of the Regulation on technical work of the Vietnam People's Army; promulgate the Regulation on appraisal of technical work contents in the Vietnam People's Army in accordance with the new situation. Strengthen the application of information technology in management, command and administration of technical work, administrative reform in professional activities; build a formal technical work order. Agencies and units should promote the implementation of the campaign “Good, durable, safe and economical management and exploitation of weapons and technical equipment and traffic safety” in a practical and efficient manner associated with the campaigns, and movements of Determine to Win Emulation.

In addition to the above contents and solutions, the Sector should closely cooperate with agencies, units and localities in investigating and surveying to firmly grasp the capacities of central and local industrial establishments in localities and stationing area to mobilise maximum capacity right from peacetime and ready to perform tasks as planned. To well prepare the mobilisation of local technical capacity for the military mission under the Ordinance on Defence Industry and closely coordinate with localities in managing and building the operating regulations of technical facilities to make them ready to be mobilised when needed.

Technical tasks in 2021 are very heavy. Therefore, technical units in the whole army need to actively coordinate with relevant forces, promote the core role in implementation, and strive to successfully complete the objectives and missions to build a strong Technical Branch, contributing to building the Military “Revolutionary, regular, elite, increasingly modernised”, firmly defending the Socialist Vietnam Fatherland in every situation.

Major General TRAN MINH DUC, Chairman of the General Department of Engineering

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