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Regiment 93 improves the quality of training and exercise for the reservist

Regiment 93, a standing frame unit under Division 307 (Military Region 5), is tasked with building, managing, and training the reserves in Tuy Phuoc District, Binh Dinh Province. Recognizing the importance of the task of building the reserves in general and training the reserves in particular, for the past years, the Regiment has focused on improving the quality of training and exercise for the reservists through several practical and effective solutions.

Stemming from the fact that the reserves are regularly trained in peacetime but only deployed in wartime, hence they are prone to subjective thoughts that disregard this work. Therefore, to improve the quality of training, the most important matter is to raise the awareness and sense of responsibility of officers, soldiers, and the reservists for the task of training and exercise. Basing on the Party's directives and resolutions on military and defense work, directly the Law on the reserve force, the Regiment has strengthened the political education, ideological leadership, and task communication for each object. This has been strictly led and directed by the Party committees and commanders at all levels and implemented in a regular, continuous, and comprehensive manner with focuses and highlights. It has also paid attention to educating objects to grasp the unit's duties, be well aware of their obligations, and arouse the sense of responsibility of each person in performing tasks.

A practical training for the reservist

To understand the trainees and be active in training, the Regiment has regularly taken initiative and worked closely with the Military Command and the Party committees and authorities of localities with mobilized sources to exercise strict management of the trainees in accordance with the regulations. In the work of source creation, the Regiment has closely coordinated with the local military agencies to recruit demobilized soldiers with good qualifications and moral qualities in replacement for the expired, absent and ill reservists to ensure adequate strength and the highest number of participants.

Re-examination, registration, and management of reserve sources have been closely and orderly carried out by organs and units within the Regiment with increasingly improved quality. The system of books and payroll lists from the platoon to the battalion level has been completed and synchronized between the localities and the Unit. Annually, fluctuations and demolition have been supplemented and modified. The contingent of cadres has promoted their sense of responsibility, overcome difficulties, and adhered to the localities to visit each household, review each person, and firmly grasp the situation of the reservist families, especially those in disadvantaged conditions, to forecast and assess the true nature of the ability to participate in training. On that basis, the Regiment has applied effective measures to strictly manage the reservists in payroll so the source quality has been significantly improved, and the sense of responsibility in training, exercise, and inspection for mobilization readiness has seen positive changes. As a result, although the reservists live in a wide area and far from the unit with hard living conditions; many of them work far away from home, and the forces are scattered, the arrangement and mobilization for training, exercise, and combat readiness of the Regiment have achieved increasingly high results. In 2019, the Regiment coordinated with localities to arrange the mobilized reserve sources with a rate of over 97%, including over 90% for officers; over 98% for non-commissioned officers and soldiers rate; over 96% for reservists with proper military professions; 7.69% for the Party members; 42.5% for the Youth Union members.

Along with that, the Regiment has focused on doing well the training preparation work. Before training, the Party committees at all levels issue resolutions specialized in leading this work; do well the work of communication, education, and building of determination; and consolidate the cadre frames at all levels. The Regiment has concentrated on directing agencies and units to regularly check to ensure adequate training materials. Due to the limited financial sources, the investment in facilities of mobilized reserve training units has faced multiple difficulties. To overcome, the Regiment has instructed units to take advantage of the existing facilities, and have renovation, and upgradation; strengthen the movement of improving and creating the training tools, contributing to improving the training quality of the Unit.

Practice shows that in the training preparation work, the preparation of the human factor is the most important. However, the Regiment's contingent of cadres only reaches over 70% compared to the payroll. Therefore, before training, the Regiment actively strengthens the training frame from the platoon to battalion level and closely assigned tasks for cadres in charge of management and training. At the same time, importance has been attached to training and retraining on the organization content, methods of the technical, tactical, military command, and physical training and the order of organization of the combat preparation for cadres at all levels.

The core elements to improve the quality of reservist training of the Regiment are the strict organization of training management and actively innovation of training contents methods to make it relevant to the objects and tasks of the Unit. Annually, basing on the combat training orders of the Military Region Commander and the Division and the actual situation and the results of the arrangement of reservists into the payroll, the Regiment has actively developed training plans and schedules and organized the strict implementation among agencies and units. In training, the Regiment has always attached great importance to both political education and military training; cadre training and unit training; infantry training and army training; combined flexible and diverse training forms and methods to suit the objects; and incorporated section concentration training with individual fostering and training.

In parallel with that, the Regiment has regularly maintained the regime of training advisory work and fully and strictly performed the work of reporting, statistical registration, review. At the same time, it has strengthened the regular and irregular inspections to promptly overcome the weak points and aspects in training; and combined training with contests, rehearsals, and evaluation of results and with regular discipline building. Besides, the Regiment has also strengthened the Party and political work in all activities of the reservists; strictly and orderly maintained the emulation and commendation work through organizing the emulation launching ceremonies to create a lively learning and training emulation environment in the whole Unit; and ensured regimes and policies for the reservist in training in accordance with the regulations. With the solidarity and self-reliance to overcome difficulties, the Regiment has completed the mobilized reserve force training and rehearsal work with increasingly improved training quality throughout the years. In 2019, the Regiment completed 100% of the training sections with satisfactory rate test results of 100%, including 76% of excellence.

The above results are the motivation for the Regiment to continue its efforts to overcome difficulties and fulfill the task of training the reserve force training in the coming time.

Lieutenant Colonel Phan Ngoc Thanh, Political Commissar of the Regiment

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