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Regiment 43 combines legal education with discipline training

Regiment 43 under the Division 395 of the MR3 is stationed independently near the Vietnam – China border within a vast and sensitive area of operation. To successfully accomplish its assigned task, one of the solutions adopted by the Party Committee and Commandant of the Regiment is to combine legal education with discipline training for its cadres and troops.

 Due to its tasks and area of operation, the regiment requires its cadres and soldiers to have high sense of self-discipline and responsibility and necessary legal awareness to accomplish their tasks. To meet such requirements, its Party Committee and Commandant have always paid attention to leading, directing its junior units to seriously implement the contents and programs of legal dissemination and education. At the same time, they have also required the organs and units to grasp the operational features and regulations during task performance in order to have supplements for education when deemed necessary.

In order that the combination of legal dissemination and discipline training brings about required results, the Party Committee and commandant of the Regiment require its units to study and grasp the viewpoints and policies of the Party and State, especially the documents relating to the tasks of the unit and the current ideological and disciplinary situations. In 2019, the Regiment held briefing of legal contents for 100% of its officers and soldiers with a focus on the legal documents directly relating to military operations, such as: the Law on Military Conscription; Law on Road Traffic; National Defence Law (issued in 2018); Law on Cyber-Security (issued in 2018); Law on the Protection the State Ssecret (issued in 2018), etc. In 2020, the Regiment focused on combining legal dissemination with administrative measures to strengthen the obedience of state laws and military disciplines; promoting the drive of “living and working in accordance with the Constitution and law”, “remaining highly combat ready to protect the Party congresses”; making robust changes in the training and observing the disciplines of troops. In addition, its Party Committee and commandant also direct its battalions and companies to brief the topic of “Heightening vigilance, actively countering to prevent the hostile forces from making use of mass media to spread propagation against Vietnam”; the Project of the Steering Committee 35 of the Central Military Commission on the implementation of the Resolution No. 35-NQ/TW of the Politburo (12th tenure) on “Strengthening the protection of the Party’s ideology and countering the false and hostile arguments in the new situation”, etc. The regiment also attached the propagation with the implementation of the studying and following of Uncle Ho’s thought, morality, style and the Directive No. 85-CT/QUTW dated 12 August 2019 of the Standing Office of the Central Military Commission on strengthening the implementation of the Drive “Promoting tradition, dedicating talent, deserving Uncle Ho’s soldier” in the new situation; seriously maintain disciplines and regulations of the unit; direct its cadres and soldiers to adhere to the Circular 192 of the Minister of National Defence and the Directive 5551 of the Commander of the MR3. The Regiment regularly deploys patrol group both inside and outside its campus to maintain the regularity of its troops and seriously control its strength, especially on holidays, weekends, and off-hours. At the same time, it coordinates with local authority, the Public Security and other forces to settle the incidents relating to military personnel and vehicles to maintain order and safety in their area of operation.

One of the activities held for the regiment's youth

Renewing the content and method of legal dissemination and education has been considered by the Regiment’s Party Committee and commandant as one of the key and decisive steps to the quality and effectiveness of this work. Sticking to its political missions, functions, responsibilities, in recent years, the programs and contents of legal dissemination and education of the Regiment have been regularly renewed to make them relevant and effective.

Together with legal dissemination, the Regiment has also educated its troops on the sense and responsibility of legal obedience, military discipline, regularity, and other regulations, especially during field marching for public work. Stemming from the requirements of building the units all-round strong, the Regiment’s commandant direct its unit to continue to adhere to the Decision No. 2530/2000/QĐ-BQP of the Minister of National Defence, the Directive No. 25/2003/CT-TM of the Chief of General Staff on the “Use and management of Military vehicles”, the safety regulations in training and transportation.

In order to make the combination highly effective, together with conducting the propagation and education of the required contents, the Regiment has also employed various other models of propagation, such as: holding legal contest at units; briefing on meetings and on Political, Mental and Cultural Days, etc. At the same time, it has promoted the role of the cultural institutions, legal bookshelves at battalions and companies. Periodically on the second Saturday every month, it holds one class of a specific legal topic for all of its troops to enhance their legal awareness. In 2019, the Regiment held one-sided two leveled exercise with live firing at the Binh Khe fire range with absolute safety and observance of discipline. In addition, the Regiment’s commandant have also directed its units to strengthen troop management in accordance with regulations; regularly coordinate with local party committees and authorities to grasp the surrounding situations and issues relating to their troops so that they can map out measures for management, education and rectification.

The Regiment Party Committee and commandant have also paid much attention to building and nurturing a contingent of specialized cadres for this work to meet the requirements. Basing on the agreed plans, it selected the cadres with suitable capabilities to attend the training courses held by the Division and the MR3 to enhance their legal knowledge and propagation skill. Annually, the Regiment holds training for its legal educators and talented educator contest at company and battalion levels. Its Political board coordinates closely with other functional organs to checks the implementation of the work by different ways, then point out the shortcomings for the units to have opportune corrections.

By sound perception and leadership measures, the legal propagation and education of the Regiment has achieved the required results. 100% of its troops pass the annual tests, in which 80% get good and excellent results. The rate of conventional violation reduces to 0.15% with no serious one. This has contributed greatly to the prevention of its troop’s breaches. Its troop’s sense of self-disciplining has seen positive changes. Its units remain stable and highly combat ready. In 2019, the Regiment was listed among the All-round Strong Units and awarded the “Determined to Win Unit” flag by the MR3.

Colonel Nguyen Thanh Luy, Commander of the Regiment

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