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Radar Regiment 295 improves the quality of training and airspace management

On August 19, 1979, Radar Regiment 295, Air Defense Division 363, the Air Defense - Air Force, was established on the basis of Radar Battalion 295. Over 40 years of construction and growth, under the leadership and direction of the Party Commission and High Command of the Air Defense - Air Forces, directly the Party Commission of the Radar Arm High Command (1979 - 1987) and the Party Commission and commander of Air Defense Division 363 (1987 - present), generations of officials and soldiers of the Regiment have overcome difficulties and hardships, constantly promoted heroic traditions in fighting, and continuously strived to fulfill all assigned tasks.

Currently, the tasks of the Regiment have new development with focuses placed on training, combat readiness, and management and protection of the northeastern airspace of the country. In order to successfully complete the assigned tasks, the Regiment Party Commission and commanders have focused on leading and directing agencies and units to implement all aspects of the work comprehensively, particularly implementing measures to improve the training quality and level and capacity of combat readiness. Awareness and sense of responsibility of officials and soldiers for training, combat readiness, and airspace management, therefore,  have been enhanced. Meanwhile, training has been renewed strongly, comprehensively, and synchronously at all levels, and combat readiness duty regime has been maintained strictly and seriously. Specially, the level of exploiting and mastering the new-generation, and innovated radar equipment has been continuously improved, ensuring far, fast, true, and sufficient detection and timely notice and coordination to firmly protect the assigned airspace. In recent years, the Regiment has been the leading unit in the Determination-to-Win Emulation movement among the radar regiments of the Air Defense - Air Forces.

Radar deployment and recovery training

The above result is thanks to the Regiment’s focus on thoroughly grasping and educating to raise awareness and sense of responsibility for officials and soldiers on the training, combat readiness, and airspace management. Determining that this is one of the most important contents, annually, the Regiment Party Commission and commanders have led and directed agencies and units to pay attention to thoroughly grasping and educating the soldiers on the resolutions and directives on training and combat readiness, especially Resolution No.765-NQ/QUTW of the Central Military Commission, Resolution No.558-NQ/ĐU of the Party Commission of the Air Defense - Air Force, Resolution No.387-NQ/ĐU of the Division Party Commission on "Improving the training quality in the period of 2013-2020 and beyond", Directive No.27 and 28/CL-BTTM of the Chief of the General Staff on dealing with air defense combat operations and combat operations in the protection of Vietnamese sea and islands, and guiding documents of the Air Defense - Air Forces and Division. Concurrently, importance has been attached to thoroughly grasping the advantages and disadvantages in the process of implementing the tasks of training and combat readiness, tasks of units, content, programs, objectives, requirements, and a number of training targets to be achieved, that has helped the Party committees and commanders to determine the measures for organization of implementation. In order to improve the quality and effectiveness of education, the Regiment has directed agencies and units to implement the Project on "Renewing the political education in units in the new period" through many creative, synchronous, and scientific measures. In particular, attention has been paid to innovating forms and methods of education to be close to each object, characteristic of tasks and geographical area of operation and combining centralized education under regular training programs with task-based education and education with emulation and commendation work, especially launching irregular emulation in training stages, combat crew maneuvers, and intensive combat readiness duty. The Regiment Party Commission and commanders have requested agencies and units to well implement Directive No.05-CT/TW of the Politburo (the 12th Tenure), Directive No.87-CT/QUTW of the Central Military Commission Standing Committee on promoting learning and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality, and style and the Campaign on "Promoting tradition and dedicating talent to be worthy of Uncle Ho's soldiers". Thereby, it has created a strong motivation for 100% of officials and soldiers of the Unit to raise their will and determination in training, combat readiness, and professional level and qualifications to master the new-generation and innovated radar equipment and successfully complete the duty of guarding and managing the assigned airspace.

Along with education, the Regiment has actively innovated and improved the quality of training and level and capacity of combat readiness and airspace management with focus placed on mastery of new-generation and innovated radar equipment. As the Regiment is stationed dispersedly and operates independently (in 8 provinces and cities), while it is tasked to perform the duty of combat readiness and manage the airspace and participate in training concurrently, ensuring the number of troops and training time is quite difficult. Being aware of that, the Regiment Party Commission and commanders have focused on leading and directing agencies and units to study and develop alternating and rotating training plans for crews with much attention paid to innovating and improving the quality of training, especially training of combat crews under the motto "Basics, practicability, solidness, safety, and cost-effectiveness". Importance has also been attached to synchronous, intensive and task-based training to be close to the requirements and combat tasks. At the same time, practical training, maneuver training, night and daytime recovery and deployment of equipment, and training to improve the level of combat coordination among components and manipulation of target detection in complex conditions such as strong electronic warfare, small reflex area, low flight, intrusion, large flight density, etc. have been strengthened.

Ensuring technical maintainance

The Regiment is one of the first radar units of the Air Defense - Air Forces to be supplemented with a number of new-generation and improved equipment with modern features and techniques more capable of detecting targets than all kinds of old weapons, especially in the lower and middle floors. These equipment have also been integrated with several automation systems to support the deployment and recovery, so they are highly mobile. In order to quickly exploit, master, and promote the technical and tactical features of all kinds of equipment in staffing, the Regiment has proactively developed plans, established teacher groups, and selected good and experienced officials and technicians to participate in training and fostering in exploiting and using new types of equipment. This is the core force in training and fostering for officials and technicians in the Unit. The Regiment has identified training officials as the center and training the leading officials of the agencies and units as the key stage under the motto that "the superiors foster the subordinates, and commanders foster agencies and units". The Regiment has also implemented theoretical training before practical training on models and exercise machines. After training on models and exercise machines, training on equipment would be allowed. Training on equipment has been combined with airspace management duty to save costs, reduce the operating time, and increase the life of the equipment. Thanks to the good and creative ways of implementation, the combat crews, officials, and technicians, in the Regiment have quickly captured, exploited, and mastered the new-generation and innovated radars and improved technologies; 100% of the tests were rated satisfied, including 86% being rated good and excellent. The Unit has been completely safe and won the fist  first prize in the 2019 radar station combat crew contest organized by the Air Defense - Air Forces.

Besides, the Regiment has always strictly maintained the regimes on guard duty, combat readiness, and airspace management and regularly adjusted and supplemented combat documents as prescribed. At the same time, the content of "four knows" in airspace management has been well implemented, and guard duty has been closely organized from the Headquarter of the Regiment to the crews and the remote sections to ensure smooth communication and session-based and enhanced equipment startup in peak time, avoiding inaccuracy, insufficiency, missing, slowness, and improper reporting. Thereby, the quality of combat readiness and airspace management within the scope of responsibility of the Unit has been improved.

In order to improve the quality of performing tasks, especially training, combat readiness, and airspace management, the Regiment  has focused on well ensuring the technical work. The Regiment Party Commission and commanders have led and directed agencies and units to implement synchronously and flexibly solutions to overcome difficulties and create the best conditions for technical assurance. Accordingly, the Regiment has thoroughly grasped and strictly implemented the resolutions, conclusions, and action programs of the Party committees at all levels on technical work, especially Resolution No.382-NQ/ĐUQSTW of the Central Military Party Committee (now the Central Military Commission) on the leadership of technical work in the new situation and the Drive entitled “managing and exploiting weapons and technical equipment effectively, sustainably, safely, and economically and traffic safety”. In the process of implementation, the Regiment has strictly maintained the regimes and regulations on technical work and improved the quality of research, repair, and maintenance to extend the cyclelife for old-generation equipment. At the same time, it has actively researched and promoted technical innovation initiatives, models, and tools to apply in training to exploit and master new-generation weapons and radar equipment.

Additionally, the Regiment has also regularly coordinated with the Department of Techniques of the Division to organize training to improve professional level for officials and technicians through training courses, competitions, and technical work festivals. It has focused on the content of repairing and handling minor and normal defects of equipment for new technicians and improving the ability to repair advanced and modern equipment for a number of engineers and technicians and daily, weekly, and monthly preservation and maintenance procedures for technical commanders. As a result, for normal defects of equipment, the officials and technicians of the Regiment are able to repair and handle themselves, and they can even repair and handle some complicated defects of old and new-generation radar equipment. The  technical ratios of weapons and equipment of the Unit have always reached and exceeded the targets, ensuring good service for the tasks of training, combat readiness, and airspace management.

Promoting the tradition of 40 years of construction and growth, officials and soldiers of Radar Regiment 295 strengthens solidarity, unity, initiative, and creativity to strive to firmly master and promote efficiency of all kinds of weapons and equipment staffed, especially the new-generation and improved equipment and continues to well perform the training and combat readiness to contribute to improving the overall quality and combat power and firmly managing the northeastern airspace of the country.

Senior Colonel Ninh Huong Duong, Commanding Officer of the Regiment

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