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Promoting tradition, building the Artillery Corps "revolutionary, regular, elite, and increasingly modern"

After 75 years of construction, combat and development, officers and soldiers of the Artillery Corps have always fulfilled their assigned tasks, making an important contribution to the cause of national liberation and defence and building the tradition of "Bronze leg, iron shoulder, good combat, accurate fire". Currently, the Corps is focusing on making it "revolutionary, regular, elite, and increasingly modern", meeting the requirements and tasks of Fatherland protection.

On June 29, 1946, General Hoang Van Thai, Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People's Army announced the decision to establish the Capital Artillery Corps, marking the birth of the Artillery Corps of the Vietnam People's Army. During its construction and combat process, the Corps has seen constant developments in structure, force, weapons, equipment, and art of combat; stood side by side with other forces on the battlefields and made an important contribution to the great victory of the nation to liberate the South, reunify the country, and firmly defend the Vietnam socialist Fatherland. For its contribution, the Corps was awarded letter of commendation by President Ho Chi Minh which read: Our artillery has a glorious tradition of "Bronze legs and iron shoulder, good combat, accurate fire". Since then, the eight golden letters given by Uncle Ho have become the glorious tradition of the Corps.

Currently, the Corps, as well as the task of Military building, Fatherland protection is witnessing new developments with higher requirements. This requires that officers and soldiers of the Corps try harder in all aspects of their work, and constantly build it a "revolutionary, regular, elite, and increasingly modern" force with high overall quality and operational readiness level, successfully completing assigned tasks in all situations.

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To achieve that goal, first of all, the Corps’ Party Committee and High Command focus on leading and directing the construction of the artillery force "elite, compact, strong, agile, flexible, and suitable to operational plans". Thoroughly grasping and implementing the Resolution of the 11th Congress of the Military Party Committee and the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress on building the Army to 2030 and beyond, the direction of the Ministry of National Defence on building the artillery - missile force of the Army, the Corps focuses on building it a reasonably-structured force with high combat level. Focus on restructuring the main artillery troops in accordance with the combat plans to ensure sufficient troops for units conducting operational readiness duty, and those stationing in key areas; acquire increasingly modern weapons and equipment, with high maneuverability, good at both joint-force combat and independent combat. In the immediate future, the Party Committee and High Command of the Corps will lead and direct its Party Committees and commanders at all levels to strictly adhere to the new payroll of the main artillery units; consolidate and upgrade a number of units to enhance combat strength of the artillery in strategic directions and key national areas; restructure and streamline the offices under the High Command and brigades of the Corps to make it lean, compact and efficient. At the same time, continue to advise and propose the procurement and improvement of artillery and missiles in accordance with the Strategy on weapons and equipment until 2030 and the Project on building the Artillery Corps towards modernity, meeting the requirements and tasks of Fatherland protection both in the immediate and long term.

Secondly, constantly pay attention to building its party organisations clean, strong, typical, and exemplary in politics, ideology, organisation and morality, considering this a key task in building the Corps revolutionary, regular, elite, and increasingly modern". The Corps requires all levels of Party committees and commissars to regularly grasp and concretise the above resolutions, directives, orders, etc. into practice through the development and implementation of action programs and plans. In the work of political education and ideological orientation for troops, the Corps fosters the implementation of the Project on renovation of political education work at the units in the new period and the program of legal dissemination and education by specific solutions. Promote the initiative and acumen of leaders and commanders at all levels. To make it highly effective, the Corps focuses on improving the quality of party meetings through self-criticism and criticism; enhancing the capacity to implement resolutions and strictly observe the principle of democratic centralism, working regulations and leadership regulations of the Party committees at all levels. Implement synchronously and effectively the solutions on Party building according to the 4th Resolution of the Party Central Committee (11th and 12th tenures) on Party building and rectification in association with the implementation of Directive No. 05-CT/TW of the Politburo, the Directive No. 87-CT/QUTW of the Standing Committee of the Central Military Commission on studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style, and the Campaign of Promoting tradition, dedicating talents, and deserving "Uncle Ho's Soldier" in the new era. Continue to concretise the standard of "Uncle Ho's Soldier" in the new period in the Artillery force with specific and practical criteria and jobs. Synchronously conduct the management, education and classification of party members, in which emphasis is placed on the comprehensive education and management in revolutionary morals and qualities, intellectual and practical capacity for cadres and party members, especially leading and key officials at all levels. At the same time, promote the movement of "self-examination" and "self-correction"; promote the self-discipline, self-cultivation, self-raining and self-management to ensure that its cadres and party members are truly representative and exemplary in all aspects.

Third, focus on improving the quality of training, education, operational readiness. Thoroughly grasping and implementing the Conclusion No. 60-KL/QUTW, dated January 18, 2019 of the Central Military Commission and the Conclusion No. 375-KL/DU of the Party Committee of the Artillery Corps on continuing to implement the Resolution No. 765-NQ/QUTW, dated December 20, 2012 of the Central Military Commission on improving the quality of training for the 2013 – 2020 period and beyond,... the Corps continues to comprehensively innovate both content, methods of the leadership, direction, management, administration, organisation and inspection of training at all levels; direct the schools to focus on building and concretising the motto of "the quality of the school's training is the unit's operational level"; promote the application of science and technology, make a strong breakthrough, improve the quality of training. Focus on directing agencies, units and schools to carry out comprehensive, synchronous and intensive training; closely combine military training with political education, education and training with combat training; task-based and plan-based training with high intensity and priority being given to practice and safety assurance.

Along with training, the Corps requires its agencies, units and schools to thoroughly grasp and strictly implement the commands and orders on combat readiness; develop and complete the system of combat plans and regularly adjust and supplement them closely to reality; thoroughly practice the combat plans, focusing on improving the long-distance maneuverability of units, first of all the Artillery - Missile battalions. The Corps concentrates on all-round preparation for strategic and operational exercises; proactively advise and propose to the above level to direct the reserve artillery force to participate in the exercises of defence area, military regions, corps, and the Navy to constantly improve the combat strength and ability.

Finally, improve the assurance capability of the artillery. As a combat and technical Corps, the maneuverability and combat strength of the Corps depend greatly on its technical assurance. To meet the requirements and tasks, the Corps continues to lead and direct the implementation of two breakthroughs of the Engineering industry, namely: "building technical regularity and mastery of weapons and technical equipment". Review and consolidate its professional cadres and staff, ensuring sufficient numbers, improving their training quality to act as the core in conducting technical work at the units. On the other hand, the Corps continues to direct the entire army's artillery units to focus on coordinating with localities to make manoeuvring roads, evacuation zones, secret concentrating areas, etc., according to the plans and tasks in the defensive areas of the provinces and cities; accelerate the construction and strictly manage combat works, especially on sea, island, border lines, etc.

Along with the above solutions, the Artillery Corps continues to research and innovate methods to ensure logistics for combat readiness according to options in each strategic direction; actively research, survey, advise and propose the procurement of new and modern weapons and technical equipment to replace the old and expired ones, building the Corps "revolutionary, regular, elite, and increasingly modern", on par with the task.

Major General NGUYEN HONG PHONG, Commander of the Corps

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