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Promoting the qualities of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers", resolutely fighting individualism, building a politically strong Army in the new situation

III. Resolutely fighting individualism, building the Army politically strong

The fine qualities and noble title of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers" are the source of strength, the stronghold of the Vietnam People's Army (VPA). However, that core value is under affect and sabotage by multifaceted issues, in which individualism is the most dangerous and difficult one. Therefore, resolutely eradicating individualism is a particularly important political task in both immediate and long terms of party committees and organisations; the responsibility of all cadres, party members and the masses in the Army, first of all the members of party committees and presiding officers at all levels.

Resolutely wiping out individualism in order for the qualities of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers" to be promoted, contributing to building our Army politically strong requires activities of the Party committees and commanders at all levels in leadership, direction and the self-cultivation and task performance of each soldier. In particular, it is necessary to focus on the following solutions:

Firstly, strengthening education and propaganda. The core values of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers" are fostered and originated from the awareness, affection and responsibility for the Fatherland and the people of each officer and soldier. In contrast, the root cause of individualism stems from the wrong and distorted perceptions of each soldier. Therefore, a fundamental solution for this problem is to regularly conduct education and propagation to make all officers and soldiers truly imbued with revolutionary goals and ideals, and deeply aware that preserving and promoting the qualities of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers", resolutely fighting individualism are both the responsibility of today generation for the great contributions and sacrifices of older generations and their need of self-affirmation in society today. To make it effective, Party committees and organisations at all levels should properly perceive and attach importance to leading the work of political and ideological education. The educational content should be comprehensive, but focus on Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh's thought, revolutionary goals and ideals, resolutions and directives of the Party and the Central Military Commission, the qualities of diligence, thrift, integrity, righteousness, public-mindedness, selflessness and the lifelong spirit of serving the Fatherland and the people. In conducting education, it is necessary to constantly innovate and diversify contents and methods to make it suitable for each type of learners. Along with that, it is necessary to promote the propaganda of good people and good deeds in studying and following Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality and style. This helps building for cadres and soldiers solid political steadfastness, absolute loyalty in the leadership of the Party; developing their honour, pride, and aspiration to contribute, overcome all difficulties and challenges, and resist all material "temptations" and the lure and incitement of hostile forces to wholeheartedly strive for the Party's revolutionary ideals and goals, and successfully complete all assigned tasks.

Second, upholding the sense of "self-check and self-correction" of each soldier. Disregarding and not cultivating moral qualities regularly will lead to corruption, degradation, and even betrayal of the Fatherland. This is also what President Ho Chi Minh reminded us: "Revolutionary morality does not appear accidentally. It develops and perfects through daily struggle and practice. Just like the more polished, the pearl shines, the more smelt, the purer the gold becomes”. Therefore, in cultivating revolutionary morality, each soldier must regularly conduct "self-checking and self-correction" seriously, considering it their duty, responsibility, and goal. In order to do that, they must be self-conscious and honest in "self-examine" their own limitations and shortcomings, especially limitations in their thought, and then actively conduct "self-correction" with positive measures to prevent, repel, and eliminate unethical thoughts and actions of revolutionary soldiers.

Third, building the contingent of cadres at all levels both red and expert. The most important qualities of cadres, especially leading ones at all levels are: pure morality, sense of self-discipline, all-round knowledge and capability... especially, firm political steadfastness, absolute loyalty to the Fatherland, the Party, and the People; preservation and promotion of the noble qualities of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers"; exemplification, innovation, enterprise, bravery, and efforts to act for common interests. In order to have such a contingent of cadres, party committees and organisations at all levels need to focus on leading and directing, and deploying innovative solutions to improve quality of cadre work in the spirit of frankness, objectivity, transparency and openness. Resolutely eliminate the partiality and factions, etc. in cadre work, to create a strong motivation for all cadres to work enthusiastically and bring into full play their potential, strength, forte, and favourable environment to develop.

Fourth, strictly adhering to the principle of democratic centralism. The Party's absolute, direct, all-round leadership over the Army is an immutable principle. Democratic centralism is a fundamental and extremely important principle, contributing to ensuring that the Army is politically strong and successfully completes all assigned tasks. Therefore, violating the principle of democratic centralism has been identified as one of the basic causes of wrongdoings in a number of organisations and individuals in the Army over the past time. For this reason, all levels of Party committees need to continue to strictly adhere to Regulation No. 104-QD/QU, dated February 16, 2017 of the Central Military Commission on "Some basic issues on the implementation of the principle of democratic centralism in the Vietnam People’s Army". In particular, some work aspects which are prone to embezzlement must be decided collectively by the party committees and organisations. In party activities, especially in the party cells, each party member must uphold the spirit of self-criticism and criticism, expressing their opinions frankly, honestly and objectively. Important issues and different opinions must be carefully discussed and clearly clarified before voting. Good implementation of this content will prevent cadres and party members, especially the presiding officers, from falling into individualism because party cell is the place to manage, train and educate party members.

Fifth, renewing and improving the quality and efficiency of inspection and supervision; resolutely punishing violations. In order to generate the strength in the struggle against individualism, Party committees and organisations of all agencies and units need to strengthen their leadership and direction of the inspection and supervision. Inspection committees at all levels should strengthen periodical and irregular inspection to promptly warn, prevent and handle violations, resolutely not to let ethically unqualified cadres be promoted to managerial positions. Closely coordinate the work of internal political protection with the work of inspection and supervision to proactively grasp the all-round situation of agencies and units and promptly detect and prevent the manifestations of individualism and violations of morality and the quality of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers" early. Strictly punish the organisations and individuals that violate State law, the Party discipline, and the military discipline without any exception.

Besides, all levels of party committees, agencies and units should pay attention to making their party organisations, leadership, and mass organisations pure and strong; at the same time, building a rich and healthy cultural environment, creating favourable conditions for the struggle against individualism, making the qualities of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers" be promoted and spread widely.

Implementing the above solutions requires profound awareness, strong political determination, and drastic, proactive and creative actions of Party committees, commanders at all levels and of each officer and soldier in the whole Army. Good implementation of this not only eradicates individualism, but also embellishes and brightens up the noble qualities of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers", contributing to making the Army politically strong, improving its overall quality and combat power, and making it worthy of being a political force, a loyal fighting force of the Party, the State and the People.


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