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Phu Tho Provincial Military Party Committee leads defence and military tasks

Phu Tho is a special land where the history of Vietnamese nation began. The province is home to Hung Temple, the special national historical relic, and two world cultural heritages, namely: Xoan singing and Hung King worshipping. However, the province is also seeing escalated sabotage of hostile forces and complication of the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to maintain its stability, the Provincial Military Party Committee and the Provincial Military Command have strengthened their leadership and direction over local defence and military tasks with many practical and effective measures.

First of all, it actively consults with the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee the strengthening of the defence potential of the province's defence area. Priorities are given on leading, directing and strictly implementing strategies and laws on national defence, military and security; elaborating and implementing projects, reviewing resolutions, laws, ordinances, directives, etc. on national defence and military; coordinating with local party committees and authorities to effectively implement the policy of linking socio-economic development with strengthening the potentials of defence areas. Hold drills in defence areas at provincial and district levels, combat drills at commune level, drills on prevention and control of floods, storms, forest fires, search and rescue. Step up the propaganda, education and training of defence and security knowledge for all subjects. Pay attention to building a "strong and widespread" militia and self-defence force, and improving the quality of training of mobile militia force in strategic and key areas of defence and security. Build a strong reserve force with sufficient quantity and quality.

Focusing on leading the construction of strong provincial armed forces with high level of overall quality and combat readiness to meet mission requirements. First, regarding political building, its agencies and units thoroughly grasp and strictly implement the above resolutions and directives on political education in a variety of forms; effectively implement the Project "Innovating political education at the units in the new period", contributing to raising cadres and soldiers’ awareness and responsibility for obeying Military disciplines and State laws; promote the role of the specialised forces in actively fighting to refute wrong views and defeat the plots and tricks of "peaceful evolution", " Military depoliticisation" of hostile forces,  political opportunists, protecting the Party's ideological foundation. Regularly pay attention to consolidating and building party organisations clean and strong in association with the building of comprehensively strong agencies and units. Strictly maintain the Party's order and regimes; develop regulations and rules and uphold the principle of democratic centralism, collective leadership and individual accountability; strictly comply with the procedures and principles of personnel work. The work of protecting internal politics, managing political quality is closely supervised and directed. Actively propagate and mobilise people in the area to strictly observe the Party's guidelines and the State's policies and laws; help the people with socio-economic development, hunger elimination and poverty reduction, preventing, combating and overcoming the consequences of natural disasters, building new rural areas and civilised cities. Have good leadership over the implementation of the emulation movements of "The entire country joins hands for the poor, leaving no one behind", "The Military joins hands to build new rural areas", contributing to strengthening the military-civilian unity, and building solid "people's heart and mind posture" in the area.

Commander of the Provincial Military Command watches book exhibition

Renewing training, regularity building, and disciplining. In the training, the motto, direction and tasks were closely followed; flexibly apply viewpoints, principles, and combinations; actively apply information technology; training is aimed to improve the synergies and mobility of the troops; the proficiency in exploiting the existing weapons and equipment, especially the new ones. At the same time, strictly maintain the rules and regulations; strictly manage troop strength, and the disciplinary observance of troops. Synchronously deploy solutions on building comprehensive strong, "exemplary and typical" units close to the tasks and actual situation of each agency and unit. As a result, the quality of regular construction and discipline training of cadres and soldiers in the armed forces of the province has changed positively; there have been no serious disciplinary violations, and the rate of disciplinary violations has decreased significantly to below 0.18%.

Logistics work have always ensured adequate supply of material and equipment for combat readiness as required; advised on the formulation of a project to build a logistics base for the province's defence area and promptly consolidate the council for supplying provincial and district defence area to make them effective; thoroughly implemented the emulation movement "The Military logistics industry follows Uncle Ho's teachings", promoting farming production to contribute to improving troop life; well carried out epidemic prevention and control, and taken good care of troop health. Technical work has always ensured adequate and timely quantity and quality of weapons and technical equipment for missions; promoted research, application of technical innovations and actively fostered and improved qualification and level for cadres and employees in the construction of warehouses, preservation, maintenance, management of weapons and technical equipment, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Facing new requirements and tasks, the Military Party Committee of Phu Tho province continues to lead the implementation of defence and military work with the following key tasks and solutions:

1. To closely coordinate with local Party committees and authorities to well implement the Party's guidelines and undertakings, the State's policies and laws on defence and military tasks, especially resolutions, directives, conclusion, and new documents. Promote its synergy in performing local defence and military tasks, building an all-people’s national defence, the all-people’s defence posture in association with the increasingly strong people's security posture.

2. Effectively implement the breakthrough in "Enhancing the capacity and exemplary role of the presiding officers at all levels", build the cadres in general, especially the leading cadres capable of meeting the task requirements. Innovate working style and method towards democratic, scientific, grassroot-based manner, and promote the internal solidarity, unanimity, self-criticism and criticism. Improve the quality of the resolutions of Party committees and cells with conciseness, practicality and feasibility; clearly assign tasks to each individual; strictly implement the principle of democratic centralism in daily life and during implementation of tasks; promote the leadership role of all levels of party committees and organisations, and the effectiveness of the commander in performing tasks.

3. Concentrate on building the province's armed forces "elite, compact and strong", advising Party committees and authorities at all levels to successfully carry out local defence and military tasks. Effectively conduct annual military conscription, recruitment and enrolment in association with the development and planning of grassroots cadres. Develop the militia and self-defence forces with 1.97% of the population, and the percentage of party members in the militia and self-defence force increasing from 01% to 02%; actively conduct professional military training, training reserved officers with local budget, etc. to improve the ability to mobilise forces and technical means to meet requirements when situation occurs.

4. Accelerate the implementation of the breakthrough in "Improving the quality of training, regularity building, and discipline observance". Continuing to renew training content and methods, focusing on renewing the mechanism of direction, management and administration of training in accordance with the motto of "basic, practical, solid"; strengthen drills, improve the level of combat readiness, meeting mission requirements. Focus on information technology application, promoting initiatives in training, drills, education, training and performing tasks. Step up legal propaganda, dissemination and education in association with the strict maintenance of regular order and regimes; strengthen inspection and correction of military etiquette and manners; replicate and build comprehensively strong, “exemplary and typical” unit in association with building clean and strong party organisations.

5. Thoroughly and strictly implement logistics and technical work. Focus on renovating the method of logistics and financial supply in the direction of appropriate decentralisation for units and tasks. Proactively deploy measures to prevent and control epidemics, manage and take care of soldiers' health. In addition, promote the implementation of the Campaign "Management and exploitation of weapons and technical equipment in a good, durable, safe, economical manner and traffic safety"; actively research, promote initiatives and technical improvement to improve technical coefficients, utilisation coefficients, ensure sufficient quantity, right types, quality and synchronisation of weapons and technical equipment for missions.

Senior Colonel NGUYEN MINH LONG, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Military Party Committee, Political Commissar of the Provincial Military Command

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