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Naval Region 2 improves the effectiveness of law propagation, dissemination and education

The Naval Region 2 is assigned to be the core force to protect the national sovereignty over seas, islands and continental shelf in South of the country; in collaboration with coastal provinces (cities) in the area to manage seas and islands. This is an area of critical importance to our Party and State’s strategy to develop society and economy, strengthen defence and security, and safeguard the Homeland. During its task performance, the  Naval Region 2 is faced with  a lot of difficulties in the operational environment; hostile forces’ acts of sabotage through the “Peaceful evolution” strategy; negative effects of the market economy; complicated developments in seas and islands, the increase of foreign vessels’ violation of our sovereignty, sovereignty right, continental shelf, and smuggling. In response to that situation, the Party Committee and the Command of the Region have taken various measures to lead and direct the implementation of tasks. Law propagation, dissemination and education for troops and people in the area is an important measure.

To achieve the efficiency of the  law propagation, dissemination and education, the Party Committee and the Command of the Region have strengthened leadership and direction over this work. Thoroughly grasping the resolutions, directives, plans and guidance of the higher levels, first and foremost the Central Resolution 4 (10th tenure) on Vietnam Marine Strategy Until 2020, the Plan 8358/KH-BQP of the Ministry of National Defence, dated October 19th 2013, and the Guidance of the Command of the Navy on the implementation of the Project “Enhancing law propagation, dissemination and education for cadres and people during 2013 - 2016, given functions, tasks of units and reality in the area, the Party Committee of the Region issued a special Resolution on law propagation, dissemination and education. Units have linked law propagation, dissemination with other tasks, such as political and ideological education, training, combat readiness, discipline maintenance, sea and island propagation. Moreover, it has been combined to become a part of  the “Determined to Win” Emulation Movement and other campaigns launched by levels and sectors, particularly the Campaign “Promoting tradition, devoting talent, deserving to be Uncle Ho’s Soldiers”. That has helped build pure, strong party organizations, comprehensively strong units, successfully fulfil the task of management and protection of the sea, island, continental shelf sovereignty and security in the South of the Homeland.

The Party Committee and the Command of the Region have attached great importance to strengthening and perfecting Councils for Law propagation, dissemination and education as well as groups of law propagandist at all levels. In this regard, the Region and affiliated brigades establish their Councils. The Region has its own group of law propagandist, and units have cadres in charge or half in charge of this work. Annually, a part from supplementing and completing Regulations, party committees and commanders at levels opportunely consolidate the Council and the Group of Law Propagandist to ensure proper quantity, quality, structure and component. This force always brings into play its role and responsibility. Thus, law propagation, dissemination and education have been intensified, with the participation of all organizations and individuals, which makes contributions to regularity building, discipline maintaining, and deepened relationship between troops and people.

The Region has proactively worked with organizations and forces in the area and localities bordering the sea and having sea ports to intensify law propagation, dissemination and education. In this regard, the Party Committee and the Command of the Region have drawn up plans with concrete contents to collaborate with relevant units, particularly with local party committees and authorities. Moreover, the Region has held training courses for commanders and leaders of units, localities and functional organs to raise awareness and improve knowledge about sea and island law propagation, dissemination and education. Meeting and communicating with fishermen in the sea, crew of the Region’s ships operating around DK1 oil rig protection posts have proactively clarified and disseminated skills deal with situations and regulations on maritime safety, no-fishing zones, export, import, fishing tackle offering, safety and information equipment. As for foreign vessels, they have selected contents related to sovereignty, sovereignty right, jurisdiction over our continental shelf, sea port and sea security, exit/entry and import/export procedures according to Vietnam’s law for the propagation and dissemination.

It could be confirmed that the task of law propagation, dissemination and education has been frequently and constantly carried out and associated with the Region and localities’ political task in many effective forms. Therefore, there has been a considerable change in awareness and observance of law of troops and people in the area. In 2016, troops’ violations of discipline decreased by below 0.2%; violations of sea and island law in the area decreased by 35% in comparison with 2015. That result has made contributions to building a safe area, strengthening the relationship between troops and people, building pure, strong Region’s Party Committee and comprehensively strong Unit, successfully fufilling the task of protecting national sea and island sovereignty, and creating favourable conditions for coastal locality to develop marine economy and strengthen defence and security posture in the sea.

Rear Admiral Nguyen Phong Canh

Secretary of the Party Committee, Political Commissar of the Regio

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