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Naval Brigade 125 builds all-strong, exemplary and typical unit

In 2019, Brigade 125 was assigned with the task of building an all-strong, “exemplary, typical” unit by the Navy and the Party Committee and Command of the Naval Region 2. This is an important political task, an honor, but also a heavy responsibility, and at the same time, an opportunity for the Brigade to improve its overall quality, combat strength, and create a solid foundation for successful completion of every task. Realising the mission, the Brigade’s Party Committee and Command issued a thematic resolution, requesting Party committees and commanders at all levels to strengthen leadership and direction for this important political task. At the same time, build a set of criteria and implementation plans suitable to the characteristics and tasks; direct all levels to implement the motto “three consensus” (unanimity in perception; synchronisation in implementation and uniformity in evaluation), associating the building of an all-strong, “exemplary and typical” unit with well completion of the central political tasks of military transporting for the Spratly Islands, the DK1 rigs; training, combat readiness, managing and protecting the sovereignty and sovereign right over the Southern waters, islands and continental shelf of the country. During implementation, the Brigade focuses on the following basic issues.

Combat readiness training

Focus on building political strength. This is the basis and foundation for improving the overall quality, the decisive factor for officers and soldiers to always maintain their goals, ideal to fight, to successfully complete all assigned tasks. For the Brigade, this has become especially important when its task performance takes place in a particular environment with complicated weather and hydrology conditions in which its officers and soldiers always have to face with danger, sacrifice which require their very strong political commitment and courage. To accomplish that goal, the Brigade stepped up the implementation of the Project “Renovating the political education in the unit in the new phase”; fully implementing annual political education contents according to regulations. In particular, importance is attached to educating and grasping thoroughly for its troops, first of all, cadres and party members to make them firmly grasp the military lines and tasks, national defence and Fatherland protection in the new situation; the Party's and State's viewpoints and undertakings in settling disputes at sea. At the same time, increasing briefing so that its troops are fully aware of the situation, partners, objects, conspiracies and tactics of hostile forces. Party building is a key content in building the brigade strong in politics. The Brigade Party Committee regularly pays attention to building typical clean and strong party organisations; focus on consolidating the party committees and party organisations at all levels, especially in the grassroots units; strictly maintain the daily routines and regimes; promote broad democracy; improve the effectiveness and efficiency of inspection and supervision, build a contingent of cadres and party members who are truly exemplary in qualities, capacities, ethics and lifestyle. Over the past time, the Brigade has focused on “2 high quality, 2 exemplary” and built the party cells according to the criteria of “4 good”. Members of party committees, especially leading cadres, are required to uphold their sense of responsibility, actively set an example of “3 typical” for cadres and soldiers to follow. As a result, the Party building work in the Brigade has achieved good results and been maintained effectively. In 2019, the Brigade's Party Committee was rated typically clean and strong; the Brigade was ranked as an all-strong, “exemplary and typical” unit, and awarded the Emulation Flag of the Navy. Promoting that result, the Brigade has recently successfully convened the congresses of grassroots Party cells and the Congress of the Brigade Party Committee for the 2020 – 2025 term, creating an important basis for continuing to lead the unit successfully complete all missions.

Together with building the political and spiritual foundation, the Brigade stepped up the adjustment of organisation and staffing, and improved the quality of training. Thoroughly grasping and implementing the policies of the superiors, the Brigade proactively makes structural adjustments towards “streamlined, neat, strong, synchronous” direction, with priority being given to units conducting combat readiness tasks. At the same time, focus on breakthroughs to improve the quality of training and drills. Over the past years, the Brigade has accelerated the implementation of the Central Military Commission's Resolution No. 765-NQ/QUTW, Resolution No. 1050-NQ/ĐUQC, dated July 9, 2013 of the Navy’s Party Committee on “Improving quality of training in the period of 2013 - 2020 and beyond”. In particular, emphasis is placed on innovating leadership, direction and administration of training and renewing the content, organisation and methods of training. Every year, before each training season, the brigade directs its agencies and units to make careful preparation in facilities and conduct training for its cadres according to decentralisation.

During the training process, the Brigade directs it units to strictly adhere the motto: “Basic, practical, solid”; actively renew the training program, content and methods; attach importance to comprehensive and specialised training close to plans, subjects and localities, suitable to the staffing organisation, equipment and requirements for sea and island protection operations; take the task of transporting and protecting sovereignty over sea and islands as the training target. Facing complicated developments in the East Sea, the Brigade has promptly updated training content for combat at sea, such as: anti-sinking, anti-firing, anti-collision, anti-crashing, anti-stranded, search and rescue, etc. In 2019, the Brigade was awarded the Good Training Unit Flag by the Ministry of National Defence; Squadron 3 won the title of Good Training Unit; the 503 Ship achieved the title of Good Physical Training Unit; Ship 960 and Truong Sa 08 Ship won the title of Good Regional Training Unit.

In addition, the Brigade regularly maintains strict combat-ready regimes, practices and systems; actively supplements and adjusts combat plans in accordance with the practical situation and holds training and drills according to regulations; closely combines transport duty with patrol, reconnaissance and coordination with relevant forces to opportunely grasp of the situation, proactively handle complicated situations arising in the areas of operation, not to be left passive and surprised. At the same time, actively participates in exercises in the force cluster, search and rescue, contributing to improving coordination, collaboration, and maintaining political security, social order and safety in the area of operation.

In formality construction, discipline training, the Brigade focuses on “Formality construction, troop management”. The Brigade strictly follows the legal education content and program and the Legal Day order. Accelerate the implementation of work according to responsibilities, act according to orders; the superiors set example for the subordinates, the offices set example for the units, the officers set the example for the soldiers.

As for logistics and technical supplies, the Brigade focuses on “Improving the quality of nourishing and taking care of soldiers’ health and building regularity for the logistics sector”; focuses on all-round supply for the combat readiness, training, and unexpected missions. Accordingly, agencies and units promote the emulation movement to practice thrift and avoid wastefulness; actively increase production, strengthen hygiene, epidemic prevention, and ensure the good health of troops. In the work of technical assurance, the Brigade focuses on implementing two breakthroughs of the Industry, namely: building a regular technical system and mastering new weapons and technical equipment. Its units actively consolidate and improve the quality of technical cadres and staff at all levels, acting as the core of technical work at the unit. On the other hand, well implement the regulations on decentralised management, seriously maintain the weekly, monthly and quarterly technical regimes; ensuring safety, preventing and combating fire and explosion; promote the implementation of the 50 Campaign; actively research and promote creativity, improve techniques, effectively exploit the skills and tactics of existing weapons and technical equipment; quickly master all kinds of weapons and modern technical equipment.

Promoting the glorious tradition of “Bravery, overcoming difficulties, marine transport, reinforcing battlefields reinforcement, determined to fight and determined to win” of a 2-time heroic unit, Brigade 125 continues to build all-strong, “exemplary, typical”, successfully complete all assigned tasks, contributing to firmly protecting the sovereignty over sea, islands and sacred continental shelf of the Fatherland.

Senior Colonel VU DINH CHIEN, Brigade Commander

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