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MR3’s Party grasping the guideline of “inheritance, stability, renewal, creativity, development” in the preparation and commencement of party congresses

Together with other Party organizations in the Military, the MR3 Party organisations have been focusing their leadership and direction over the preparation and commencement of Party congresses at all levels in accordance with the directives and instructions of upper levels. These are major political activities which help making the MR’s Party pure and strong, capable of leading its units to successfully accomplish their assigned tasks.

Upon receiving the Directive No. 35-CT/TW dated 30 May 2019 of the Politburo on conducting party congresses at all levels in the run-up for the 13th National Congress of the Party and the Directive No. 747-CT/QUTW dated 23 July 2019 of the CMC’s Standing Office on holding party congresses in the Military, the Standing Office of the MR’s Party Committee has issued the Directive No. 838-CT/DU dated 19 August 2019 on conducting party congresses in the MR’s Party in the run-up to the 11th Party Congress of the Military and the 13th National Party Congress. Moreover, its Political Department has issued the Instruction No. 5818/HD-CT dated 1 November 2019 ruling that the preparation for party congresses must ensure the inheritance, stability, renewal, creativity and development; promote democracy, adhere to principles and regulations; focus on quality, effectiveness, practicality, safety, thrift, and avoid wastefulness. The party committees should promote collective intellect, uphold the responsibility of organisations, forces, and each cadre and party member in the preparation and commencement of the congresses to meet the requirements and realize the targeted goals. The Standing Office of the MR’s Party Committee requires its junior party committees, directly the secretaries and deputy secretaries to focus their leadership and direction on the implementation of upper directives and instructions on the preparation and commencement of party congresses, particularly the new regulations on organizing and operating the congresses in accordance with the Instruction No. 2008/HD-CT dated 26 October 2019 of the General Political Department so that all cadres and party members are fully aware of the position, role, importance and meaning of party congresses to the revolutionary cause of the Party in general and the growth and development of the MR in particular.

Lt. Gen. Nguyen Quang Cuong briefing the MR's Party Committee  on defence and military tasks in a meeting

During the preparation and commencement of the party congresses, its party committees continue to focus their leadership over the accomplishment of the goals set out in the resolution of the Congress for the 2015 – 2020 term; settle the shortcomings and inadequacies of organs and units; strictly manage ideological and disciplinary situations; facilitate emulation activities, strengthen propagation and instruction on party congresses; uphold vigilance and combat readiness status to prevent and counter the plots and schemes of sabotage of hostile forces and political opportunists; maintain political security – social safety and order to create favourable conditions for local socio-economic development.

With its proactiveness, responsibility in the preparation, up to date, 100% of the party cells and party organisations of the MR have finished the required contents and fulfilling the set out goals and requirements. During the preparation, the MR’s Party Committee and its affiliates have promoted their leadership roles in each task. The Standing Office of the MR’s party committee has promoted the role of senior party committees and political organs in the leading, directing, instructing, and checking the junior ones completing the preparation with a focus on the draft political reports to the congresses and personnel preparation procedure for the congresses. These are focal and fundamental contents, deciding the success of the congresses.

As for the political report, its party committees have thoroughly studied and adhered to the Instruction No. 5818/HD-CT of the MR’s Political Department. The making of political report has been done in a serious, democratic, collective manner, ensuring quality, relevance, high feasibility. Its content is made short, comprehensible, understandable, and easy for implementation. The MR’s Party Committee also required its junior levels to make their self-criticism report in a serious, straightforward, constructive, subjective, and faithful manner of their leadership, direction, management and operation in the past term.

The congress’ personnel work has received due leadership and direction and adhered to the principles and procedures to ensure the sound structure and quality with inheritance and development. The recommendation of new members of party committees for the new term was done in accordance with the Directive No. 35-CT/TW of the Politburo. The cadres supposedly elected to attend the congress of upper levels are all exemplary in morality, capability, self-criticism and criticism, and able to represent for their level. The Standing Office of the MR’s Party Committee has directed its junior levels to carry out personnel work in a serious, democratic manner right from grassroots level to create a solidarity, unity and belief among cadres, party members and the mass.

To make the congresses a success, the MR’s Party Committee has emphasized on the discussion about the congress’ political report at each level. In particular, attention is paid on the major orientations and contents in the draft documents of the 13th National Party Congress and the relevant levels. Promote democracy and uphold responsibility and intellect of party members in the discussion to make it practical and effective. The ideas and comments in the discussions are geared towards the focal and main contents, the new issues which haven’t been agreed on. To yield unanimity after discussion, word and syntax analysis should be avoided. The discussion of upper level’s document is aimed at major policies and orientations; the goals, targets and measures for implementation with direct relevance. As for the political report of each level, discussion focuses on the functions, missions, Party building and the notable shortcomings. The ideas and comments are prepared thoroughly and made short and simple. They should clearly show the self-criticism and criticism spirit. Straightforward debates are encouraged on the contradicting and new matters. The summary of ideas and comments should be generalized, and done in a specific, faithful and accurate manner. Avoid subjectivity in the commentaries.

Grasping the guideline of inheritance, stability, renewal, creativity and development, the MR3’s Party Committee will continue to lead, direct and complete the preparation and commence the party congresses at all levels in a timely, accurate and sufficient manner. At the same time, it will promote emulation movements in the run-up for the congresses and the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the CPV (3 February 2020), 45th anniversary of the National Liberation and Unification Day (30 April 2020) and the 75th anniversary of the August Revolution and National Day with several concrete and practical activities. The outcomes of the congresses will contribute to enhancing the leadership and combat strength of the MR’s Party, and building the MR’s armed forces “revolutionary, regular, seasoned and increasingly modern”, further beautifying its tradition of “Solidarity – Activeness – Creativity – Sacrifice – Victory”.

Lieutenant General Nguyen Quang Cuong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Political Commissar of the MR.

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