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Military to improve the quality of training and combat readiness

Training and combat readiness represent important contents, deciding the overall quality and combat capability of our Military. Therefore, continuing to improve the quality of training and combat capability is a regular and permanent task.

Seriously grasping and implementing the directives and resolutions of the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defence on training, notably the Resolution No. 765-NQ/QUTW of the Central Military Commission, for the past years, the Military has made positive and rather comprehensive changes in training. In particular, renewals and creative ways have been seen in the direction, management, operation, contents, organization and methods of training, thereby fitting the functions, missions of forces and military units and the requirements of building the Military and Homeland protection in the new situations. As a result, 100% of military units satisfy the training criteria, in which 75% to 80% achieved good and very good rate.

An excercise conducted by the Division 308, Corps 1 

However, besides the achievements gained, there still remain shortcomings and inadequacies in the perception, contents, method, quality of training, the application of science and technology, especially information technology and simultation technology, in training, and violations of training disciplines and safety procedures.

At present, the world and region still see complicated situations. This has set out higher requirements in the mission of Military building and defence strengthening, directly the training and combat readiness tasks. To successfully accomplish this important tasks, meeting the requirements of Homeland protection in the new situation, the entire Military should continue to grasp the Party’s defence lines and viewpoints, the resolutions and directives of the CMC and MND to improve the quality of training, focusing on the following measures:

First, strengthening education and propagation to enhance the perception and sense of responsibility of the entire troops of the training task. Party committees, commanders, commissars and political commissars of agencies and units should thoroughly grasp the Party’s defence and military lines, the resolutions and directives of the CMC and MND on training, focusing on the Resolution 765-NQ/QUTW of the CMC; the Order on military and defence work in 2018 of the Chief of the General Staff; the necessary requirements for each object of training in each units and force. On this basis, strengthening the leadership and direction of party committees and commanders at all levels in the implementation of political and ideological education by realistic, effective and synchronous measures, suitable with the circumstances of each object, force and area.

Second, continue to have comprehensive and focal renewals to make robust changes in training. On the basis of grasping and implementing the guidelines, viewpoints and combinations in training, agencies and units should step up researching to grasp the situation, particularly the developments of the adversaries, the features of the area of operation, our force components and weaponry to decide the suitable contents of renewal. When it comes to the direction and operation of training, it is necessary to have renewals towards “focal, unified, synchronous, effective” direction; foster the apply of foreign training experience, IT and simulation technology into training and exercises. Focus on enhancing the quality of exercises and drills at all levels to make them relevant to combat reality and capability of each unit. In particular, it is necessary to promote combined exercises with local forces; live – fire exercises; enduring sea and island combat exercises; electronic warfare and counter warfare; cyber warfare; defensive area exercises. Strengthen renewals in contests and testing to ensure accuracy, transparency, practicality. Resolutely counter cheating in training.

Third, combine closely training with regularity building and disciplining to build all strong units. This is an important content, the key to improve the overall quality and build all strong units and agencies. The combination must be done at the very planning of defence and military work; in all contents and programs of annual training to agree on the goals, requirements, contents and measures of implementation. Strengthen the facilitation and building of political steadfastness, determination, working style and method for officers and soldiers. Conduct preliminary review, review so that units opportunely correct their shortcomings and strive to accomplish their training tasks and seriously obey regulations to build all strong units.

Renewing to improve training quality is an important and urgent requirement, and a breakthrough that has been stipulated in the Resolution of the 10th Army’s Party Congress. Therefore, party committees and commanders at all levels should focus on leading, directing, and implementing this content seriously and effectively to contribute to improving the overall quality and combat capability of the Military in the new situation.

Lieutenant General Pham Hong Huong, Deputy Chief of the General Staff, VPA

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