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Military Region 3 improves the quality of combat training in the new normality

Amid complicated developments of the Covid-19 pandemic, the armed forces of Military Region 3 always actively overcome difficulties, synchronously, creatively and effectively implement solutions to improve the quality of combat training, while actively participating in the effective prevention and control of the pandemic.

Since the beginning of 2020 to date, the Covid-19 pandemic has spread widely, significantly impacting all aspects of social life, including military and defence fields, directly the training task of the MR3 Armed Forces. Facing the situation, the MR3 Party Committee and Command have directed its agencies, units and schools to uphold the spirit of self-reliance, self-resilience, solidarity, creativity, proactively overcoming difficulties and implementing many contents and measures synchronously to both improve the quality of combat training and actively prevent and combat the pandemic.

Notably, despite the negative impact of the pandemic, MR3 armed forces have completed all training contents and program for the subjects; conducted the one-party, one-level (2-level) exercises on map and on field, live-fire exercises at all levels and defensive zone exercises at provincial and district levels; actively hold grassroots competitions and sports festivals and fully participate in ministerial-level sports competitions and festivals with high results. Its units strictly maintain the orders and regimes of duty, watch and patrol; promptly adjust and supplement the system of combat documents at all levels, plans for natural disaster prevention and control and search and rescue, epidemic prevention and control, especially the Covid-19 pandemic in accordance with the characteristics, requirements, tasks; practice and promptly and effectively handle situations without being passive or surprised. At the same time, closely coordinate with local Party committees and authorities to implement synchronously and effectively measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 pandemic, and participate in the elimination of the pandemic in hotspots, such as: Hai Duong, Quang Ninh, Ha Nam, etc.

In the coming time, the world and regional situations are forecasted to still be complicated and unpredictable. Many countries accelerate their military modernisation programs and strengthen military capacity. The East Sea is endowed with conflict and instability, posing new challenges to the task of protecting sovereignty over sea and islands. Political security, social order and safety in the country and in the Military Region are basically stable, but hostile forces continue to promote their subversive activities, and promote "peaceful evolution", "self-evolution", "self-transformation" internally with more sophisticated and cunning tricks. In particular, the Covid-19 pandemic is still complicated, negatively affecting all aspects of social life and causing difficulties for the performance of tasks of the armed forces of the Military Region. In order to improve the quality of combat training and contribute to the successful implementation of military and defence tasks, the Party Committee and Command of the Military Region shall focus on leading and directing the implementation of a number of contents and solutions as follows:

Firstly, enhancing the leadership and direction over combat training. Along with education to raise awareness and responsibility for cadres and soldiers about the position, role and importance of combat training and the dangers of the Covid-19 epidemic, MR3 Party Committee and Command focuses on leading and directing the party committees and commanders of its subordinate agencies, units and schools to thoroughly grasp and well implement Conclusion No. 60-KL/QUTW, dated January 18, 2019 of the Central Military Commission on continuing to implement Resolution No. 765-NQ/QUTW; Resolution No. 280-NQ/ĐU, dated April 10, 2013 of the MR3 Party Committee on "Improving the quality of training for the period of 2013 - 2020 and beyond"; the Dispatch No. 18/CĐ-TM, dated May 7, 2021 of the General Staff on combat readiness, training, regularity building, discipline management and force development in the condition of Covid-19 prevention and control. Accordingly, agencies, units and schools should promptly adjust and supplement targets, requirements, contents and measures to lead combat training tasks, ensuring that they are suitable with the characteristics and tasks of their units and the developments of the Covid-19 pandemic in their areas of operation. The Party Committee and Command of the Military Region directs its agencies, units and schools to uphold the spirit of "good practice at training, pandemic prevention and control, remain highly combat ready", and well perform party work and political work; promote the synergy of party organisations, command systems, and mass organisations in leading and directing to fulfill the dual task of both effectively preventing and combating the Covid-19 pandemic and completing the training task at the same time.

Troops of the 454 Brigade adhere to the regulations on pandemic
prevention in training

Second, do well the preparation and practice of training in the new normality. In the face of complicated and unpredictable developments of the Covid-19 pandemic, the MR3 Staff Office, directly the military training and school agencies, have closely followed the instructions of the competent authorities of the Ministry of National Defence, researched and advised the Military Region Command to direct its agencies, units and schools to continue to perform well the preparation and practice of combat training in the new normality, even to hold combat training in the  event that its soldier is reported with Covid-19 and must be treated in isolation; thoroughly grasp the spirit of both doing well in training preparation and effectively preventing and controlling the Covid-19 pandemic; fully prepare materials and facilities for training. While preparing, it is necessary to focus on the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic, strictly implement the "5K + technology" regulation; actively research and promote technical improvement, initiatives, apply technology in the preparation of lesson plans and lectures; design training tools models to put into practice, meeting the requirements and tasks in the conditions of social distancing. The units strictly maintain the training and retraining regime for staff, focusing on new and key contents, focusing on the content of Covid-19 pandemic prevention and control; foster and improve the level of command, direct and implement training tasks for cadres at all levels to improve their qualifications and training methods in the new normality, meeting the requirements of task.

Third, focus on exercising; improve level and capacity of combat readiness in combination with effective prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic. Exercises are the highest form of training, contributing to fostering and improving the level and capacity of commanding and synergistic combat for the commanding officers of agencies and units. Meanwhile, as exercises require direct contact, meeting, and discussion and decision-making which is impossible to adhere to social distancing regulation, the MR3 High Command directs its agencies and units participating in the exercises to reduce offline meetings and conduct online meetings and reports. The MR3 Staff Office, directly the combat agency, closely follow the direction and guidance of functional agencies; characteristics, tasks and situation of the Covid-19 pandemic in order to promptly advise the Military Zone Command to direct its main units, local soldiers, militia and self-defence forces to take measures to improve quality, effectiveness of exercises.

Thoroughly grasping the motto that "fighting the pandemic like fighting the enemy", in addition to practicing combat readiness plans, strictly maintaining the regime and routine of commanding, on duty, the armed forces of MR3 needs to strictly implement the documents and dispatches of higher echelons on the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic; synchronously and effectively deploy measures for pandemic prevention and control in the spirit of proactiveness and initiative; closely coordinate with functional sectors to prevent and minimise the spread of the disease into the community and the unit. The Provincial Military Commands need to well manage the concentrated isolating areas, actively advise the local Party committees and authorities and closely coordinate with the forces, especially the Police, the Border Guard, the Department of Health to perform well the task of controlling and preventing illegal entry, tracing and stamping out the pandemic in hot spots.

In order to successfully complete the "combat mission in peacetime" in the new normality, MR3 armed forces continue to strive to fulfill the dual goals of both improving the quality of combat training and actively participating in the effective prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic in the area.

Major General NGUYEN QUANG NGOC, Member of the Party Central Committee, Commander of the Military Region

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