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Marine economic and defence combination in accordance with Resolution 36

Sustainable development of marine economy in association with defence and security consolidation is one of the important contents of the Resolution No. 36-NQ/TW on “Strategy for sustainable development of Vietnam’s marine economy by 2030 with a vision to 2045” in order to make Vietnam a strong and prosperous country from sea.

Facing the requirements of national construction and defence in the new situation and basing on the evaluation of 10 years of implementing the Resolution No. 09-NQ/TW dated 09 February 2007 of the Party Central Committee (X tenure) on Vietnam Sea Strategy until 2020, the 8th plenary of the Party Central Committee (XII tenure) has issued the Resolution No. 36-NQ/TW on Strategy for sustainable development of Vietnam’s marine economy by 2030, with a vision to 2045 (herein after Resolution 36).

Resolution 36 continues to affirm the core values that have been defined in the Resolution 09-NQ/TW and has some new supplementations and developments with an overall guideline of: “Viet Nam must become a strong and rich country based on the sea; develop marine economy sustainably in association with ensuring national defense and security, maintaining independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, strengthening foreign relations and international cooperation on the sea, contributing to maintaining a peaceful and stable environment that is conducive to development”. Accordingly, the Resolution has further clarified the role and position of sea in the cause of national construction and defence, while emphasizing the demand for fast and sustainable development, prosperity, security and safety, protecting marine environment, and adapting to climate change and sea level rise. The resolution also stresses the need for developing the marine economy sustainably on the basis of green growth and conservation of biodiversity and marine ecosystems; ensuring harmony between economic and natural ecosystems, between conservation and development,… and promoting the potentials and advantages of the sea, creating a momentum for national economic development.

A conference held to brief the resolutions of the 8th plenary of the Party

As far as defence and security concern, the Resolution stipulates that: prioritize the modernization of a number of military services, armies and law enforcement forces at sea, such as: the Navy, the Coast Guard, the Air Force; enhance the capability for the Border Guards, Fisher Surveillance, marine militia and self defence forces, etc. so that they can handle well the emerging situations on sea and safeguarding the independence, sovereignty, sovereign right, jurisdiction and national interests on seas; constantly consolidate and strengthen the all people's defense posture in association with the people’s maritime security posture; enhance capacity to respond to traditional and non-traditional security threats, ensure national security, social order and safety, fight against and paralyze all destructive conspiracies taking advantage of maritime and island issues; consistently build and maintain a peaceful and stable environment and legal order at sea, create a foundation for safe and efficient exploitation and use of the sea; strengthen and expand foreign relations and international cooperation, actively participate and positively contribute to the common efforts of the international community in the conservation and sustainable use of the sea and the ocean; utilize the resources and international support to improve the capacity of marine management and exploitation.

Resolution 36 is of special importance to the marine economic development and defence. Together with orientations for sustainable development of marine economy, it has also set out guidelines for building the armed forces and law enforcers on sea; strengthening the all people’s defence posture associated with the all people’s security posture on sea. This has shown our Party’s persistent view that marine economic development must be associated with defence and security consolidation. To grasp and implement that view, it is necessary to focus on the following solutions:

First, strengthening the Party’s leadership and State’s management in the sustainable development of marine economy in association with defence and security strengthening. Basing on the directions of the Government’s Party Committee, the related ministries, sectors and coastal localities should map out their general plans and 5-year plans which concretize the viewpoints, goals and strategies of Resolution 36; define clearly urgent and permanent tasks with specific roadmap and assignment. On this basis, they should have leadership and direction for agencies, sectors and localities to review, adjust, supplement their strategies, plans and programs for development; build inter-industry coordination mechanism in the state management overseas and islands; perfect the sub-law documents and the mechanism and policies for the sustainable development of marine economy in accordance with specific conditions of each locality.

Second, combine the sustainable development of marine economy with strengthening the protection of sovereignty over seas and islands. Individuals and organizations involving in marine economic operations must uphold their responsibility in participating in the maintenance of order, safety and protection of seas and islands. In particular, they should (1) strictly observe the laws and regulations for marine operations; (2) build concrete plans for coordinating with the armed forces and other law enforcers on sea; and (3) actively participating in the settlement of defence and security situations happening on sea with functional forces. The law enforcers operating on sea should grasp domestic and international legal documents and promote responsibility in managing, directing, and instructing marine operations; proactively combat and prevent infringements of seas and islands sovereignty and participate in search and rescue, disaster alleviation, etc.

Third, build the armed forces strong as the core forces in protecting the sea and islands sovereignty. Marine strength is the aggregate strength of the country which is first manifested in the forces operating permanently on seas and islands. Therefore, together with building the armed forces “revolutionary, regular, seasoned and increasingly modern”, it is necessary to accelerate the modernization of the Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, etc. so that they can fulfill well their core function in managing and protecting sovereignty and security on seas and islands. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to training to enhance their capability and efficacy in law enforcement, and the protection of sovereignty, legitimate interests of our country; improve the level of search and rescue, alleviating the consequences of natural disasters, ensuring security and safety for fishermen and labourers on seas and islands.

Fourth, build and perfect the national defence and security posture on seas and islands in association with socio-economic development. In the short term, it is necessary to widen and improve the effectiveness of economic centres in coastal areas as driving force for boosting marine economic developments in other regions of the country. Mobilize different resources and encourage various economic sectors to invest in marine economy. Encourage enterprises of all economic sectors to foster their offshore business operations. Continue to restructure the state-owned enterprises involving in marine economy; focus on enhancing the managerial capability, business effectiveness, competitiveness as premise for building, consolidating and promoting the on-the-spot defence forces in economic institutions. Issue favourable policies to encourage people to operate and live permanently on seas and islands. Accelerate the development of the coastal defence-economic zones to create more potential for marine economic development and defence consolidation.

Fifth, actively strengthen and expand foreign relations and international cooperation. Strengthen relations with strategic partners, comprehensive partners, and traditional friends, countries which have potentials related to the sea, countries sharing common interests on the principle of respecting independence, sovereignty, equality, mutual benefit and compliance with international law. Actively participate in international and regional forums, especially maritime cooperation activities within the ASEAN; coordinate with other countries to fully and effectively implement the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the East Sea (DOC), promoting the signing of the Code of Conduct in the East Sea (COC); resolutely and persistently fight to protect the sovereignty and legitimate interests of the country on the sea, and at the same time, proactively settle disputes and disagreements on the East Sea through peaceful means on the basis of international law.

Resolution 36 has reflected the new, thorough and comprehensive views of the Party on the sustainable development of marine economy. Closely combine economic development and defence and security consolidation on sea is an important measure for realizing the Resolution and successfully accomplishing the mission of national construction and defence in the new situation.

Senior Colonel Nguyen Manh Dung, MA.


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