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Institute of Engineering Technology improves research capability

The Institute of Engineering Technology functions as a consultant to the commanders of the Engineering Corps and leaders of the Ministry of National Defense on planning the development guidelines and orientation of the engineering’s technical sector; design, manufacture, improve, modernize and repair weapons and equipment of the engineering; measure, test, and evaluate the quality of defense structures in engineering field; train and transfer technology and scientific – technological service in the field of engineering technique.

Over 40 years of establishment and development, generations of cadres and soldiers of the institute have always upheld their self-reliance and solidarity; tried their best to work out creative technical solutions and successfully accomplish their assigned tasks. To date, the institute has finished hundreds of research topics, including those of key projects of the State, the Ministry and the Corps. Research results of the institute have been used in the manufacture of many engineering equipment, in the application of new technical solutions in reality, and in the settlement of technical problems of the engineering, etc, thereby contributing greatly to the achievements of the engineers and the cause of Homeland protection.

Recently, to meet the requirements of the Military building and Homeland protection, the institute has been assigned with important tasks and participated in major and key projects of the State, the Ministry and the Corps with high requirements and complexity. Besides advantages, it is facing quite many difficulties and challenges. To fulfill its assigned tasks, party committee and commanders of the institute have implemented synchronously and persistently a number of solutions, focusing on building a high quality personnel staff, modernizing research facilities and renewing managerial mechanism, fostering research cooperation with domestic and international institutes to enhance research capability.

As a top agency in researching and designing, applying science and technology in the field of engineering technique with many special characteristics, to meet its requirements of both short term and long term, the Institute attaches importance to building and developing a high quality personnel staff and consider this the key factor deciding the quality and effectiveness of scientific research. Facing the inappropriateness in the proportion and expertise of its cadres, the Institute has adopted synchronous measures regarding ideology, organization, policy and expertise; focused on building a staff of cadres and technical personnel’s with firm political steadfastness, being gradually standardized in expertise and capable of doing research independently. The party committee and commanders of the institute have regularly screened, and updated the quality and quantity of its cadres at all levels; built a set of criteria for scientific researchers and plans for developing, training and employing the personnel staff in accordance with principles and procedure. The Institute has adopted the diversification of training models for its cadres; cadres of the Institute get both on-job training and full time training in domestic and abroad institutes. Particularly, the Institute also sends its cadres to defense structures and plants. This is also one way for the Institute to find out capable cadres with good and creative thinking for future plan and use. Besides, the Institute has also coordinated with functional agencies of the Corps to issue favorable policies to employ high quality personnels and make them enthusiastic with their work. Up to now, 100% of its cadres have got tertiary education in which 65.6% hold MA degrees and five are doctors. The Institute has succeeded in building a staff of well qualified industry-leading cadres who are capable of being in charge of major projects and designing high quality products.

In addition, the Institute also invests in its facilities and technology towards the direction of modernity, synchronicity to create a high technical base, meeting the requirements and missions. In particular, it has suggested the Corps solutions for attracting resources for the procurement, replacement and maintenance of research equipment in pursuant with regulations and orientation, meeting the mission requirements of the Corps and serving the task of researching. In the coming time, it will continue to accelerate the completion of the approved projects and propose further investments in the supporting facilities, particularly specialized labs, workshops, and the quality management system meeting criteria of the ISO 9001:2008 standard, etc to make researching activities in the Institute more independent.

Thanks to those efforts, the Institute’s research potentials have been unceasingly improved, particularly in personnel and equipment. However, to meet the requirements of the mission, particularly the fast development of science and technology, it seeks to deepen links and cooperation with prestigious institutes both inside and outside the Military and the Republic of Belarus and gained significant results. Thereby, it is possible for the institute to take advantage of the strengths of them in terms of research experience, facilities, technological advance, etc, to improve its task performance and the quality of its projects while enhancing the expertise and capability for its staff.

Furthermore, the Institute fosters renewals in the managerial and operational mechanism and the application of scientific-technological transfer. Accordingly, method of management in scientific research has been changed from breadth to depth with focuses. The unified and concentrated management of the Institute’s leaders is done in parallel with empowerment, thereby making individuals and collectives in the institute more self-dependent and professional and upholding the role of the project leaders. Besides, there have been also renewals in the way to choose research topics and tasks. Accordingly, effectiveness and applicability are given priorities when evaluating a project  and its final products are set as targets and criteria for assessing the quality of research. Content of research is adhered to the development of the military art and focused on the settlement of problems in engineering field. Especially, researches are focused on the application of new materials serving for designing, manufacturing, improving, modernizing engineering equipment to meet the requirements and defense and military tasks in the new condition.

Thanks to its activeness, creativeness and strong determination, the Institute has seen comprehensive and steady developments. Notably, its capabilities are enhanced; scientific and technological activities have seen growth in both quality, quantity and scale, bringing about new products and solutions of high quality and effectiveness which have been brought into mass production and supplied to engineering units army-wide, meeting the requirement and the mission of modern training and combat.

Looking forward to the 40th anniversary of the its foundation, cadres and soldiers of the Institute are putting more effort in their study and training to increasingly enhance their political steadfastness, expertise and capability for building the Institute a comprehensively strong unit and be ready to successfully accomplish all the assigned tasks, enriching the tradition of “Open road to victory” of the heroic engineers in the new era.

Senior Colonel Nguyen Duc Thang

Director of the Institute

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