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Improving the quality of technological management in defence industry

Technological management (TM) in defence industry is the state management over defence industry which has been assigned to the General Department of Defence Industry (GDDI) by the Central Military Commission (CMC) and the Ministry of National Defence (MND), including: managing the safety precautions in producing and using industrial explosive materials and precursors; managing the architecture of defence products; managing technology, safety precautions and product quality of industrial lines. At the same time, it has also been tasked with directing, instructing, reminding, inspecting and adjusting the technical and technological assurance for the production and replacement of weapon platforms; study and trial-production of weapon and technical equipment before mass production in the factories of GDDI. Fully aware of its functions and responsibilities, the Department of Technological Management, under the GDDI has regularly grasped the legal documents relating to TM and recommend to GDDI the promulgation of regulations applied to it areas of operations; chaired and coordinated with other functional ministries, sectors and industries to direct, instruct, urge, inspect and overcome the obstacles, and rectify the technological operations of units, hence gaining positive results.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Be Xuan Truong, Deputy Minister of National Defence visits Factory Z129

Facing the requirements of Military building in light of the Resolution of the 12th National Congress of the Party, especially implementing the goal of building and developing an independent, self-reliant, resilient, modern, dual-use defence industry as a spearhead of the national industry in the context that the world has seen robust growth in science, technology and the Fourth Industrial Revolution which greatly affects our defence industry and requires us to quickly renovate our technology, apply the technological achievements into the study, design, and manufacture of modern weapon and technical equipment. In the meantime, our internal resources, particularly human and financial resources for technological renewal and application are limited; the national industry doesn’t help much that of defence. The restructuring and operational enhancement of Military businesses to 2020 and beyond in light of the Resolution No. 425-NQ/QUTW dated 18th May 2017 of the CMC have also posed new requirements for adjusting the plan of technology and production lines to suit new organisational structure and the national strategic defence disposition.

Therefore, to successfully accomplish its assigned tasks, the Department has deployed a number of drastic and synchronous measures to improve the effectiveness of TM in defence industry.

First, it has thoroughly fulfilled its role as an advisory body for GDDI and MND on state management over defence industry and the implementation of breakthroughs in enhancing the capability in studying, designing, manufacturing weapons and technical equipment. Grasping the directives and resolutions of the Party on building an advanced, modern and dual-use defence industry, directly the Resolution No. 06-NQ/TW dated 16th July 2011 of the Politburo on building and developing the defence industry; the Resolution No. 791-NQ/QUTW dated 20th December 2012 of the CMC on leading the scientific, technological and environmental work in the Military until 2020 and beyond; the Resolutions No. 425-NQ/QUTW dated 18th May 2017 of the CMC on restructuring, renewing and enhancing the operation of Military businesses until 2020 and beyond. Basing on these grounds, it continues to study and advise the GDDI and MND to perfect and issue the legal framework for directing TM in defence industry; review the Ordinance on defence industry, the Ordinance on industrial mobilisation of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly for the construction and proposal of the Law on Defence Industry to the National Assembly. Accelerate the screening, perfection and promulgation of the circulars instructing the implementation of TM in GDDI with focus on enhancing the ability to supply high tech weapons and technical equipment. Perfect the coordinating mechanism between MND, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Science and Technology in TM implementation. In addition, the Department has studied and advised the GDDI to propose to the MND the plans and programs for scientific and technological research, R&D of new products, especially high-tech weapon systems and technical equipment; strengthen internal and external cooperation in science and technology with traditional and strategic partners to jointly develop spearhead technology as a premise for developing high-tech weapon systems.

Second, strengthen management over technical and technological supply for defence – economic production and the R&D of new products. Accordingly, the Department has reviewed, supplemented, perfected and supplied sufficiently technical materials for defence production; adjusted technology in production; proposed measures for enhancing the quality of defence products. Promote renewal in scientific and technological management; enhance the quality of choosing the individuals and units chairing the projects; renew the operation of the Council for science at all levels; assign the results of science and technology projects with the responsibilities of the members of the council. In the short term, the Department focuses on directing the completion of science and technology projects in the 2015 – 2020 period which are the key projects on supplying materiel for infantry divisions and the premise for supplying high-tech materiel; make thorough preparation for the implementation of the science and technology plans and programs when approved. Strengthen the R&D and trial production of new generation weapons and upgrade the existing ones to mount on mobile vehicles and ships, etc.

The Department also focuses on improving the quality of the supply chain for defence production in the fields of technical material, technology, defence safety procedure, fire prevention and control, etc. Review the affect factors, strengthen the application of science and technology measures to enhance the quality of products and overcome the technical barriers in the defence scientific research and production. Seriously adhere to the coordinating regulations between the GDDI and the General Technical Department on overcoming and settling the issues of defence products emerging during the exploitation and operation.

Third, perfecting its organisational structure, enhance the capability of TM. In the short run, the Department will study to advise the MND and the GDDI to supplement and perfect its functions and structure towards lean, compact and strong direction which is capable of accomplishing its tasks; at the same time, thoroughly fulfill its function as a consultative body in building science and technology potentials, especially developing high-skill human resources in units. Strengthen renewal in TM in which emphasis is placed on building and perfecting data and statistics serving TM of defence industry; digitalise data and apply information technology in TM. Develop and perfect capability in TM and assessing technical material, set economic, technical and technological norms for shipbuilding and gradually master and enhance the shipbuilding capability, etc.

In addition to the above measures, the Department will strengthen the application of information technology and technological supply in the implementation of the projects. As for the new projects, the Department will carry out technical and technological supply in the first phases, and ensure the feasibility of the projects and technological transfer contracts. As for the transitional projects, particularly the key ones, the Department will focus on directing the implementation of acceptance of the transfer of manufacturing, checking, testing technology; strengthen military and defence potentials to meet the requirements and the task of Military building and Fatherland protection.

Senior Colonel, Doctor DUONG VAN YEN, Director of the Department of Technological Department, GDDI

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