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Improving the political steadfastness and morale for soldiers of the Coast Guard Region 3 in accordance with Directive No.05

Realizing the value of learning and following Ho Chi Minh thought, ethics, and style in accordance with Directive No.05-CT/TW of the Politburo (12th tenure), the 3rd Coast Guard Region Party Committee and Command have focused on leading and directing the implementation of the Directive. It is considered an important solution to improve the political steadfastness and morale for officials and soldiers to contribute to building a "Revolutionary, regular, elite, modern, and highly professional Region to successfully completed the task of law enforcement at sea.

The 3rd Coast Guard Region is tasked with patrolling, inspecting, and controlling to protect sovereignty, sovereign rights, and jurisdiction; maintaining law enforcement at sea; protecting natural resources and environment; preserving security, order, and safety; and performing the work of search and rescue. At the same time, the Region also participates in law popularization and education for the people and coordinates with other armed forces units to protect the State's properties and the lives and properties of the people on the sea and islands from Xanh islet of Binh Dinh province to the northern bank of Dinh An estuary of Tra Vinh province, including the Spratly Islands and the southern continental shelf in accordance with Vietnamese laws and relevant international treaties to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a member. In the course of operation, besides the advantages, officials and soldiers of the Region face many difficulties. Especially, the waters under the management of the Unit are very complicated and contain unpredictable factors. Activities of infringing upon the sovereignty of foreign ships are increasing with new methods and tricks. Meanwhile, smuggling, commercial fraud, terrorism, maritime armed robbery, and drug offenses are increasingly sophisticated. When on duty, the Region's officials and soldiers often come in contact with different subjects, including foreign organizations and individuals, and face material temptations and attracting activities of all kinds of crimes. This has set out requirements for the Region Party Committee and Command to constantly build and improve the political spirit for the soldiers with synchronous solutions, of which organizing the good implementation of the Politburo's Directive 05-CT/TW (12th tenure) on "Promoting the learning and following of Ho Chi Minh thought, ethics, and style" is a primarily important solution.

3rd Coast Guard Region granting life jacket and first aid kit for fishermen

In order for Directive No.05 to come into the life of the officers and  soldiers, the Region Party Committee and Command have attached special importance to leading and  directing the high-quality implementation of political education to build the officers and soldiers’ absolute loyalty to the Party and the State and readiness to sacrifice for sovereignty and sea and island security. In implementing the project entitled "Renewing political education work at units in the new period", leaders and commanders of the units have been active in educating and raising awareness for officials and soldiers on positions, importance, and maritime potentials, especially clarifying the contents of the Maritime Strategy, operational characteristics and situation, and requirements imposed on the units. In propaganda and education, the Region has paid much attention to disseminating and educating the situation and tasks to promptly orient thought before new and complex issues that have created a high consensus on awareness and action. The Region has also focused on fostering and educating the tradition and qualities of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers" - "Coast Guard Soldiers", to raise awareness of the officers and soldiers on the core ethical values of " Sense of responsibility, Discipline, and  - Integrity” of the Coast Guard soldiers and help them develop a stable stance and viewpoints and pure ethical qualities and a lifestyle, not to slide to bribery and material temptation and stay alert and effectively fight against all plots and tricks of the "peaceful evolution" strategy of hostile forces, especially acts of infringing upon sovereignty and violating laws on assigned waters.

The Region Party Committee has directed units to flexibly apply and diversify open education forms to ensure their suitability with characteristics and tasks and closeness to psychology and awareness of officials and soldiers. In particular, attention has paid to the forms, including thematic learning, news notification, political and ideological briefing, newspapers reading, radio listening, forums, and direct dialogue. The Political and Cultural Day, Law Day, the order management, and grasping of the situation of thought have been strictly maintained, that have created the uniformity and direct impact on the awareness of officials and soldiers. At the same time, the incorporation of education, persuasion, and encouragement with administrative measures and the work of twinning and exchange activities and mass mobilization have made officials and soldiers drastically change their thought and actions, enhanced awareness in all aspects, and built political bravery, determination, and willingness to accept and fulfill all assigned tasks.

In order to overcome the negative impacts of the market economy as well as the resistance of hostile forces in the field of ideology, the Region Party Committee and Commanders have required agencies and units to strictly manage the soldiers’ thought. The contingent of officers at all levels have always upheld the sense of responsibility and closely followed the soldiers’ operation in the process of performing their duties, especially in maritime law enforcement, to detect and promptly handle problems. The thought management measures have always been synchronous and attached to daily activities, work, and peer, superior-subordinate, family, and social relationships. This work has ensured the tight and comprehensive management of the soldiers’ thought to create high consensus within the units and contribute to making the affection of officers and soldiers increasingly strengthened and attached and helping leaders and commanders at all levels have grounds to assess, forecast, and promptly and effectively handle ideological problems.

Learning Uncle Ho’s style, the Region Party Committee and Commanders have regularly paid attention to the leadership and direction, closeness  to the grassroots, strict maintenance of order, regular regime, and discipline training, promotion of the Determined-to-win Emulation movement, and care of the material and spiritual life of officers and soldiers. This is considered an important content to create a favorable environment to foster the personality qualities and morale of officials and soldiers. Recognizing that, during the past time, the units have strictly maintained the regimes of training, combat readiness, patrol, and maritime law enforcement. The activities of combat readiness guard, duty, reporting regulations, and modes of day, week, and month have also been strictly maintained to create a sense of self-consciousness for the soldiers in learning, practicing, and performing tasks. Party committees and commanders at all levels have attached importance to leading and directing the building of a healthy military cultural environment that forms a unified perfect whole and enriches the spiritual life of officials and soldiers in the Unit. Emulation activities of the Region have been maintained on a regular basis, becoming a momentum for collectives and individuals to fulfill their tasks. Particularly, a breakthrough has been made to implementing the movement entitled "Four-good, four-no, and four-prevention" in accordance with Directive No.202/CT-BTL issued by the Coast Guard Commander. Performance assessment and commendation have been conducted in an accurate manner, creating an excited spirit and sense of self-motivation in learning and training of the soldiers. Promotion, salary increase,  appointment, commendation, and disciplining have been carried out  in a serious, democratic, equal and transparent manner by the Regional Party Committee and the Party committees at all levels. The assurance of material and spiritual life for the soldiers, especially on holidays and New Year has always been concerned. The regimes and policies for military personnel and their families, especially for difficult cases, have complied with the current regimes and actual conditions of the units.

Thanks to the right policies and serious implementation, before all complicated developments of the situation in the world and in the country and the very high requirements of tasks, officers and soldiers of the 3rd Coast Guard Region have always persevered the goals and ideals of national independence and socialism without degradation in political thought, ethics, and lifestyle. They also have strong political bravery, high morale, solidarity, unity, and readiness to receive and fulfill all assigned tasks.

Promoting the achieved results, in the coming time, the Region continues to innovate and constantly improve the effectiveness of learning and following Ho Chi Minh thought, ethics, and style in accordance with Directive No.05. On that basis, it continues to enhance the political steadfastness and morale of officials and soldiers to be worthy of being a key force in performing the maritime law enforcement tasks, contributing to protecting the sovereignty and security at sea of the Fatherland.

Major General Do Hong Do, Commissar of 3rd Coast Guard Region

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