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Ha Nam focuses on strong socio-economic development and firm national defence and security

Thoroughly grasping the Party's guidelines and policies on socio-economic development associated with national defence and security strengthening, in recent years, Ha Nam province has been innovative in thinking and drastic in leadership and direction to make the province develop robustly in socio-economy, strengthened firmly in national defence and security.

Ha Nam is located in the northern key economic region, the southern gateway of Hanoi Capital, and has an important position in terms of socio-economic development, national defence and security. Over the past years, the Party Committee, the government, the people and the armed forces of the province have stayed united and unanimous, exploited and brought into play its potentials and advantages, etc., to promote socio-economic and cultural development, national defence and security consolidation. Following that tradition, in order to keep pace with other provinces in the region, the Resolution of the 19th Party Congress of Ha Nam Provincial Party Committee, 2015 – 2020 tenure has determined: “Innovating investment orientation and growth model with focuses on agricultural industrialization; expand links, proactively and actively integrate into the world, fully exploit all potentials and advantages to improve the quality and competitiveness of the economy. Comprehensively develop the fields of culture and society, improve the quality of human resources, accelerate the application of science and technology, ensure clean environment, social security; improve people's lives, especially people living in the countryside. Strengthen and maintain stability in national defence and security, create positive changes in social order and safety”. With the spirit of innovation, dynamism, creativity, strong determination, the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council and Provincial People's Committee have focused on leading, directing and promoting the strength of the entire political system, the consensus of the people, efforts of the business community in the implementation of the set targets.

Ms. Le Thi Thuy, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, works with the Provincial Military Command

First of all, the province focuses on socio-economic development. Thoroughly grasping the Party's views, lines and policies on socio-economic development and firmly grasping the local characteristics, conditions, potentials and advantages, the Provincial Party Committee issued a number of resolutions to lead the task of socio-economic development, meeting both immediate and long-term requirements. In the process of implementation, the Provincial Party Committee, the People's Council and the Provincial People's Committee have led, directed and operated in the deep and synchronous manner with central and key points, focusing on improving the effectiveness of investment promotion activities, improving the business environment, reforming administrative procedures and improving competitiveness. Promote the construction of infrastructure system, construction and development of a civilized and modern urban area in association with sustainable new rural development; regularly monitor and evaluate performance results, promptly have adjustments and supplementations in accordance with reality, creating motivation for fast and sustainable socio-economic development.

In order for industry - construction to develop and contribute a high proportion to the economic structure, the province pays special attention to encouraging, attracting investment capital, speeding up the construction of infrastructure and improving the quality of services in industrial zones and clusters in the direction of synchronization, modernity and convenience; focus on resolving proposals, removing difficulties and obstacles, creating the best environment and conditions for people, businesses and foreign partners to come to invest and do business in the province. Currently, seven of the 8 industrial parks of the province are invested in synchronous infrastructure, operates with high efficiency, and are occupied over 75%. Typically, THE industrial zones such as Dong Van, Chau Son and Hoa Mac have created jobs for tens of thousands of workers, becoming truly a driving force for the province's economic growth.

In the field of agriculture, the province directs its agricultural development towards high-tech agriculture, green, clean and sustainable production, raising the value of agricultural products, linking agricultural development with new rural construction. According to the plan to 2025, with a vision to 2035, the province will focus on building two key agricultural production areas of Ly Nhan and Binh Luc Districts; an agricultural area in combination with eco-tourism in Kim Bang District; and an agricultural ecological urban area in Phu Ly City. On that basis, the province has approved investments in 06 hi-tech agricultural zones with an area of over 650 ha in the districts of Ly Nhan, Binh Luc, Thanh Liem and Phu Ly City; focuses on upgrading agricultural and rural infrastructure to serve production; allows the accumulation and exchange of land in a rational manner, creating favorable conditions for enterprises to invest in agricultural production and apply high technology; carry out restructuring of plants and aqua-production on rice land. At the same time, promote the development of sustainable husbandry, gradually shifting from household farming to concentrated farming, industrial husbandry, ensuring hygiene and environmental safety. As a result, the structure of agriculture has shifted positively towards increasing the proportion of animal husbandry, fisheries and services.

In the field of commerce, services, culture, health and education, the province has built and finalized the master plan for the development of Ha Nam tourism to 2030, with a vision to 2050; Master plan for development of Tam Chuc national tourist area until 2030; attracted investment, started construction, developed infrastructure of major projects on commerce, tourism, healthcare, education, creating a highlight for the development, such as: High-quality Medical Center ( Second campuses of Bach Mai Hospital and Viet Duc Hospital), Nam Cao University, Muong Thanh Hotel, Vincom Shopping Center, Kim Bang Golf Course, Tam Chuc - Ba Sao Tourist Area, etc. Along with that, the province promotes the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage values, combining cultural development with tourism; attaching importance to strengthening the medical network from the provincial to grassroots levels, meeting the needs of medical examination and treatment and of local people. Pay attention to invest in the educational facilities, focus on building national standard schools, improving the quality of education and training. In particular, the province directs and promotes the implementation of new rural construction programs and objectives to ensure synchronicity and efficiency. With the efforts of the Party Committee, the government and the people, up to now, Ha Nam province has basically completed and exceeded the major targets on the socio-economic development that the Resolution the 19th Provincial Party Congress has set out. The average annual economic growth rate in the 2016-2020 period has reached 11.2%. The economic structure has seen a positive shift with industry - construction accounting for 63.5%; service accounting for 28.1%; agriculture, forestry and fishery accounting for 8.4%; per capita GRDP is VND 71.9 million per year; 100% of the communes, 6/6 districts, towns and cities have met the standards and completed the target programs on building new countryside. People's material and spiritual lives have been improved significantly.

Adhering to the policy of each step of socio-economic development must be linked with national defence and security strengthening, the province always attaches importance to leadership, directing the consolidation and strengthening of the strength of national defence and security, both in terms of potential and posture, focusing on building a solid defensive area, maintaining political security, social order and safety. Thoroughly grasping the Politburo's Resolution, the Government's Decrees on defensive areas, the Province constantly improves and maintains strictly implementing mechanisms and regulations on construction and operation of defence areas; consolidates and improves the operational efficiency of defence area organizations; promotes the building of potentials in the defence region, meeting the defence and security tasks both in the short and long terms. Over the past years, the province has built and implemented well the overall planning of socio-economic development in association with the planning of military postures in the province's defence area for the 2016-2020 period; promoted the role of branches, especially military and police agencies, strictly appraised the socio-economic development plans and projects, especially the “positive” ones in defence and security, resolutely "not to develop economy at all costs". In addition, the province actively innovates, improves the quality and effectiveness of propaganda, education, fostering knowledge of national defence and security, and the mass mobilisation towards the grassroots level, expanding democracy, enhancing dialogue, paying attention to promptly solving the pressing issues from grassroots level to build political and spiritual potentials and the "solid people's heart and mind posture". At the same time, the province focuses on mobilizing resources, investing in building a military posture in the defensive area according to the determined plan and roadmap; prioritises the construction of dual-use constructions, key defensive works, combat bases and rear bases, form an inter-connected disposition between all levels, and organizes well the regional defensive drills, which has been highly appreciated by Military Region 3 and the Ministry of Public Security.

Besides, the province pays special attention to leading and directing the building of a strong and comprehensive military and police force, acting as the core in the performance of national defence and security tasks, natural disaster prevention and control, search and rescue, etc. In recent years, the province has focused on building the permanent force towards lean, compact and strong; the reserve force powerful, the militia and self-defence force strong and widespread, with increasing overall quality, especially political quality. For the police force, the province has directed the perfection of organization and staffing, and finished posting regular police to communes and towns. At the same time, promoting the movement of the entire people to participate in protecting the Homeland security, building the people's security and solid people's security posture. Proactively grasp and correctly forecast the situation, prevent and fight against activities of infringing upon the national security, so as not to be passive and unexpected; direct and effectively handle complicated cases, maintaining political security, social order and safety in the locality.

The achievements and results gained in the past term are an important basis and motivation for Ha Nam Party Committee, government, army and people to continue to promote fast and sustainable socio-economic development associated with national defence and security strengthening, building the province increasingly rich and beautiful.

LE THI THUY, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee


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