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Emulation Movement titled “Military Logistics Branch follows Uncle Ho’s teachings” at Signal Corps

Adhering to its function and task, over the years, the Signal Corps’ Logistics Department has advised the Corps’ Party Committee and Command on exercising their leadership over the Emulation Movement entitled “Military Logistics Branch follows Uncle Ho’s teachings” via creative measures and approaches, thereby producing positive results and contributing to building a Corps towards modernity capable of maintaining the “blood vessel” of communication in any situation.

Grasping higher echelons’ directives and resolutions on the logistics work, particularly the Central Military Commission’s Resolution 623-NQ/QUTW, dated October 29th, 2012 on the Military’s logistics work towards 2020 and beyond as well as logistics work directives of Commander of the General Logistics Department, the Corps’ Logistics Department has given advice to the Corps’ Party Committee and Command on measures of leadership and directly inspected offices and units’ implementation of the Emulation Movement titled “Military Logistics Branch follows Uncle Ho’s teachings,” thus making contributions to ensuring logistics support for the Corps to maintain “timely, accurate, secret, safe” communication. Due to the force’ particularities, many of the Corps’ units, teams, and stations are deployed to the remote, isolated, border, sea, island areas; therefore, logistics support becomes more difficult and complex. Against such a backdrop, the Logistics Department’s Party Committee and Command have directed offices and units to well carry out the work of propagation and education to build up their staff members’ incentive for emulation and execute the Emulation Movement in a comprehensive but focalised manner, with a focus on realising three breakthroughs (improving troops’ life; practising thrift; combating corruption and wastefulness and complying with regulations on logistics support; enhancing administrative reform and ensuring traffic safety).

Crop husbandry at Brigade 205

In the process, the Corps’ Logistics Branch has directed offices, units, and schools to develop the Operation Regulations and the Emulation Regulations, invest in building model affiliates in each piece of logistics work, and design criteria for the following of Uncle Ho’s teachings as the basis for collectives and individuals to formulate action plans, with emphasis placed on ensuring logistics support for combat readiness and protection of seas and islands. The Emulation Movement titled “Military Logistics Branch follows Uncle Ho’s teachings” has been closely combined with the Determination to Win Emulation Movement, the Campaign 50, and others launched by sectors. Due attention has been paid to well carrying out inspections and reviews, drawing lessons, developing theories, and raising the quality of training and logistics support for missions.

In addition, the Logistics Department has directed offices and units to organise logistics contests at all levels and frequently improve logistics support for regular missions and combat readiness. Being imbued with Uncle Ho’s teachings: “military units must foster crop and animal husbandry to be partly self-sufficient and reduce the people’s burden,” over the years, the Corps’ Ordnance Branch has concretised the President’s words via the movement of “building units good at catering and ordnance management,” successfully organised other movements, such as “innovation in cooking techniques,” “meal cooked by women,” “family meal,” and “meal cooked by the youth,” decentralised supply of food, and effectively maintained the operation of all-level Price Councils. Offices, units, and schools have promoted internal strength, overcome difficulties, actively stepped up animal and crop husbandry on a large scale in line with improving barracks and troops’ life. Currently, the entire Corps has been 75% self-sufficient in meat, nearly 40% self-sufficient in fish, and over 96% self-sufficient in vegetable. In order to create a favourable condition for the logistics force’s task performance and raise the quality of diets, logistics offices at all levels have proactively adopted measures for making best use of the system of steam boilers. Up to now, all messes at company and battalion levels have employed steam boilers, kerosene stoves, and electric stoves, while all independent teams and stations have used electric rice cookers and gas stoves, thereby greatly contributing to reducing troops’ labour and protecting the environment. Thus, the quality of meals for troops has always been raised. All messes across the Corps have been rated good, while troops’ life has always been stabilised and improved.

Being fully aware that prevention is the best cure, the Corps’ Military Medicine Branch has well organised movements, such as “building five-good military medical units,” “military medical soldiers follow Uncle Ho’s teachings,” “on-the spot physicians, on-the-spot medicine.” The Branch has concretised those movements into criteria for medical cadres, employees, and soldiers’ professional competence and ethics as well as into the improved quality of protecting and caring troop health. Due attention has been paid to acquiring and closely managing modern medical equipment at treatment facilities. Up to now, all health centres of the Corps’ brigades, schools, and offices have been provided with diagnostic ultrasound machines, ECG machines, and ambulances as a favourable condition for medical examination and treatment. Great value has been attached to preventing and combating epidemics and the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring food hygiene and safety. The work of medical care for troops has been closely conducted; as a result, the rate of healthy troops has always been ensured.

Grounded on each office and unit’s particularities and task, the Corps’ Barracks Branch has developed the emulation movement entitled “building and managing standard, green, clean, scenic barracks” widely, deeply, sustainably, practically, and effectively. The work of site planning and capital construction has been carried out in a focalised fashion. Great weight has been added to seriously implementing bidding regulations, closely managing bidding plans, and reducing the price of bidding packages to save budget. Bringing into play their internal strength, many offices and units have taken creative measures to construct spacious, clean, scenic barracks. In the period of 2015-2020, the Corps invested over 1,000 billion VND in building and putting nearly 120,000 square metres of barracks into use, completing the programme to eliminate bungalows, and decreasing the rate of bungalows down to 0.58% only, thereby creating a standardised, modernised new look from the Corps’ headquarters to offices and units. Up to now, 95.4% of the Corps’ affiliates have accessed clean water and used water heaters for troops’ bath in the winter, thus making significant contributions to maintaining their staff members’ health.

Via movements, such as “managing and using petroleum safely, economically, effectively,” “building regular, safe, efficient transport units,” and “safe driving” in line with the Campaign 50, the Corps’ Transport Branch has always surmounted difficulties and particularly dealt with price fluctuations to sufficiently, opportunely provide petroleum for missions. Importance has been attached to ensuring and decentralising petroleum supply in accordance with each area and region. The Corps’ petroleum depots have been upgraded to be “regular, safe, economical” ones. The work of managing, commanding, and operating transport has been carried out in a regular, scientific, timely, safe way. Therefore, the Corps has exceeded the goal of transport, with the absolute safety of nearly 60,000 tons of cargoes and more than 55,000 troops.

Under the motto of “promoting internal strength, creativity, quality, and effectiveness,” in the upcoming time, the Corps’ Logistics Branch will continue well performing its staff work and directing offices and units to widely, deeply, practically implement the Emulation Movement titled “Military Logistics Branch follows Uncle Ho’s teachings.” The Branch will keep seriously, effectively executing the Central Military Commission’s Resolution 623-NQ/QUTW and the Corps Party Committee’s resolutions and directives on the logistics work. It will enhance the work of propagation and education to build up logistics cadres and soldiers’ incentive for emulation and arouse their self-awareness and creativity via more practical, diverse activities. It will renew the contents, forms, and methods of organising the Emulation Movement together with specific targets in accordance with each office and unit’s particularities as well as each region and area in the new situation. Last but not least, it will concentrate on consolidating the Steering Board, the Standing Board, and the Operation Statutes for the Emulation Movement at all levels, well conducting inspections, supervisions, and reviews, drawing lessons, and completely settling the signs of ostentation and formalism to translate Uncle Ho’s teachings into the Signal Force’s daily tasks and further raise the quality and effectiveness of logistics support as the basis for successfully implementing the “Strategy for the development of the military signal system in the period of 2021-2030, with a vision towards 2045” and building a modern Signal Corps in 2030.

Sr. Col. DINH TIEN DUNG, Commander of the Corps’ Logistics Department

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