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Dong Trieu town’s armed forces follow Uncle Ho’s sayings in conducting public relations

Dong Trieu’s armed forces, being imbrued with President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, have created many creative, practical and effective methods on the public relations, contributing to the reinforcement of people’s belief in the party executive committees and governments in order to steadily hold the political stability, enhance the national defence and security, making conditions for the fast and sustainable development in the locality.

Clearly understanding President Ho Chi Minh’s viewpoint on “good public relations bringing success”, in recent years, together with the Party Committee and government and the whole regional political system, Dong Trieu’s Party Committee and the Military Command Council in Quang Ninh province have well carried out the education and implementation of decrees, resolutions and conclusions by the Party, State, Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defence on the work of public relations; clearly defined that the public relations are the responsibility of all organisations, cadres, party members and people. In particular, the party committee’s leading role and commands’ responsibility have been well proved in the implementation and engagement of all organisations and individuals, at the same time, contents and methods on public relations have been reformed, making sure the practicality and effectiveness; especially building models of “good public relations” connected to the accomplishment of the political missions of the unit and regions making the positive and pervasive social effects among people, in order to stabilise the politics, national defence, security, social safety and order effectively contributing to the development of economy, culture and society; enhancing the unity between the army and people, the national unity; effectively preventing the schemes and activity of “peace evolution” by the enemies; building the “people’s hearts and minds posture” connected to the people’s security and a firm defence zone in the town. This is one of the fundamental and important bases to successfully accomplish the aim of building Dong Trieu a new agricultural town model recognised as a city on the occasion of the 60-year anniversary of the foundation day of Quang Ninh province (30/10/1963 - 30/10/2023).

Dong Trieu armed forces present gifts for policy families in the locality

On implementing President Ho Chi Minh’s sayings: “All governmental officials, unions’ cadres, organisations’ members, etc. need to do the public relations”, the town’s Military Command Council has positively cooperated with the local party committees, governments and unions to build many models of public relations, concentrating on widening and diversifying the forms of mobilising, attracting and unifying people classes through the patriotic emulation movements. With the motto of “widely propagandising, deeply mobilising, cadres leading and people responding” and together with mobilising people to follow the Party’s policies and State’s law, the work of public relations made by the town’s armed forces has also been directed to mobilise people to build the cultural families, civilised lifestyle in streets, bring into play the spirit of mutual affection and love; mobilised people to devote their land for the construction of agricultural infrastructure, making the motivations and important sources for the cause of building new rural areas and developing the urban areas. At the same time, the town’s Military Command Council has closely and effectively cooperated with other forces to firmly grasp the situations of people and areas, especially the sensitive ones such as the compensations for land clearance, exploitation and transportation of natural resources, policies for deserved people and social welfare, etc. in order to advise the local executive committees and governments to solve the arising problems, avoiding the “flash points”, simultaneously, cooperated with the police to advise the town to complete 5 groups of safe areas, safe units of security and defence and newly founded units. They have also cooperated with the Youth Union in the town to organise activities of singing, sports, forums on educating the traditions in villages and communes, etc. in order to create the unified relationships between the army and people and build the soundly cultural environments. The town’s Military Command Council has actively cooperated with other forces to prevent and overcome the natural disasters, rescue and prevent the diseases; organise the health check and consultation, freely give the medicines to deserved families, families of wounded soldiers, martyrs, or families with specially difficult conditions, etc. contributing to the construction of safe areas, making the firm “people’s hearts and minds posture” and building the strong local system of politics.

Building new rural areas is a major policy and mission of our Party and State in order to directly improve the life quality for people, contributing to the practical implementation of the aim on “all benefits for the people” due to Uncle Ho’s sayings. Being a mountainous town with 12 ethnic groups living, the town’s infrastructure is still in difficult conditions though having been currently improved, which is one of the core contents in the public relations done by the town’s armed forces. The Military Command Council has advised the town’s People’s Committee to hold the meeting for implementing the plan on mobilising the armed forces to “join hands to build new rural areas and alleviate poverty” with the participation of leaders and commanders from units of militia and self-defence and 10 military units in the locality. Through the meeting, the Council has made agreement on contents and methods to help local areas build new rural areas and poor families sustainably escape the poverty. The town’s Military Command Council has founded 12 groups of public relations which would cooperate with the local party committees and governments to visit villages to propagandise and mobilise people and inspect the real conditions and widely implement the emulation movement of “Armed forces joining hands to build new rural areas and alleviate poverty in the area”. Annually, the Council builds plans, makes scheduled figures to help villages and residential areas to build new rural areas, basing on the “Bright – Green – Clean - Scenic” models. On grasping and implementing the motto of “mind thinking, eyes seeing, feet walking, mouth talking and hands working”, together with love and responsibility for the people, cadres and soldiers of the town’s armed forces have actively and effectively engaged in building new rural areas, etc. These results have contributed to the general achievements, together with the Party Committee, government and people gaining the aim of new rural areas, improving the people’s spiritual and material life, reinforcing the people’s belief in the local party executive committees, governments and armed forces.

Our Army comes from the people and for people to serve, so helping people eradicate hunger and alleviate poverty is considered the moral standards and responsibility for each cadre and soldier. Clearly understanding this thought, the town’s Military Command has frequently directed the public relation task forces to pay visits to 21 communes and wards to cooperate with the Boards of hunger eradication and poverty alleviation in areas to survey each needy village and household in order to grasp their needs, such as: cultivation techniques; breeds, funds, animals, plants and agricultural equipment. On those bases, units have given support and closely cooperated with the localities to follow the households in carrying their commitment; frequently inspected and timely solved the difficulties, encouraged them to try to escape poverty sustainably, besides, they have mobilised people to actively take part in plans on developing the socio-economy of the areas, especially the plans on industrialising and modernising agriculture and rural areas, plans on rice fields reaching 40 million/ha; applied and transferred the technical advances to production, changed the cultivation habit to the goods production. In order to assist poor households in “living and working in peace and contentment”, the town’s armed forces have cooperated with military units in the areas to carry out many programs on supporting the housing, especially the fund support for poor households (in the period of 2010 – 2020, 55 houses were built with the total of 3.3 billion dong; 220 poor households were eradicated sustainably). These practical jobs have directly improved people’s life, simultaneously brought into play the tradition of self-reliance, not accepting the poverty and hunger in the community, families and households, creating the motivation for poor people to manage to escape the poverty and enrich themselves.

Effectiveness in the public relations is also considered the detailed achievements in learning and following Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and style for Dong Trieu’s armed forces. This is the basis to continuously build and strengthen the “people’s hearts and minds posture”, build the town’s armed forces strong, successfully accomplishing all of their assigned missions.

Colonel NGUYEN QUOC KHANH, Commissar of the town’s Military Command

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