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Division 9 improves the quality of legal propaganda, dissemination and education

Promoting legal propaganda, dissemination and education is an important solution for building a healthy legal and cultural environment, training and enhancing the observance of military discipline and State law for the military men, creating a premise to improve the combat power of the units. Bearing this in mind, the Party Committee and commanders of Division 9 (Army 4) have deployed many guidelines and measures to lead and direct the implementation of this work and achieved important results, contributing to the successful completion of all assigned tasks.

To ensure the consistency in leadership and direction, on the basis of the above resolutions and directives on the work of legal propaganda, dissemination and education, the Division's Political Department directs and guides its agencies and units to develop the thematic resolution and lead the implementation of this important task in a way that is suitable to the characteristics of the units,  and areas of operation. Political commissars, junior commissars and commanders at all levels have concretised their resolutions, put them into action programs and plans, and thoroughly briefed all cadres, party members and soldiers. In the quarterly and monthly resolutions, the Party Committees at all levels evaluate the leadership and implementation of legal propaganda, dissemination and education; promptly supplement contents and measures suitable to the tasks and awareness of officers and soldiers; uphold the responsibilities of party committees, commanders, functional agencies, mass organisations in implementation. The Council for coordination in legal dissemination and education at all levels is the standing body which advises and assists the Party committees and commanders of agencies and units to well implement the programs and contents of legal propaganda, dissemination and education. Its agencies and units have focused on fostering and improving capacity and methods for the contingent of legal reporters and propagandists. It successfully held the legal propagation contest in 2022, and won 01 Third prize and 02 Consolation prizes in the legal propagation contest held by the Corps.

During the implementation process, the Division's political department regularly grasps the situation, promptly directs and guides agencies and units to closely combine the contents and methods of legal propaganda, dissemination and education with political - ideological work, and considers this an important content to build political will, moral quality, lifestyle, and good sense of legal and discipline obedience for cadres and soldiers. Accordingly, every year, the units fully implement contents and programmes of political education in accordance with the regulations and instructions of the General Political Department. At the same time, they also thoroughly conduct the work of political education, ideological orientation, and task briefing; thereby, building political will, self-consciousness in strictly observing the State laws and military discipline for the soldiers; struggle against the manifestations of distorted perception, negative behaviour, and violation of discipline and code of conducts of a revolutionary soldier. Educational forms are implemented in an open manner, suitable to the characteristics and tasks, relevant to the psychology and cognitive level of cadres and soldiers, helping cadres and soldiers improve their cultural knowledge, build political will, make drastic changes in awareness, thought and action, determine to complete all assigned tasks well. In order realise the goals of the work, the Divisional Political Department directs the units to regularly renew the content to make it effective and suitable for each kind of object. On that basis, the units have regularly required their officers and soldiers to grasp and study legal documents, decrees, circulars and instructions of the State, the Ministry of National Defence, the Corps, and the Division. At the same time, the units have also supplemented a number of regulations related to training, combat readiness, preservation of weapons and technical equipment,  building regular lifestyle, and observing military discipline.

Party committees and commanders at all levels always focus on flexibly applying various forms of propaganda and education for all troops to make it memorable and understandable; pay attention to education through practical training, combat readiness, mass mobilisation and role models. The division has compiled thematic documents in accordance with the situations and tasks and to put them into the educational programmes and make them the subjects of discussion and seminars at units. Not only spreading the required contents, the contingent of reporters and propagandists of the units also conduct legal dissemination and education on the internal radio system; introduce and propagate through legal books, newspapers and documents in Ho Chi Minh Room, libraries, and bookcases of agencies and units. At the same time, the units have closely coordinated with localities to propagate, disseminate and educate the laws for people in the area where they are stationed. Moreover, the units regularly hold meetings with local Party committee, governments and troops’ families to inform about the troops’ training and observance of  the regimes and regulations of the Army and units, while promptly grasping, managing and settling their thoughts and feelings. In order to strictly manage the troops, party committees, political commissars, junior commissars, and political agencies at all levels regularly forecast the situation and strictly manage internal politics. Officers at all levels are required to keep track of military personnel's records, family background as well as their relationships, especially those who work in key and secret departments.

In order to make steady changes and progresses in the awareness and observance of the State law and military discipline for the subjects, the Division directs its agencies and units to strengthen management and practice of law and discipline by various measures together with building a regular lifestyle and promoting emulation movements and campaigns. Accordingly, in the face of difficult and complicated tasks and sensitive times, the Party Committees and commanders of agencies and units actively grasped the ideological trends and the sense of self-discipline of their troops to forecast and take timely leadership and direction measures, not to let complications occur. In addition, party committees and commanders at all levels regularly meet and educate disobedient soldiers privately; grasp soldiers with difficult family circumstances and undisciplined soldiers with low task performance. Agencies and units strictly maintain the regular regime and order; focusing on renewing working styles, methods, and creating habits of legal observance and building good sense of self-disciplining for their troops. All levels have attached great importance to building healthy military cultural environments; closely stuck to the implementation of the 4th Central Resolution (12th and 13th tenures) and promoted the learning and following of Ho Chi Minh thought, morality and style, and the Campaign of promoting tradition, dedicating talents, being worthy of the title of "Uncle Ho's Soldiers" in the new period. Emulation activities are always maintained in a orderly manner, thereby motivating the troops to complete their tasks well. The movements of: “Youth with discipline training”; "Youth pioneering in the prevention and fight against crime and social evils"; the model of "battalions and companies well fulfiling tasks, without breach of discipline and maintain absolutely safety" are seriously adhered to by all levels. As a result, the feelings, responsibilities, sense of compliance with the State's laws and military discipline of officers and soldiers in the whole Division have seen remarkable changes; the rate of ordinary disciplinary violations dropped to less than 0.3% (a decrease of 0.06% compared to 2020). The division is always kept stable, excellently complete all assigned tasks.

Senior Colonel HO VIET QUANG, Chief of the Division’s Political Department

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