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Defense and Security Education in the Ministry of Construction

Defense and security education is a regular and important task of ministries, branches central unions and localities in the cause of national construction and defense. Following this motto, the Ministry of Construction has been implementing the task with a number of positive measures which are suitable to its functions, missions, and specific operations.

As a key economic branch, almost all aspects of the ministry are closely relevant to defense and security. This requires that the ministry must regularly attach importance to and thoroughly implement the combination between socio-economic development with defense and security, from policy study and planning, legal document building to construction and architect plan, regional, urban, rural development plan, plan for developing building material industry; mineral exploration; designing and constructing national key projects, etc. To meet the requirements set out, the Ministry of Construction has always attached importance to and seriously and effectively implement defense and security education which was highly regarded by the Central Council for Defense and Security Education, contributing to the fulfillment of the military and defense tasks of the Ministry.

Knowing that the unification in awareness is the base for action, the ministry has paid attention to educating to raise awareness and responsibility of its cadres, party members and staff of the defense and  security teaching and studying. Accordingly, the ministry has directed its affiliated units and offices  to disseminate among its cadres, party members and staff basic contents of the Party’s directives and the Government’s decrees on the work, focusing on the Directive 12-CT/TW dated 3 May 2007 of the Politburo (X tenure) on “Strengthening the Party’s leadership over defense and security education in the new situation”, law on defense and security education, guiding documents for implementation and the Party’s viewpoint and guidelines on defense and security. Thereby, its cadres, party members and staff, particularly key ones at levels are fully aware of the position and importance of the work as well as their responsibilities in directing, organizing the implementation of the work in their offices.

To effectively implement the work, the Party Executive Committee of the Ministry has appointed one of its deputies minister to be in charge of work and assign the military office of the ministry and its departments to do the advisory role and help the ministry leaders in each aspect of the military and defense work. Thereby, the ministry has closely directed by a number of measures and unceasingly enhanced the quality and effectiveness of the military and defense work in general and defense and security education in particular.

Due to the requirements, missions, the ministry’s affiliated units and  offices are dispersed and operate all across the country; the subject of defense and security education are diverse and come from different offices, such as conglomerates, companies, , schools, institutes, etc. For this reason, the ministry attaches importance to the thorough implementation of the work. Annually, the ministry directs its military office to screen the subject and make a list of cadres who are to attend defense and security courses with priority given to young and newly-appointed ones.

Besides the topics in the program, the ministry directs to integrate the content of each topic into each area of operation of the cadres; meanwhile deepening the necessary topics, particularly the plots and schemes used by hostile forces against Vietnam’s revolution; the mission of Fatherland protection in the context of international integration, etc. During the 2011 to 2016 period, the ministry coordinated with functional bodies to send more than 900 of its cadres to attend defense and security courses with good results. Notably, after attending the courses, their awareness has been changed significantly and they have become more aware of the defense and security matter in the area of operation; their responsibility of the defense and military work and Fatherland protection mission has also improved as well.

With the aim to equip the future staff of the construction sector with knowledge and basic skills about defense and security right in school time, the ministry directs its schools to thoroughly implement defense and security education for students. Accordingly, the schools base on their conditions and students to apply the suitable model and method of implementing defense and security education. Time is set flexibly. Students will study either in the beginning week of each term or in a month long. The ministry requires that whatever the model the schools apply, they must adhere to the content and program of the Ministry of  Education and Training. With this way of doing, its schools have opened defense and security courses for over 99% of its students with good results, contributing greatly to the development of human resource for the construction sector both short term and long term.

The experience and results gained in the work of defense and security education of the ministry are just initial achievements but of great importance. These are the grounds for the Ministry of Construction to review its leadership and implementation in order to make new and steady movements  in the work, contributing to the fulfillment of its political mission and the cause of Fatherland protection in the new situation.

Do Duc Duy, MA.

Deputy Minister of Construction

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