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Defence and security education at the Hanoi High Command Military School

Thoroughly grasping and implementing the Party’s policies and lines on national defence and security, and Fatherland protection, over the past years, the Military School of the Hanoi Capital High Command has implemented many solutions to improve the quality of education and training to meet the requirements of building the armed forces of the Capital and performing well the task of fostering and educating national defence and security knowledge for Group-2 and Group-3 cadres and party members of the City and students in the area in accordance with hierarchy. Thanks to the attention of the City and the Capital Command, since March 2019, the Centre for National Defence and Security Education under the School has been officially put into operation, receiving and fostering defence and security knowledge for 100% of the city's Group-2 and Group-3 cadres. Due to the large number of learners with increasingly high requirements while the facilities and capacity of the teachers have yet to meet the requirements, the Party Committee and Headquarters of the School focus on leading, directing and perfecting the management and administration mechanism of defence and security education in accordance with the actual situation.

As there are several administrative units and agencies stationed in the city, the number of cadres subject to national defence and security education is large and diverse. Being aware of that, the school actively coordinates with functional agencies of the High Command, the military command of the ministries and central branches to advise the Municipal National Defence and Security Education Council to classify subjects and develop suitable plans in accordance with its human resources and the existing facilities.

In order to make defence and security education effective, the school focuses on developing a sufficient and capable contingent of cadres and teachers to meet task requirements. As Group-2 and Group-3 cadres are high-qualified ones with high level of theory and practical experience, it is required that teachers of those cadres have adequate qualifications, high theoretical level, rich practical experience, and good pedagogical methods. To meet that requirement, the school proactively selects the best teachers who are the head of the subject or above, with graduate or post-graduate degrees and sufficient required certificates; at the same time, it has made plan for fostering, training and building a contingent of comprehensively capable teachers to meet the long-term requirements and tasks of the school.

Opening ceremony of defence and security course for Group-2 cadres

In order to improve the quality of lectures, the school strictly maintains the regime of lesson planning, practice, trial teaching, especially for key and specialized topics. The process of lecture approving is carried out from the faculty level to the Science Council for each specific class, making the content of the training updated, lively, and suitable to the characteristics of state management in economics, culture and society in the capital area, the economic, political, cultural and external center of the whole country. Regularly organize teaching contests at all levels to evaluate the quality, timely improve the skill, knowledge and comprehensive capacity for teachers of defence and security field. With that effort, in the last three years, teaching staff of the school has been qualified for 100% of the topics in the program prescribed for both Group-2 and Group-3 subjects. In 2019, in the 5th Competition for Teachers of National Defence and Security held by the Ministry of Education and Training, the school won one Second prize, 02 Third prizes for individuals; The Center for National Defence and Security Education of the school was awarded with the Certificate of Merit by the Ministry of Education and Training.

To meet the requirements and tasks, the school actively mobilizes resources to ensure adequate textbooks, documents and facilities for national defence and security education. Due to the short training time, in order to convey as much information for difficult topics as possible, the school instructs teachers to thoroughly prepare textbooks and documents suitable for each subject and make sure that the content is updated, intensive, practical and focused. The school also encourages teachers to apply information technology and use electronic lesson plans during their teaching process; directs the departments and faculties to compile detailed outlines of the topics; write textbooks, documents, promote innovations and improve teaching skills, while well preparing accommodation for learners. Given its insufficient facility, the school actively exploits and effectively uses capital resources to consolidate the lecture system, install additional equipment, build the training operation center, firing range, specialized classrooms, digital library, etc. Currently, 100% of its teachers are equipped with computers; students are provided with enough textbooks, material, and military equipment as prescribed, and they can use military networks for their research and study. In addition, the school has encouraged its staff and teachers to actively do scientific research and promote innovations and initiatives. Since 2019 to date, the school has held 09 defence and security courses for 826 cadres of Group-2 and Group-3 of the City; coordinated to open 36 classes for 4,806 cadres of ministries, branches, hospitals and schools in the area. In addition, it has conducted additional courses for 164 commune-level leading cadres, which was highly appreciated by localities.

Defence and security education for students is a new mission of the school. According to the regulation of the Ministry of Education and Training, the school is tasked with conducting defence and security education for student of 03 universities and 19 colleges in the area. Right after receiving students, the school holds familiarisation courses to make them familiar with the regulations and the environment in the centre. Students are divided into companies directly managed by the school, and they stay there on a full board basis. During their learning and practice, the school maintains strictly daily and weekly regimes; combines learning with disciplinary training to make students get on well and integrate into the military environment. In addition, the school actively organizes cultural, artistic, physical training and sports activities to both improve students' fitness and create a friendly and united learning and training environment. At the same time, it organizes extracurricular activities, such as visiting the Army units, museums, revolutionary relics, etc., to nurture their patriotism and fostering their national pride. Since March 2019 to date, the school has completed defence and security education for more than 1,000 students of the Central Transport College 1 and the National Economics University with good results and absolute safety.

Fostering and educating national defence and security knowledge for cadres and students in the city is an important content of the school, contributing to raising awareness and responsibility for the task of building the all people’s national defence, the all-people’s defence posture associated with the people's security posture, building Hanoi Municipality - an important strategic area - into a solid defence area. To meet the increasing requirements of this work, the Military School of the Hanoi Capital Command will promote the achieved results and experience, and focus on leadership and direction over the synchronous implementation of guidelines and solutions identified in the Resolution of the School Party Congress for the 2020 – 2025 tenure, strive to well fulfill the assigned political tasks, contributing to building a strong armed force of the Capital.

Senior Colonel DO HONG THAI, Principal of the School

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