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Corps 2 focuses on improving training and drill quality

By studying and deeply grasping the military and defence lines of the Party, and resolutions and directives of the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of National Defence, assessing combat objects, and adhering to practical tasks, Corps 2 Party Committee and High Command have focused on leading and directing the breakthroughs in improving the training and drill quality to ensure combat readiness and victories in all situations.

Corps 2 was established on May 17th, 1974 under the Party's policy to carry out major and decisive campaigns to liberate the South and unify the country. Immediately after its establishment, the Corps quickly stabilised its organisation and staffing, actively trained, rehearsed, and, together with the armed forces of Military Region 5 and Tri Thien Military Region, fought and won the campaigns of Nong Son - Thuong Duc and La Son - Mo Tau to change the battlefield situation and affirm its combat level in the synergistic combat formation. Promoting its courage and dare to fight spirit, in 1975, together with the soldiers and people on the Southern battlefields, the Corps successfully completed the task of liberating the Central Highlands, Hue, and Da Nang and smashing Phan Rang "steel shield" and the enemy's remote defensive line to liberate the Central Coastal provinces. During Ho Chi Minh Campaign, it deployed a large-scale force to deeply jab into the inner city and conquered the Independence Palace, captured the cabinet, and put an end to the Saigon government. Right after the country’s peace, the Corps continued to receive and successfully complete its combat tasks to protect the Southwestern and Northern borders of the country and fulfill lofty international obligations to the two countries of Laos and Cambodia. With those glorious achievements, the Corps’ cadres and soldiers have built the tradition of "Speed ​​- Daring - Determination-to-Win".

Commander of the Corps briefs the troops before an exercise in 2020

To fulfill the combat tasks in both peacetime and wartime, the Corps Party Committee and High Command have always attached great importance to inheriting and promoting its tradition and directing the education for cadres and soldiers to recognise the position, role, and the need to improve the training and drill quality and raise awareness, thinking, and sense of responsibility in performing tasks. In recent years, the Corps has actively overcome difficulties, brought into play all investment resources to build, consolidate, and renew training fields and grounds and facilities for training and drills, and renovated the organisation, management, direction, and administration of the training. The training contents have been made comprehensive to adhere to the mottoes and apply views, principles, and combinations in training from low to high and from simple to complex levels. In addition, the Corps has also focused on the education of tradition for cadres and soldiers, especially new soldiers right from recruitment, through various forms so that they gain a deeper understanding of the history and tradition of the Corps and the Army. Through such direction, since 2015, the training and drill quality has been continuously improved, and the Corps has participated and excellently fulfilled its tasked in the MB-17, DT-17, and ĐK-18 military exercises, and the TQL20 experimental drills.

In response to the higher requirements and new developments of the task of building and protecting the Fatherland, the Corps has thoroughly grasped and strictly implemented the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress, Resolution of the 11th Military Party Congress, and Resolution of the 10th Corps Party Congress to break through in improving the training and drill quality among which, the following tasks and solutions have been focused on.

Firstly, to continue to educate and communicate to raise awareness and sense of responsibility for cadres and soldiers about training, drills, contests, and competitions. The Corps has directed to strengthen communication, political education, and ideological leadership to build the cadres and soldiers with strong political stuff, limitless loyalty to the Party, Fatherland, and People, and readiness to fight and sacrifice for the independence and freedom of the Fatherland and the socialism. It has firmly grasped the superiors’ resolutions and directives on training, especially Resolution No.765-NQ/QUTW, Conclusion No.60-KL/QUTW of the Central Military Committee, and Resolution No.253-NQ/ĐU of the Corps Party Committee on "Improving the training quality in the 2013 - 2020 period and beyond". It has focused on thoroughly and deeply communicating the 2021 training topic entitled "Improving the quality and efficiency of drills, contests, competitions in the country, the region, and the world", to raise awareness, create steady changes for the contingent of cadres and soldiers in training, drills, and combat readiness, and implement military training-political education combination, education and training-combat training combination, and basic education-continuing education combination. The Corps has also attached importance to traditional education, especially for new recruits, as the basis and foundation for promoting the units’ tradition in training, drills, contests, and competitions.

Secondly, to do well in preparation for training and drills. The Corps has directed to do well the preparation work, from planning and approval of training plans, lesson plans, and lectures to preparation of human resources and facilities and consolidation of training fields and grounds. Annually, the Corps has paid attention to consolidating organisation and staffing and rearranging the contingent of cadres for units to meet the requirements of comprehensive and intensive training and general rotation drills. It has strengthened fostering cadres at all levels before going into training. It has also focused on fostering and improving qualifications and methods of organisation and practice of training for division cadres and advisory capacity in training organisation, management, and administration for cadres of agencies at all levels. The approval of lectures and lesson plans has been carried out closely and seriously. The shooting ranges, training fields and grounds, and learning tools and models have been developed towards uniformly and synchronously applying science and technology throughout the Corps, while scientific initiatives have been actively researched, replicated, and widely applied in training, drills, and combat readiness.

Tanks cross river in an exercise

Thirdly, to actively renovate training methods to improve quality and meet requirements and tasks. To make troop training relevant to reality close combat and improve the overall quality and combat power, the Corps has directed the subordinate units to strictly implement the training programs and contents and attached importance to comprehensive and specialised training, tactical drills, and synthetic rotation drills. To solve this issue, the Corps has renovated training methods with priority given to the quality of integrated training and night training and taken practice as the main aspect, tactical training as the centre, training of infantry fighting techniques and military coordination as the basis. Training has been carried out in accordance with principles, mottoes, and combinations. To assess the quality and effectiveness of training of agencies and units, the Corps has well organised various types of drills, including map staff commanding and synthetic rotation drills for agencies and units, etc.

Fourthly, to strengthen examination, contests, and competitions to assess the results of training and drills. Along with strict implementation of the training regime, the Corps has strengthened the inspection and supervision of the units’ training and drills and incorporated regular inspection with unscheduled examination. In the inspection process the Corps has avoided simplification and formality and resolutely overcome the credit-driven practice in training and drills to ensure substantial training, inspection, and quality. It has also associated the results of implementation of training tasks with annual cadre classification and evaluation and regularly renovated the contents and methods of holding contests and competitions and defining key and central contents and priority to grassroots units.

Finally, to do well the logistical and technical supply for training and drills. The Corps has directed agencies and units to assure adequate logistical and technical aspects for tasks, especially the combat one, among which, importance has been attached to assuring adequate, timely, and synchronously weapons, equipment,  and logistical supplies for training and drills. To improve the quality of this work, in addition to implementing regular logistical and technical work, such as farming, production, food processing, preservation, maintenance, repair, and technical innovation, the Corps has also directed the long-time preservation of food in the natural environment and done well the work of sanitation, prevention, and control of pandemics, especially the Covid-19, training of field cooking to ensure 100% of healthy soldiers participating in training, drills, contests, and competitions.

Promoting the 47-year tradition of building, fighting and growing up, Corps 2 promotes the implementation of breakthroughs in improving the quality of training, drills, contests, and competitions to directly contribute to improving the overall quality and combat power to fulfill all assigned tasks and continue adhering to the tradition of "Speed ​​- Daring - Determination-to-Win" in the new era.

Major General PHAM VAN HOA, Commander of the Corps

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