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Coast Guard Region 1 implement "Disciplinary year 2020”

Adhering to the disciplines and regulations in leadership, command and management of all levels is not only for improving the quality and efficiency of task performance, formality construction, disciplinary management, creating the strength to fight and defeat all enemies, but also a key task to build the "revolutionary, regular, highly-skilled, and gradually modernised" Military, for its successful accomplishment of all assigned tasks. In order to enhance the observance of disciplines of the Unit, Party Committee and Command of the 1st Coast Guard Region have proposed a number of guidelines and measures, including the action plan for "Disciplinary year 2020".

Upon the issuance of Directive No. 07/CT-TM, dated March 10, 2020 of the General Staff on the implementation of the "Disciplinary year 2020" in the Military, the Regional Party Committee developed a thematic resolution on the implementation of the "Disciplinary year 2020". In particular, breakthrough has been focused on improving the efficiency of propaganda, dissemination and education about the observance of discipline in performing the functions, tasks and working regimes of commanders and offices at all levels; discipline in performing tasks of training, combat readiness; the Party and political work, logistic and technical work, and the regularity regimes of agencies and units. Based on the Resolution of the Party Committee of the Region, agencies and units have developed plans and action programs for the implementation of the “Disciplinary Year 2020”; launched emulation movements with specific contents and targets, suitable for each unit.

Pleliminary review on implementing the "Disciplinary year 2020" of the region

In order for the observance of discipline to become a habit and lifestyle of each officer and soldier, it is necessary to thoroughly brief, educate and raise the sense of self-disciplining in the observance of the State law, Military discipline and regulations of the unit for all servicemen. The Party Committee and Command of the Region have directed its agencies and units to propagate thoroughly grasp and strictly adhere to the documents and directives of the Government, the Ministry of National Defence and the High Command of the Coast Guard and instructions of the above level on formality building and disciplining. The focus is on Directive No. 26/CT-TTg, dated September 5, 2016 of the Prime Minister on "Strengthening discipline and regulations in State administrative agencies at all levels"; Decree No. 100/2019/NĐ-CP, dated December 30, 2019 of the Government on "Regulations on sanctioning of administrative violations of road and railway traffic"; Law No. 44/2019/QH14, dated 14/6/2019 of the National Assembly on "Prevention and control of harmful effects of alcohol and beer"; Directive No. 103/CT-BQP, dated November 28, 2019, on "Continuing to strengthen management, education on the observance of discipline and safety precautions in the Vietnam People's Army"; Circular No. 16/2020/TT-BQP, dated February 21, 2020 of the Ministry of National Defence on "Regulating the application of the forms, order, procedures, statute of limitations, time limit and competence of disciplining in the Ministry of National Defence". In addition, the Region also focused on thoroughly briefing its officers and soldiers to make them firmly grasp Directive No. 22/CT-TM, dated July 5, 2019 of the General Staff on "Strengthening a number of measures in education, management and observance of State laws, military discipline and safety assurance in the Vietnam People's Army"; Directive No. 81/CT-TM, dated January 2, 2020 of the Commander of the Coast Guard on "Strengthening management, education on disciplinary compliance and ensuring safety for the Coast Guard force", Directive No. 777/CT-BTL, February 4, 2020, of the High Command of the Coast Guard on "Prevention and control of the consequences of alcohol and beer in the Coast Guard High Command", etc. The region has directed its agencies and units to strictly comply with the Instruction No. 3475-HD/HĐ, dated August 19, 2017 of the Council for coordination in legal dissemination and education of the Vietnam Coast Guard on studying “The Coast Guard legal handbook”, “Legal Day” every month and the movement of “One law article a day”, “Uncle Ho’s words this day in the past”, studying the “100 likely ideological situations in the units” associated with implementing the contents of “4 good, 4 no, 4 countering”. Thereby, the level of knowledge and understanding of the law and the awareness of observing the State law, the Military disciplines of its officers and soldiers have been constantly improved, contributing to the successful completion of their assigned tasks.

During the implementation, the Party Committee and Command of the region have directed its agencies and units to actively renew the propaganda form and methods to implement the “Disciplinary year 2020” in accordance with the characteristics, responsibilities and duties of each unit. Accordingly, the political agency has promptly directed and guided the activities relating to the Party and political work; coordinated with the central and military press agencies in propagating contents related to the implementation of the “Disciplinary Year 2020”, the observance of the State law and Military discipline of the Military together with the regulations on formality construction, disciplined observance of the Vietnam Coast Guard and the Region. In addition to regularly strengthening the system of panels and posters to improve the quality of propaganda and visual education, the Region has also directed all levels to integrate into various types of activities, such as: Political, cultural and spiritual Day; “Legal Day”; forums, dialogues, exchange, fellowship, artistic performance ... to create a healthy cultural environment, contributing to raising the sense of self-awareness in legal observance and discipline for officers and soldiers. At the same time, the Region has also cooperated closely with the local party committees and authorities to develop operational programs and plans and hold talks on the Law on Vietnam Coast Guard and detailed regulatory documents  guiding the implementation of the Law; positions, roles, duties and powers of the Coast Guard in the management and protection of seas and islands of the Fatherland; building the revolutionary, regular, highly-skilled and modernised Vietnam Coast Guard acting as a specialized and core force of the State, the people's armed forces in of the enforcement of marine law.

The Party Committee and Command of the Region often focus on leading, directing and improving the efficiency of management, maintaining discipline, building a formal lifestyle and emulation movements, and campaigns of the unit. Strictly maintain the order and regime of studying, living and working; improve the quality Military disciplining; associate human management with the management of vehicles, weapons, and technical equipment. Focus on renewing working style and methods, correcting mistakes. At the same time, well implementing the Instruction No. 3050/HD-TM, dated March 27, 2020 of the Staff of the Coast Guard on "Strengthening measures in the education and management of Military discipline and ensuring safety in the Vietnam People's Army". Safety assurance in training and inspection, especially in live firing, is attached with special importance and strictly maintained by the leaders and commanders at all levels. Party committees and commanders at all levels pay close attention to their troops and regularly take measures to grasp ideological situation, relationships of officers and soldiers; have close coordination between organizations, units, families and localities to educate and manage the soldiers. Thoroughly grasp and opportunely and accurately report on the observance of the State law and Military discipline according to regulations. The evaluation of task performance and commendation has been carried out comprehensively at all levels in a democratic, objective and substantial manner; discipline observance is used as an important criterion to evaluate and determine emulation ranking. Emulation movements and campaigns have been conducted in a regular manner, achieving practical results; closely link the implementation of the Determined to Win Emulation movement with the emulation for the implementation of “Disciplinary year 2020” and other campaigns; resolutely counter against the manifestations of irresponsibility in observing the State law and Military discipline.

With different synchronous and practical solutions, the implementation of the “Disciplinary year 2020” of the 1st Coast Guard Region has initially met the objectives and requirements. As a result, the observance of discipline of its officers and soldiers has seen positive changes; common violations of Military discipline have decreased significantly. There has been no serious breach of discipline recorded in the whole Region so far. This is the basis for the Party Committee and Command of the 1st Coast Guard Region to continue to lead and direct the synchronous implementation of solutions to well implement the remaining targets of the “Disciplinary year 2020” and in the following years, contributing to building an all-strong region, successfully accomplishing all assigned tasks.

Senior Colonel TRAN VAN RONG

Political Commissar of the Coast Guard Region 1

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