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Coast Guard Region 1 builds a comprehensively strong, “exemplary, typical” unit

Coast Guard Region 1, under the Coast Guard Command, is responsible for, along with other forces, controlling and protecting the sovereignty and sovereign right over the waters and islands from the North to the Centre. In the seas and islands under its areas of responsibility, smuggling, trade fraud, and crime happen very complicatedly. Its mission of sovereignty protection is becoming increasingly heavy, difficult and challenging. In order to complete its tasks, the Region’s Party Committee and Command have made many guidelines and solutions for leadership and direction, in which, building a comprehensively strong, “exemplary and typical” unit is one of the most important solutions.

Sr. Col. Tran Van Rong speaks at the closing ceremony of the 2020 Political teaching contest

Thoroughly grasping the above resolutions, directives and instructions on building a comprehensively strong, “exemplary and typical” unit, the Region’s Party Committee and all levels of the Party Committee have issued thematic resolutions for leaders and commanders at all levels to build implementation plan suitable to the characteristics and duties of their unit. During implementation, the Region always adheres to 05 criteria for building a comprehensively strong unit, identifying the focal and key points on building an “exemplary and typical” unit. First of all, it leads and directs the building of a politically strong region. Agencies and units have strengthened propaganda, education and construction for all soldiers to make them exemplary and typical in political ideology, ethical qualities, sense of responsibility, and actions; promoted the exemplary role of cadres, party members, especially the leading and key ones; strictly maintained the order and regime of news briefing, the Political, cultural and spiritual Day, Party Day, Legal Day and “One law daily”, etc. At the same time, it has thoroughly carried out commemorative activities, emulation movements, major campaigns of the Party, State and Army, associated with the implementation of Directive No. 05-CT/TW of the Politburo on promoting the studying and following of Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality and style, Directive No. 202 of the Commander of the Coast Guard on implementing the Emulation Movement of “Four good, four no, four against”; closely coordinated with local Party committees, authorities, and mass organisations to carry out the mass mobilisation work, the emulation movement of “skillful mass mobilisation”, building “good unit at mass mobilisation” and the “Coast Guard accompanying the fishermen”, contributing to the successful implementation of political tasks.

Along with that, it focuses on building clean and strong party organisations. The Party Committee of the Region directs the Party Committees at all levels to renew the way of making resolution, clearly define the key tasks, overcome the weaknesses and attach the responsibilities of the Party Committee, the Standing Committee, and leading cadres in execution. Actively renew the working style of the Party Committees at all levels towards democratic, scientific, dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility. Maintain the regimes strictly, the learning, self-criticism and criticism according to  the Central Resolution 4 (12th tenure) on Party building and rectification, thoroughly overcome the shortcomings and limitations, making important changes in the awareness and responsibility of its Party Committees, party organisations, leaders, officers and  party members.

The region always actively reviews, adjusts and supplements combat readiness plans and documents; strictly maintains forces and means on combat readiness duty according to regulations; closely coordinates with the forces of the Navy, Border Guard, Fisheries Surveillance and Police to firmly protect the sovereignty of sea and islands and fight against crimes and violations at sea. Sign the coordination plan with 09 coastal provinces and cities under Decree No. 30/2010/NĐ-CP, dated March 29, 2010 of the Government on mobilising human resources and civil boats to participate in the protection of  sovereignty and sovereign right over the waters of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and coordinates with the Police force under Decree No. 03/2019/NĐ-CP, dated September 5, 2019 of the Government on ensuring social order and safety, crime fighting and prevention, contributing to maintaining political security, social order and safety in the areas of operation.

The region has gathered forces and means to effectively fight against crimes, focusing on key areas. Well organise the patrol, inspection, control, timely detect and fight against smuggling and commercial fraud at sea; especially, the foreign-related cases. Develop plans to prevent and respond to incidents and overcome consequences of natural disasters; proactively search and rescue to create a safe and secure environment in the Gulf of Tonkin. Maintain strictly the search and rescue duty, and meteorological and maritime security duty; promptly give safety warnings for ships and boats; successfully participate in the search and rescue of distressed ships in complicated weather conditions, which was recognised by the local authorities and people, and highly appreciated by the superiors, contributing to affirming and strengthening the position and trust of the people in the Coast Guard force in general and the Coast Guard Region 1 in particular.

The region directs agencies and units to thoroughly conduct training, from preparing the training equipment and field to executing the phases of training. The training process is strictly complied with the motto of “basic, practical, solid”, synchronous and specialised, relevant to reality, staff organisation, equipment. Strictly implement the proposed training content, programs and plans; combine training with patrol, control, law enforcement and combat readiness on sea; focus on night training, weaponry training, especially the new and modern equipment, and improve the ability to handle situations on sea; regularly hold exercises, contests and sports festivals to improve the level and method of leadership, commanding and management of cadres at all levels. At the same time, it has proposed many positive measures to build the regularity order, manage discipline, ensure safety when performing duties and in traffic; strictly manage the situation in all aspects, especially its strength, weapons, technical equipment, ships, and facilities; strengthen inspection, control, maintain strict discipline, ensure safety for the unit.

Regularly ensure adequate and timely logistics and financial supplies for regular and irregular tasks, first of all, combat task to protect the sovereignty of sea and islands, patrol, control, search and rescue. Step up the Emulation movement of “The Military Logistics follows Uncle Ho’s teaching”; actively overcome difficulties, improve living, studying and working conditions for cadres and soldiers. Troop’s health is well taken care for, especially in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic with over 98.5% of troops having good health conditions. Financial principles and regulations are seriously adhered to ensure transparency and avoid misspending.

Synchronously implement solutions for technical work, fully and promptly ensure the quantity, quality, and type of weapons and technical equipment for the tasks, especially the patrol, law enforcement, search and rescue at sea. Well implement the Campaign of “Managing and exploiting weapons, technical equipment in a good, durable, safe and economical manner and traffic safety” and two breakthroughs of the Technical sector on “Building the regular technical regulations and mastering of weapons and technical equipment”. Actively repair, overcome incidents, preserve and maintain good condition of weapons and technical equipment. As a result, the annual technical ratios of ships and vehicles always reach and exceed the set targets, well serving the tasks of training, patrolling, inspecting, law enforcement and search and rescue on sea.

With the achieved results, the Coast Guard Region 1 was awarded the Emulation Flag by the Ministry of National Defence for its excellent performance in the Determine to Win Emulation movement in 2020. This is the premise for its officers and soldiers to continue to strive to improve its task performance, successfully completing all assigned tasks.

Sr. Col. TRAN VAN RONG, Political Commissar of the Region

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