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Chemical Brigade 87 accelerates the studying and following of Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, ethics, and manners

Thanks to the full awareness and good implementation, the studying and following of Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, ethics, and manners at Chemical Brigade 87 has obtained important outcomes, which consequently lead to a profound shift in the awareness and actions of cadres, party members, and soldiers and creating motive and synergy so that the Brigade can accomplish all assigned tasks.

As a Chemical Unit (directly under Chemical Command) at strategic levels, Chemical Brigade 87 is tasked with training, combat readiness and chemical assurance in combined arms warfare. At the same time, the Brigade also participates in fighting and preventing terrorist activities and implements measures on civil defence; surmounts incidents of toxic chemicals, radiation, and environmental pollution and deals with toxic residues in the southern provinces; prevents the proliferation of weapons of masses destruction; readily performs the task of preventing and fighting natural disasters, incidents, searching and rescuing, and other urgent tasks in peacetime. To accomplish all assigned tasks, the Brigade’s Party Committee and Command always adhere to the direction of higher echelons, task requirements, and the situation of the unit, localities, etc., and concentrate on leading and directing across the board. In particular, studying and following  Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, ethics, and manners is the central task which is both imperative and fundamental in creating a driving force and determination so that all organisations and individuals can accomplish all assigned tasks.

Being fully aware of the values and significance of Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, ethics and manners, the Brigade’s Party Committee and Command have directed its party and command levels to issue resolutions, formulate plans and conduct the implementation. In particular, it is necessary to determine the focus, key points, challenges, and new requirements to focus on leading and thoroughly solving to produce changes in all working aspects of each unit. Party committees, party organisations, commanders and masses organisations at all levels have regularly reviewed and promptly supplemented criteria for studying and following Ho Chi Minh's thoughts, ethics, and manners. At the same time, the Brigade has also directed and instructed all cadres, party members, and the masses to commit the striving for studying and following Ho Chi Minh's thoughts, ethics, and manners with practical activities in accordance with the Resolution of the 4th Party Central Committee (13th tenure) on building and rectifying the Party and political system; the Campaign on Promoting tradition, devoting talents, deserving “Uncle Ho’s Soldiers” in the new period. All units have always attached importance to accelerating the propagation and education of Ho Chi Minh’s life, career, and moral examples through various methods. The Brigade has also stringently maintained Regulations on Grassroots Democracy to thoroughly review, conclude, and solve all opinions and questions of cadres and soldiers, thereby establishing a widespread consensus and determination within the contingent of cadres, party members and the masses. Plenty of new and creative models and approaches which have been built, duplicated, and effectively promoted are actively responded to by cadres, party members and the masses. The effectiveness of studying and following Ho Chi Minh has directly contributed to building a transparent, strong, and typical Party Committee and an all-powerful, “exemplary and typical” Brigade with sustainable development, high synergy, manoeuvrability, and high combat strength to readily receive and accomplish all assigned tasks.

Currently, the tasks of training, combat readiness, and solving toxic chemical residues after wars and environmental incidents require cadres and soldiers to possess courage, qualification, and high responsibility. Meanwhile, the units of the Brigade operate independently; cadres and soldiers often operate in toxic and hazardous environments; vehicles, technical equipment, and weapons are newly equipped but diverse and complex; the families of cadres and soldiers remain difficult, etc. Therefore, the acceleration of studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, ethics, and manners in accordance with Conclusion No. 01-KL/TW of the Politburo (13th tenure) with multiple synchronous, creative, and practical measures is significant to the task accomplishment of the Brigade.

The central and fundamental solution which is led and directed by the Brigade’s Party Committee and Command is to continue promoting propagation and education to heighten cadres’ and soldiers’ awareness of the content, great value and significance of Ho Chi Minh's thoughts, ethics, and manners and the qualities of "Uncle Ho's soldiers". Accordingly, agencies and units should regularly disseminate tasks; promptly inform the situation and orientate the soldiers’ awareness and thoughts; strictly maintain the quality of political and ideological education. Simultaneously, the focus should be placed on propagation and education so that cadres and soldiers can be deeply imbued with Uncle Ho’s thoughts and moral examples, the tradition of the Army and the tradition of “Good prevention and good combat” of the Chemical soldiers, thereby continuing to stimulate the desire for dedication and the will to self-reliance, self-strengthening and promoting the qualities of "Uncle Ho's soldiers" to accomplish all assigned tasks. The Brigade should direct its agencies and units to closely combine regular education with thematic education; through forums, seminars and meetings of organisations; promote the role of reporters, propagandists, internal radio systems and cultural institutions at grass-roots levels, etc. As a result, Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, ethics, and manners can become a routine of each cadre, party member and the masses in units.

Secondly, bringing into play the leadership, direction and roles of presiding cadres at all levels in accelerating the studying and following of Uncle Ho. Deeply grasping President Ho Chi Minh’s teachings: “Leading cadres must be exemplary in all aspects and set bright examples on revolutionary morality”, the Brigade’s Party Committee and Command should attach much importance to this crucial content and regard it as the key to pervasiveness within the unit. The goal of the Brigade is that each cadre, within the scope of his responsibilities, should determine to make a change to attract all cadres and soldiers to follow. The brigade’s Party Committee and Command require each cadre and party member to voluntarily set an example to affirm his leadership exemplary role. The higher the cadres’ positions hold, the more exemplary they must be to take the lead in implementation. As for residing cadres at all levels, their roles in modelling must be reflected in the qualities of being consistent, daring to think, daring to do, daring to take responsibility, daring to speak, daring to innovate, daring to confront difficulties and challenges, prioritising the interests of the collective for the common interests; developing a scientific, democratic, in-depth leadership style to be the nucleus of unity in the unit; maintaining the principle of democratic centralism; seriously uphold self-criticism and criticism, etc. During the implementation process, the Brigade must direct the strict maintenance of order and quality of activities of party committees and organisations at all levels; improve the quality of reviewing cadres and party members, especially those who show signs of violations. It is necessary to actively keep abreast of the situation, and promptly handle ideological problems in the party committees and cells, agencies and units.

Thirdly, closely combining the intensification of studying and following Ho Chi Minh's thoughts, ethics, and manners with the victorious implementation of political tasks and Party building and rectification. To effectively promote this measure, in the upcoming time, together with boosting the implementation of the Campaign of promoting tradition, devoting talents, deserving the title of "Uncle Ho's soldiers" in the new period; Determination to win Emulation Movement and, campaigns of all levels and branches,... The Brigade’s Party Committee should check, concretise and add the contents and measures for studying and following Ho Chi Minh's thoughts, ethics, and manners to the program and plan for political tasks of the Unit, associated with strict implementation of conclusions and regulations on Party building and rectification. The focus should be on Conclusion No. 21-KL/TW issued on October 25th, 2021 by the Party Central Committee (13th tenure) on accelerating building and rectifying the Party and political system and resolutely preventing and strictly handling cadres and party members who degrade their political ideology, ethics, manners and show "self-evolution", "self-transformation"; Resolution No. 847-NQ/QUTW issued on December 28th, 2021 by the Central Military Commission on promoting the qualities of "Uncle Ho's soldiers" and resolutely fighting individualism in the new situation. In the periodical resolutions, party committees and organisations must evaluate the results across the board, determine the requirements and measures to accelerate learning and following Ho Chi Minh's thoughts, ethics, and manners. Each cadre, party member, and the masses must commit to training and striving according to their assigned responsibilities and tasks. It is necessary to intensify inspection, supervision and enforcement of Party discipline, strictly implement plans; observe the principles and processes during the implementation process. The content of inspection and supervision must closely adhere to political tasks and requirements of Party building in accordance with Regulation No. 08-QĐi/TW of the Central Committee on the responsibility of cadres and party members toward modelling; promptly surmount all shortcomings and handle them immediately at the grassroots level. Importance should be attached to periodically reviewing the results; promptly commending collectives and individuals; simultaneously, seriously learning from experience, taking corrective measures, and resolutely fighting against wrong perceptions, thoughts, and wrong behaviours. As a result, studying and following Uncle Ho can become a personal need, a routine of all organisations and individuals in the Unit.

Colonel NGUYEN ANH TAN, Commissar of Chemical Brigade 87

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