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Chemical Arm studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s moral example

In recent years, the Party Committee and the Command of the Chemical Arm have taken many measures to promote the studying and following of Ho Chi Minh’s moral example in accordance with the Politburo’s Directive No.3-CT/TW (11th tenure) and relevant to characteristics and features of the Arm.

Major General Pham Duc Tho delivering speech at the 8th Chemical Arm Party Congress (Photo:

Thoroughly grasping the importance of studying and following Uncle Ho’s moral example, the Party Committee and the Command of the Chemical Arm have directed party committees and commanders at levels to issue resolutions, and bringing them into play. Accordingly, each unit has clearly identified main focal points as well as new and challenging issues to deal with, making considerable positive changes in all aspects of their work. Annually, units supplement moral standards for cadres, party members, and soldiers and require them to follow. Monthly, party committees and party cells evaluate the implementation of each organization and individual, particularly the exemplification of key cadres at levels, considering this as one of the criteria to evaluate the training and self-improvement of cadres and party members. Commanders at levels frequently include the evaluation of studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s moral example in meetings, timely encourage typical collectives and individuals, and criticize bad ones. The most considerable change of the Chemical Arm in following Ho Chi Minh’s moral example is to bring into play proactiveness and creativity, successfully fulfil the tasks of training, combat readiness, and cleaning up chemical poisons left from the wars. As for combat readiness, following Uncle Ho’s instruction “We should get ready at any time, anywhere,..”, the Party Committee and the Command of the Arm have led, directed units to seriously maintain on duty, timely supplement, complete combat plans and hold rehearsal, ensuring the Arm always be ready in any situations. In training, the entire Arm has created the self-consciousness in complying with directives and commands, actively and proactively preparing models, teaching aids, training grounds, lesson plans, lectures, and system of records. In training process, it has seriously followed the ratified lesson plans and the guideline of “basic, practical, solid” training, not running after unreal achievements. Moreover, it has identified the focus of training close to combat reality of Chemical troops, such as counter-terrorism, clearance of chemical poisons of wars and chemical, radioactive incidents.

Cleaning up chemical agents left from the wars and dealing with environmental incidents is a peace-time “silent” task of Chemical troops. It is a very complicated and dangerous task, requiring officers and soldiers high skill, braveness and responsibility. Fully aware of their duty, Chemical troops have always done their utmost to overcome difficulties and challenges, even threats to their health and their future generations. They manage to master equipment, and to successfully fulfil all assigned tasks, making contributions to cleaning up the environment. Between 2012 and 2015, the Arm collected and thoroughly handled hundred tons of CS poison, CS-contained ammunition, and other types of chemicals. It worked with other forces to directly rescue people from toxic gas in Thai Hoc commune, Nguyen Binh district, Cao Bang province (January 2012), analyzed samples of land, water, and air to help find out the cause of strange disease in Ba To district, Quang Ngai province (April 2012). Those enormous contributions of the Chemical troops have been recognized and highly appreciated by Ministries, sectors, and local party committees, authorities, and people.

Studying and following Uncle Ho’s moral example, the Chemical Arm have had many applied technical innovations in scientific field. In spite of difficulties, commanders at levels have attached great importance to scientific research. The Arm has studied hundreds of scientific topics from grass-roots to State level, and applied technical and scientific advance into manufacture and maintenance of chemical weapons and equipment.

In the time to come, the Party Committee and the Command of the Chemical Arm will continue to promote the studying and following of Ho Chi Minh’s moral example, in order to make comprehensive changes in awareness, responsibility, morality, lifestyle of cadres, party members, and troops, contributing to building a comprehensively strong Arm.

Major General Pham Duc Tho

Commissar of the Chemical Arm


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