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Ca Mau Province builds firm defensive zone

After more than 10 years implementing the Resolution 28-NQ/TW of the Politburo (10th tenure) on “Continue to build provinces and Centre-governed cities into firm defensive zones in the new situation”, the province of Ca Mau has achieved significant results, thereby, creating favourable conditions for it to foster socio-economic development in a fast, sustainable manner, and strengthen its defense posture in a strategic direction of the Military Zone 9.

Located in the southern most part of the country, Ca Mau has its three sides facing the sea with 254km of coast line and a sea of 80,000 km2. Its sea is rich in natural resources and a key fishing ground of the whole country. Its groups of islands of Hon Khoai, Hon Chuoi, Hon Buong, and Hon Da Bac border with international sea lines which is very favourable for foreign trade and at the same time the forefront in the defensive posture in the southwestern direction of the country. As a result, the province is said to have many potentials for economic development and hold strategic position in defence and security. Therefore, building the province into a firm defensive zone is of importance in the cause of national construction and defence.

Grasping and implementing the Resolution No. 28-NQ/TW of the Politburo (10th tenure) and legal documents on building defensive zones, the province’ Party Executive Committee, People’s Council, and People’s Committee has promulgated a number of documents on leading, directing this important work. Thereby, it has been implemented in a comprehensive and thorough manner, bringing into play the synergy from the socio-political organisations and the entire people. In order to build the political – spiritual potential, the province pays attention to the enhancement of the quality and effectiveness of the operation of the political system at all levels. In particular, it focuses on building and strengthening party organisations and local authorities; building its armed forces comprehensively strong. At the same time, it promotes the defense and security education, legal dissemination and propagation to improve the responsibility and awareness and of its cadres, party members and people of the Party’s lines, of the national defence, of the mission of building the defensive zone and safeguarding the Fatherland in the new situation. In addition, it focuses on implementing the socio-cultural goals, especially the National Program on reducing poverty sustainably favourable policies for those who have rendered good services for the revolution, ensuring social security, thereby, contributing to build the firm “people’s heart and mind posture”, strengthening people’s trust in the Party, the State, directly the provincial party organisations and authorities.

The province has also focused its leadership and direction on socio-political development to create material – technical potentials for its defensive zone. It has made its own plans for socio-economic development and associated them with the consolidation of defence and security, especially in key sectors that are relevant to the building of military posture in the defensive zone. As a result, it has enjoyed steady and stable economic development. In 2018, its economic growth rate reached 7% with 12/12 goals being realized. Its provincial competitivenes index (PCI) has been improved and increased its rank. The implementation of the three-strategic-breakthroughs in association with the economic restructuring, and renewing growth model has been proactively accelerated, gaining positive results, especially in the fields of fishery, tourism, gas – power – fertilizer industry, etc.

For the building of military – security potential, the province has promoted the key role of armed forces; focused their leadership on restructuring the organisations of military and public security’s units  toward “lean, compact, powerful” direction with appropriate staff and suitable with their functions and missions. At the same time, training has been increased to improve the expertise, overall quality and the level of combat readiness for armed forces to make them capable of playing the key role in the building of the all people’s national defence, people’s security and firm defensive zone in association with safeguarding the sovereignty of seas and islands.

Cai Nuoc District conducting defensive zone exercise in 2017 

In order to further strengthen the firm defensive zone of Ca Mau province in the new situation, the province has agreed on the following solutions:

First, strengthen propagation, dissemination and education to enhance the perception, and sense of responsibility of the whole political system and the entire people of the mission of building the defensive zone to create a unity in the perception and action, and bring into play the synergy in the implementation of this important work. Accordingly, levels, sectors and localities should strengthen political and ideological education; and defence and security education for all types of learners. To make it effective, the province should employ various model and methods, particularly when it comes to new objects, such as: workers, ethnic minorities, fishermen, etc. Thereby, cadres, party members and people of all strata, particularly cadres in charge at all levels will be deeply aware of the Party’s lines and viewpoints, the State’s policies and laws on the mission of building the defensive zone, and hence effectively conducting their assigned tasks.

Second, improve the effectiveness and efficacy in the leadership, direction, checking and supervision of party committees and authorities in the management and implementation of the mission of building and operating of defensive zone. Adhereing to the Resolution No.28-NQ/TW in association with the implementation of the Strategy for Fatherland protection in the new situation, National Defence Law, socio-economic strategies, etc, the province continues to screen, supplement, and accelerate the implementation of action plans with synchronous, scientific, feasible and relevant roadmap and methods. The Provincial defensive zone steering Committee strengthens its coordination and checking over the building and operating of defensive zones in localities; opportunely grasp the difficulties and shortcomings, and set out appropriate solutions to create favourable conditions for successfully accomplishing the task of building defensive zone.

Third, strengthen socio-economic development together with defence and security consolidation to create material, scientific, technical resources for building the defensive zone increasingly strong. Promoting its strengths, the Ca Mau province put priority on developing maritime economies associated with the protection of security and sovereignty of seas and islands. Develop its seas and coastal areas into “open economic areas” with an ocean - onward looking and step by step make them the driving forces. As for offshore fishing activities, the province gives capital subsidies to develop high – power fleets for fishermen to go fishing offshore and at the same time protect the security and sovereignty of seas and islands. Functional agencies make plans for protecting, searching and rescuing fishermen; well manage and settle the defence and security situations on sea; maintain stability and order in our seas and in the overlapping seas during fishing activities.

Fourth, building the armed forces comprehensively strong with good overall quality and high combat power to be truly the core force in strengthening military and security potential for defensive zone. Military agencies at all levels are to thoroughly conduct their roles of coordinating with other sectors and agencies, advising the party committees and authorities in leading, directing the building of defensive zone. In particular, pay attention to advising the local authorities on state management over defence matters, building military and security posture in the defensive zone. Closely coordinate with other forces in accordance with the Resolution No. 77/2010/NĐ-CP of the Government, actively grasp and anticipate accurately the situation, opportunely advise appropriate settlement to the party committees and authorities; avoid being made passive and surprised in any situations. Opportunely combat to prevent and defeat all plots and schemes of the “Peaceful evolution” strategy, “self evolution”, “self transformation”, Military “demilitarizing”, and violations of national sovereignty of hostile forces; maintaining political security, social safety and order in the area, particularly in the border, sea, island and key areas in defence and security.

Sticking to the strategic guidelines of the Party and the State, Ca Mau province continues to improve the overall quality of its defensive zone, contributing to creating favourable environment for developing its economy, consolidating defence and security, and firmly protecting sovereignty over the country’s seas and islands.

Senior Colonel Truong Dung Tien, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Executive Committee, Commander of the Provincial Military Command

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