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Building the staff of the MND Office capable of requirements and missions in the new situation

The Office of Ministry of National Defense (MND) functions as a consultative and advisory agency on programs and plans of the Ministry and carries out other tasks as regulated or assigned by the Minister of Defense. When alive, President Ho Chi Minh said that: office work has a special significance, helping leaders grasp the situation; if office cadres don’t grasp the situation accurately, leaders may not have appropriate measures, hence they must always uphold their responsibilities, enhance their capabilities and keep secret. Therefore, to fulfill their tasks, office cadres must be highly qualified, capable and have good working method to meet the requirements of office work in the new situation.

A training course on state administration held by MND Office

In the coming time, the cause of Military building and Homeland protection will set out very high requirements for the MND office. To successfully accomplish its tasks, the office has adopted a number of synchronous measures to build its staff on par with requirements of new missions, focusing on the following ones:

First, strengthening the leadership of party executive committee (PEC) over cadre work. All matters relating to cadres and cadre work must be discussed in a democratic and transparent manner and decided by vote. Adhering to the Resolution 769-NQ/QUTW dated 12 December 2012 of the Central Military Commission on “Building Military cadres in the 2013 – 2020 period and beyond”, PECs should set out regulations, programs, plans for effective implementation. In particular, it is necessary to continue to review, adjust, supplement, perfect the structure, criteria of office cadre to meet the requirements and mission in the new situation; uphold the role of secretaries who are in charge of and directly implement PEC decisions on cadres and cadre work in their authority.

Second, thoroughly select personnel and build a staff of appropriate quantity and high quality. Thereby, cadres of the office must be selected carefully in accordance with principles and procedures, adhering to criteria and requirements of office work. Not only being moral, honest, enthusiastic, responsible, office cadres should also be comprehensively and deeply knowledgeable in both theory and practice, in military, political, state administration, cultural, sci-tech, defense, security, diplomatic fields. Moreover, they should also have general analytic thinking, consultative capability and good working method, etc. Basing on those criteria, PECs and leaders at all levels make detailed plans for selecting and training; coordinate with agencies, units, schools to find out and choose suitable candidates. In present time, attention should be paid to the moral dignity, living style of cadres and party members, especially young ones.

Third, regularly hold training to enhance the quality of office staff towards professional and modern orientations. Office staffs should be trained through practical work, through their predecessors, leaders and through self-study. Besides, they should also be sent to educational institutions specialized in office profession. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen propagation to raise their awareness of the functions, mission, significance, and importance of office work. Continue to foster the Emulation to Win movement, the Drive of “Promoting traditions, dedicating talents, deserving Uncle Ho soldiers”; particularly the implementation of the Directive 05-CT/TW of the Politburo (12th tenure) on studying and following Ho Chi Minh thought, moral and style together with the implementation of the Central Resolution 4 (12th tenure) on Party building and rectification.

Fourth, thoroughly plan and use cadres. Plans should be based on political mission, anticipation of development, scale, structure. There should be different applicants of different ages for a position. One person may be chosen for different position. Applicants should be chosen in place and armywide. Plans should be regularly checked, reviewed, supplemented and adjusted to suit the reality. Cadres should be positioned in accordance with plans and their capabilities and professions.

Fifth, there should be renewals in the promotion and rotation of cadres. The assessment of cadres should be done in a democratic and objective manner, focusing on their task performance, credit and accountability. Basing on the real situation, cadres should be posted to different positions to be challenged in different jobs. This is to avoid stagnation and empiricism in work. Send capable cadres to field trips in regiments and divisions to improve their experience, capability, method and to create long term source. Furthermore, it is necessary to assess and screen cadres. Those who are poorly credited and fail to meet job requirements should be posted to other jobs.

Sixth, renew working style and method of office staffs. This is an objective requirement due to the nature of office work. For this reason, besides requirements and qualities of a cadre and party member, office staffs should renew and train themselves a scientific, democratic, enthusiastic, careful, professional working style; uphold constructive manner and coordinate with other units and agencies to effectively fulfill their tasks. Moreover, office staffs should uphold vigilance to keep state and military secret. To do that, each cadre and party member should uphold their exemplary and vanguard role in self studying, self training and following Ho Chi Minh thought, moral and style, particularly leaders of agencies and units should be really exemplary for their inferiors to follow.

Seven, improve living standard of cadres to make them enthusiastic with their work and progressed. To this end, PECs and leaders at all levels should on the one hand adhere to the guidelines and policies of the Party, State, Military for cadres, on the other hand, study and have appropriate measures to suit the realistic operation of the Office objectively and equally; have favorable policies to attract capable and enthusiastic cadres. Each agency and unit should pay attention to the cadres’ families, especially those have difficulties, serious illnesses, etc.

Building a staff capable of mission requirements is the key and breakthrough step ensuring the successful accomplishment of the mission of the Office. PEC and leaders of the Office should raise their awareness and responsibility for this work and focus on directing, leading the implementation of synchronous guidelines and measures for building a capable staff that has been pointed out in the Resolution of the Office Party Congress (2015 – 2020 tenure).

Major General Nguyen Xuan Nghi

Vice Chief of the MND Office



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