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Building the Border Guard Secondary School No.2 “Regular, advanced, and exemplary”

The Border Guard School Secondary No.2, formerly known as Border Guard Non-Commissioned Officer School No.3, was established on April 2nd, 1980 under the Decision No.40/QĐ-BTL of the Border Guard Commander. After multiple times of renaming and upgrading of training objectives and requirements, in 2008, the school was changed to its present name.

Over 40 years of construction and growth, the School has constantly developed in all aspects to become a center for intermediate-level border guard officers and military personnel training, professional and technical training, non-commissioned officer training for the Border Guard forces in the Southern provinces and cities, and Vietnamese training and professional training fostering for the border guards and police officers of Cambodia. In addition to key majors of Border Protection Management, Border Control Management, Border Reconnaissance, and Drug and Crime Prevention, the School is also assigned by the Ministry of Defense and Border Guard High Command to conduct training on search and rescue operations; coordination in foreign language training, military medicine training, and Border and Public Security university-level training for tens of thousands of trainees; and training of recruits for border guard units and other tasks. With the tireless efforts, solidarity, and unity of generations of cadres, trainers, trainees, staff, and soldiers of the School, during the past 40 years, it has built up the tradition of “Good training, good learning, and good working” to fulfill all assigned tasks and receive multiple noble rewards.

A training session on border protection

To promote the achieved results and meet the requirements of comprehensive renovation in education and training, the School is focusing on successfully achieving the goals and orientations of “Promoting all resources to complete all tasks to constantly improve the quality of education and training and build a regular, advanced, and exemplary school to be worthy of a high-quality training center of the Army and the Border Guard”. Based on researching, reviewing, and evaluating the results of the implementation of education and training tasks in the 2010-2020 period and forecasting the situation, task requirements, and training models, the School has been synchronously implementing solutions with importance attached to the following main issues:

Firstly, to renovate the training processes, programs, contents, and methods towards standardization and following the training objectives and requirements. The School Party Committee and Board of Commanders have determined that all levels within the School must master and closely follow the superiors’ orientations, lead and direct the implementation of the education and training tasks in light of the objectives and requirements outlined in each period, and constantly improve the training quality. Based on thoroughly grasping and strictly implementing Resolution No.29-NQ/TW of the 8th Central Party Conference (the 11th Tenure) on “Basic and comprehensive renovation of education and training to meet the requirements of industrialization and modernization in the conditions of the socialist-oriented market economy and international integration”, Resolution No.86-NQ/ĐQQSTW of the Central Military Party Committee (now the Central Military Commission) on “Education and training work in the new situation”, “Strategy for development of education and training in the Army in the period of 2011-2020” of the Ministry of Defense, ... the School has focused on renovating the training processes, programs, and contents to be close to the practices at the borderlines in a basic, practical, systematic, uniform, and intensive manner and suitable to the training objectives and requirements of each object. At the same time, it has actively reviewed and renovated the curriculums; removed the contents that are no longer appropriate; and supplemented, organized, and restructured the training programs and contents to overcome the current inadequacies and overlaps. In addition to perfecting the content of the entire training course, the School has also attached great importance to building and completing the content of each specific subject towards practicality, modernity, and adherence to the progress of science and technologies and military arts in the field of border guard; reducing theories and increase practical training for each subject; promoting the activeness and self-discipline of trainees’ study and research; and providing both comprehensive and intensive knowledge to cultivate trainees with revolutionary qualities, stuff, commanding style, independence, creativity, and high adaptability to working situations and conditions.

Secondly, to build a high-quality contingent of trainers and managers to meet training requirements. The School has always paid attention to promoting the training and retraining to improve the comprehensive quality of trainers and continue to strengthen this contingent to ensure sufficient quantity and gradually improve the quality with a reasonable structure. Along with the strict maintenance of the lesson commentary, class attendance, and lecture approval to learn from experience, the School has regularly organized contests and competitions to foster and improve the practical capacities and enhance the pedagogy levels for trainers; and standardize the title of excellent trainers at all levels, considering this as a criterion for evaluation, arrangement, promotion, and appointment of cadres and trainers. At the same time, the School has reviewed, planned, and strictly implemented the process of recruitment, training, and fostering trainers (on-spot training and retraining at units and institutions in and out of the Army); encouraged trainers to self-study and improve their professional qualifications, foreign languages, information technology, pedagogical competence, and practical knowledge to improve the training quality to meet the requirements of international integration and exchange. For the contingent of managers, the School has focused on fostering education management work profession; commanding and soldier management capabilities; the Party and political work; logistics and technical work, etc. Besides, scientific research has also been regularly cared, guided and directed by the School Party Committee and Board of Commanders in all steps - from the overall plan development to implementation and guiding the list of researching theses for cadres, trainers, and trainees with the clear assignment of participants; associated responsibilities of the Party committees and commanders with the research results of the units. The School has focused on innovating training contents and methods, at the same time, analyzing and forecasting the demands for quantity and quality of non-commissioned officers and professional border guard personnel to provide data and scientific bases for the superior specialized agencies’ program elaboration and training plan development. On that basis, the scientific research work has been closely associated with the needs of grassroots units through the establishment of research linkage and cooperation and implementation of scientific projects between the School and the Border Guard Commands of provinces and cities and Border Guard squadrons.

Finally, to increase intensive investments in modernizing the facilities to meet the requirements of high-quality training and scientific research. Along with improving the efficiency of exploitation and use of the technical facilities that have been invested, the School continues to plan and mobilize resources to upgrade technical infrastructure towards modernization and synchronization to meet the requirements of training development and scientific research. The School has focused on completing the basic construction planning and investment projects on equipment and facilities that have been approved by the superiors; standardized conventional and specialized classrooms; and constructed the tactical training arena and shooting range. On the other hand, the School has enlisted the support from localities, agencies and units; effectively used the funding sources; and promoted thrifty practice to contribute to renovating and improving the quality and effectiveness of the School's education and training to meet the requirements of tasks.

Inheriting the 40-year tradition of construction and development and responding to the requirements of the task of managing and firmly defending the national sovereignty and border security in the new situation, the School’s cadres, trainers, trainees, employees, and soldiers will continue to strive to build the school “Regular, advanced, and exemplary” and successfully accomplishing all assigned tasks.

Senior Colonel, Doctor Nguyen Duc Y, Acting Principal of the School

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