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Building the Army strong in politics

Building the Vietnam People's Army strong in politic is the decisive factor to the growth and victories of our Army. The Draft Document to the Party's XIII National Congress continues to affirm this issue on a scientific basis.

Theoretical and practical basis

In theory, Marxism-Leninism clearly points out that the proletariat wishing to gain power must organise a new army which is strongly built in politics, ideology, organizational structure and put under the leadership of the Communist Party. Building the combat power of a revolutionary army requires comprehensive attention to personnel, weaponry, equipment, combat art, etc. In particular, politics - the morale of the military is an important factor. Lenin emphasised that: “Ultimately, in every war, victory depends on the morale of the masses that are shedding blood on the battlefield”. President Ho Chi Minh affirmed: “Military without politics is like trees without root, useless and harmful”.

In practice, in the two resistance wars against the colonialism and imperialism, despite our inferiority in economic and military potential, we still won the adversaries thanks largely to the strength of the political-spiritual potential which was generated by the political strength of our Army. Seeing clearly the role of the political factor in the strength of our Army, over the past time, hostile forces have continuously strengthened their subversive plans to “de-politicise” the troop. This requires us to continue to pay attention to building the Army in general, and to building a politically strong Army in particular. Facing the current requirements of military construction, the Draft Document to be submitted to the 13th National Congress of the Party clearly states: “Building the People's Army revolutionary, regular, elite, increasingly modernised; strong in politics, with high overall quality and combat power, absolutely loyal to the Fatherland, the Party, the State and the People, meeting the requirements and tasks in all situations”.

The content of building the Army politically strong today

To well perform the Army's functions and tasks in the new situation, the issue of building the Army politically strong is required comprehensively in all aspects. In essence, building a politically strong Army is to maintain and strengthen the working-class nature, ensuring that the Army is always a loyal and trustworthy political force and fighting force of the Party, the State and the People, under the absolute and direct leadership of the Party; an army which was born from the people, fight for the people, deserve the tradition: Our army is loyal to the Party and the country, dedicated to the people, ready to fight and sacrifice for the independence and freedom of Fatherland, for socialism; accomplish any tasks, surmount any difficulties, and defeat any enemies.

Because building a politically strong Army is facing both opportunities and challenges, affected by the negative effects of the market economy, the sabotage of hostile forces, the whole political system must pay more attention to building a strong Army in politics, ideology, organization and ethics to contribute to creating a synergy capable of accomplishing all assigned tasks, not to be left passive and unexpected in all situations. In addition, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is bringing about both opportunities and challenges for the cause of Army building, strengthening national defense, defending the Fatherland, first of all, the modernisation of weapon and equipment, but it also poses requirements for manpower in military operations and war, particularly the political-mental control, the control over intelligent weapon, etc. This inevitably requires us to have preparations in human, right from the peacetime by content and measures to make the Army comprehensively strong; in which, politics - morale is the basis and foundation for other factors. Therefore, the fact that our Party always attaches importance to building the Army with an appropriate, streamlined, compact, effective staffing structure, high mobility and combat power, capable of handling all tasks and situations well, given the development and application of science and technology is completely consistent with the reality.

On the other hand, building a politically strong Army also needs to stick to the current practical situation of dealing with non-traditional security problems today. Promoting good traditions, over the past time, the Army has done well its roles and functions, upheld its responsibility, took the lead in the prevention and fighting against the Covid-19 Pandemic, and earned people's trust and affection, and the recognition of international friends. Therefore, in order to complete the tasks in the new situation, it is required that cadres and soldiers must be deeply aware, promote political responsibility, and the noble qualities of “Uncle Ho's soldiers” when communicating with the people, contributing to strengthening the military – people solidarity for the successful implementation of the tasks of socio-economic development and national defence.

The impact of the market economy on military construction has both positive and negative results. Disciplinary violations in some units still are on the rise, even serious breaches in a part of cadres and soldiers. Therefore, it is necessary to have more regular and formal education and management of soldiers, first of all, focus on improving the quality of political and legal education for all soldiers in combination with measures of administrative and disciplinary management so that they can develop their high sense of self-disciplining and not violate the discipline.

Basic directions and measures to build the Army politically strong in the new situation

Building the Army in politics in the new situation contains new requirements and contents that are more comprehensive and complete than before. The draft document clearly states: to strengthen the Party's absolute and direct leadership in all aspects over the Vietnam People's Army. This is the principle in Army building. In order to do this, it is necessary to continue to build the Party's ideological foundation, strengthen the working-class nature, the peopleness, and the nationness of the Army. Focus on building a system of party organizations, command organizations, mass organizations, and agencies comprehensively strong. Building, fostering and improving the quality of politics for cadres and soldiers. Party committees, political commissars, junior commissars and commanders at all levels must closely follow the characteristics and situation to propose appropriate leadership and management measures.

Continue to innovate and improve the quality of political education, ideological orientation for the army; strictly implement the project "Renovating political education at the units in the new period". Renovating the content and methods of political education in units needs to become more practical and practical associated with the responsibilities and tasks of each person, agency or unit. Agencies and units need to attach importance to, innovate, improve quality and promote the role and effectiveness of party work and political work. Party committees, political commissars, junior commissars, commanders at all levels must pay comprehensive attention to the content, measures and forms of conducting party work, political work, ensuring the suitability with the unit's characteristics. Continue to promote the Movement of “Promoting traditions, dedicating talents, deserving "Uncle Ho's soldiers” in the new period.

Strengthen the protection of internal politics; actively fight against wrong and hostile views, contributing to firmly defending the Party's ideological ground in the Army. Each officer and soldier is a solid fortress to actively fight and prevent “peaceful evolution”, “self-development”, “and self-transformation” internally. Facing the intrigues and tricks of the imperialism and disruptive forces, especially on cyberspace today, it is necessary that Army officers and soldiers promptly detect and proactively fight against the wrong viewpoints to protect the Party's ideological foundation and prevent the Army “de-politicisation”.

Actively review the practice, research the theory as a basis for proposing appropriate solutions to build a politically strong Army. Given the fast and complicated evolution of current situation, directly affecting Army building in politics, it is necessary to thoroughly conduct the work of practical reviewing, theoretical research and pay attention to the research and application of appropriate and creative military art in the war to protect the country. Party committees, political commissars, junior commissars and commanders at all levels need to synchronously carry out the guidelines and measures for education, training, and management of the Army, creating synergy, contributing to building politically strong Army in the new situation.

Senior Colonel, Associate Professor, Doctor LUONG THANH HAN, Political Academy, Ministry of National Defence

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