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Breakthroughs in production and business of Tan Cang Waterway Shipping Joint Stock Company

Tan Cang Waterway Shipping Joint Stock Company is an economic - defence enterprise under Saigon Newport Corporation, Navy Command. The company operates inland waterway shipping services, exploits the port system under the brand name of Saigon New Port and cooperates in transport services and port operations with many other units. With the strategic orientation of sustainable development based on “3 platforms”, in recent years, the company has made great progress with annual growth rate of over 25%. Currently, the Company has attained the largest market share and been listed in the Top 05 of inland waterway container transportation. Its transport network has covered all Mekong Delta, been widened to the North and Cambodia. In 2020, although the economy was greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Company's revenue reached over 1,000 billion VND, with an increase of 04% in profit, contributing to the state budget 59.74 billion VND, an increase of 4.37% compared to 2019, and creating stable jobs for more than 300 employees. The company has become one of the units with highest revenue among member companies, and made an important contribution to making Saigon New Port Corporation become a typical defence - security enterprise of the Military. With these achievements, the Company was awarded the Third Class Labour Medal by the State (in 2019), and other noble awards by the Ministry of National Defence, the High Command of the Navy and other departments, ministries, branches and localities. Those achievements are attributed to the proactive, creative, unceasing efforts to innovate with the strong political determination of the Party Committee, the Board of Directors and the officers, employees and employees of the whole Company.

Shipping fleet en route

The requirements of Fatherland construction and defence, Military building in the new era have challenged the Company with very high goals and requirements, both in the performance of defence and military missions and business operations. Besides advantages, the Company faces many difficulties and challenges due to the wide area of operation; the inadequacy of human resources, technical and technological infrastructure; fierce competition in the logistic market, etc. Facing the situation, the Party Committee, Board of Directors of the Company have drastically and synchronously implemented many solutions of leadership and direction, focusing on the following contents:

1. Attaching importance to improving the leadership and direction capacity of the party committees and commanders at all levels in the performance of tasks. The Party Committee of the Company has focused on consolidating and improving leadership capacity, fighting strength of all levels and party organisations in accordance with the structure of a joint stock enterprise. The building of the party committee is associated with building a strong contingent of leading cadres at all levels, who should be capable of leading, directing and organising the successful implementation of all assigned tasks. For production and business tasks, it focuses on effectively implementing breakthroughs that have been determined in the Resolution of the Company's Party Congress for 2020 – 2025 term. In particular, importance is attached to building high-quality human resources; promoting the application of 4.0 technology to production management and administration; actively equipping modern means of transporting, loading and unloading; expanding the market; and branding, etc. At the same time, strengthening the organisational structure; management mechanism transformation; perfecting the company's documents, charter, regulations; developing production and business strategies; market expansion and research; implementing investment projects to improve cargo handling capacity; quality of door to door service; completing logistics chain to create brand reputation for the Company. As a result, by 2020, the Company expanded its market not only in the Southeastern provinces, but also to the North and Cambodia.

For military and defence tasks, the Company’s Party Committee and the Board of Directors direct its agencies and units to focus thoroughly and educate the contingent of cadres and workers on the Party's policy of combining the economy with defence and security; promote the role of the inland waterway transport sector in building potentials and posture of transport, especially in the event of war when road transport route in the Mekong Delta is blocked. Stepping up the education of State law, military discipline and military training; mastering plans for combat readiness, incident prevention and control, and seaport security exercises. Regularly supplementing, completing and synchronising transportation plans in wartime, contributing to ensuring the military port system, logistics bases, technology, and means of transport of the Company in the areas of economic and defence strategy to well serve economic development in peacetime, quickly and flexibly shift to perform tasks in wartime.

2- Implementing synchronously many solutions to build high-quality human resources to meet requirements and tasks. The company thoroughly plans, consolidates its managerial staff at all levels; restructures its personnel in streamlined, compact, effective and efficient direction, according to the motto: “specialised, essential, and professional”. Focusing on supplementing and standardising the “Criteria for promotion”, “Criteria for professional workers”; training management skills for cadres, professional skills for employees, building a contingent of young virtuous and talented cadres, meeting both immediate and long-term requirements. Focusing on foreign language training, information technology application, in-depth training, meeting the requirements of military duties, production, business and international integration. At the same time, promoting the capacity, forte, creativity, self-study movement to improve the capability and skills of cadres, employees and workers. Implementing the salary and bonus regime associated with the quality, efficiency and productivity; adopting favourable remuneration policy to attract and retain good staff. On the first days of establishment, the Company had only 08 employees with university degrees (accounting for nearly 10%). Up to now, there have been 149 staffs with university and post-graduate degrees (accounting for nearly 50%). This personnel have been promoting their role well, meeting the requirements of sustainable development, enhancing the production and business capacity of the Company.

3- Promoting the application of science and technology towards modernisation and standardisation; increasing investment in the modernisation of equipment for transport, loading and unloading, and the system of warehouse and port. To that end, the Company focuses on administrative reform and promoting the application of information technology in all fields of operation to meet the requirements of building a modern port. In addition, it actively exploits resources, upgrades infrastructure, equipment, facilities, innovates technology towards modernisation to create a material foundation for development; promotes the mobilisation of resources, invests in the construction of synchronous and advanced infrastructure, equipment, in order to optimise the transport management and administration system; applies the barge management software system to monitor and control the container condition from afar and promptly detect and handle arising problems, ensuring the quality of goods; builds eSNP digital ecosystem to improve the efficiency of interaction with customs, maritime and port authorities. Proactively optimizes management and step by step automates and digitizes processes in line with the trend of shared economy and actively purchases modern transport equipment to improve service quality and save costs in transportation activities.

4- Actively building and fostering the distinctive culture of “Saigon New Port Family”. This is a combination of values of traditional Vietnamese family culture with military culture, typical corporate culture and the culture of “Uncle Ho's soldier - Naval soldier”, which have been built and enriched by generations of the Company's officers, employees, soldiers and employees. Therefore, the Company strictly implements political education for subjects; closely combines basic education with mission, legal and traditional education; implements “Code of behavioral culture of Saigon New Port” to arouse pride, uphold responsibility in building, preserving the “distinctive culture of Saigon Newport Family”. At the same time, promoting the Determine to Win Emulation movement associated with the studying and following of Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality and style and the Campaign of Promoting tradition, dedicating talent, deserving “Uncle Ho's soldiers - Naval soldier” in the new era. The company has held many activities, such as: “Paying gratitude”, towards the sea, island, building new countryside, doing charity, etc.  Upholding the Grassroots Democracy Regulation and the role of mass organisations in performing their tasks, building a strong and comprehensive unit, and clean and strong party organisations. As a result, 100% of its officers, party members, workers and employees are deeply aware of their duties. They have always promoted their roles, responsibilities, and efforts to dedicate themselves to the success and development of the Company.

With the spirit of initiative, creativity, dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility, Tan Cang Waterway Shipping Joint Stock Company continues to strive to improve production and business capacity, confidently integrate, steadily develop, to affirm its position of a leading enterprise in the field of inland waterway transport, positively contributing to the cause of building and defending the Fatherland.

Lieutenant Colonel CAO XUAN DUNG, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company

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