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Binh Thuan speeds up defense and security education

Binh Thuan is located at the southernmost point of the central coast, with 192 km of coastline and a sea area of 52,000 km2, including Phu Quy island district. The province is considered a key coastal defensive area of the Military Region 7 and a province of strategic importance in terms of defense and security and economy to the whole country. Over the past years, the province has enjoyed an average economic growth rate of more than 12% annually. The economic structure has positively shifted especially in aspects of tourism, services, and marine economy. In addition, the province has always accomplished its local military and defense tasks and targets. In 2016, the Provincial Military Command was among the top units in the Determined to Win movement and awarded by the MND. Those encouraging achievements are attributed to a number of factors in which the thorough implementation of defense and security education represents an important one.

In order to successfully implement defense and security education, first the province has focused on strengthening and consolidating the councils for defense and security education at all levels to ensure the sufficient members, right structure, and appropriate components in accordance with the law; building regulations and maintaining their regular operations. Annually, those councils coordinate with related departments, sectors and industries to screen and grasp the number of personnel that need training, then make plans relevant to the reality with high feasibility to make sure that in their working term, all cadres in the political systems are to participate in defense and security training in accordance with the Regulation No.07-QĐ/BTCTW of the Central Organization Commision. As a coastal province with 34 ethnic minorities and several religions, the Provincial Council for Defense and Security Education has suggested the Provincial People’s Committee the leadership and direction for localities to broaden training objects, such as: owners of fishing ships, entrepreneurs, religious dignitaries, medical and educational cadres, etc with emphasis given to focal areas of defense and security and remote areas.

Mr Nguyen Ngoc Hai, chairman of Binh Thuan People's Committee, presents award to oustanding individuals in defense and security education in the
2010 - 2016 period

In addition, the province attaches importance to upholding the role of military commands at all levels – the permanent offices of the councils for defense and security education – in advising, guiding, checking and speeding up the implementation of the work. Accordingly, military commands at all levels have been active in advising and proposing to the local party committees and authorities on timely promulgating guiding documents which are relevant to the local reality. At the same time, they have acted as coordinating and collaborating centers for related agencies and sectors to promote the synergy of the whole political system for the synchronous, comprehensive, and unified implementation of the work. Furthermore, defense and security education and propagation has also been conducted with practical activities of the armed forces, such as: defensive area exercises, security maintenance exercise, field training, building new style rural areas, “Paying debt of gratitude” activities, and natural disaster prevention practices, etc;. These activities are connected with the promotion of socio-economic development in the locality. Thereby, people’s belief in the Party, authority and the armed forces are nurtured and consolidated; the solidarity between people and the armed forces is strengthened; the “people’s heart and mind posture” is firmly built.

Attention has been paid to seriously directing the defense and security education for key cadres at all levels, identifying it a compulsory criterion to cadres and party members, and one of the criteria for evaluating and promoting cadres. Annually, the Provincial People’s Committee soon allocates the number of cadres attending the course for each locality and agency so that they could actively arrange their work to attend. Thereby, awareness, expertise, leading, directing and operating capabilities of party committees, authorities and advising capability of sectors and unions in the aspect of defense and security have been enhanced; the socio-economic development is closely associated with defense and security consolidation, particularly in important localities such as Phan Thiet city and Phu Quy district, etc. Besides, the Provincial Military School and localities also held defense and security courses for 3,738 personnel who are cadres and officials working in medical and educational sectors, as well as the unions and associations, etc.

To thoroughly carry out defense and security training for students, the province has ordered its Department of Education and Training, schools and specialized agencies to pay attention to training specialized instructors in defense and security. At present, defense and security subject for high school students is included in their school program; college and vocational students study the subject at the Provincial Military School. Moreover, the province also has focused on organizing activities, such as: “Military term”, visits to historical relics, and learning about traditional stories, etc. As a result, pupils and students are not only equipped with necessary defense knowledge and skill but also trained the disciplined living and working style; nurtured their patriotism and sense of responsibility to protect the Homeland.

To accelerate defense and security education for the whole people, the Provincial council for defense and security has coordinated with the Provincial Propagation Board, the Department of Informations and Communication, radio, television and related agencies to build plans and program of propagation in mass media. In 2016, hundreds of articles, news, reports in defense and security field were broadcasted focusing on the Party and State guidelines and policies; sovereignty and sovereign right of Vietnam over the East Sea; defense and security activities; political security and social safety situation in the region; and the image of “Uncle Ho soldiers” who are guarding the sacred sovereignty over seas and islands of the country marking deep emotion and great influence on people of all strata. For coastal people, particularly fishermen operating on seas, the province promotes the role of the coastal militia and self defense force in coordination with the troops of the Border Guard, the Navy, the Coast Guard, and the Fisheries Resources Surveillance to directly propagate to each ship, boat on fishing grounds to make them aware of the requirements, tasks, and the complexity and difficulties of seas and islands protection, and strongly affirm Vietnam’s sovereignty over the Spratly and Paracel archipelagos. Thereby, people’s belief in the Party, State and regime has been strengthened; their responsibility for building the firm all people’s defense posture and people’s security posture has been promoted.

Upholding recorded experience and achievements, in the coming time, the province will strive to further improve the quality, effectiveness of defense and security education, contributing to nurture patriotism, national pride, and strengthen the national unity bloc, bring into play its advantages and strengths to create a strong momentum for fast and sustainable development.

Senior Colonel Phan Cong Ngon, Commander of the Provincial Military Command

Vice Chairman of the Provincial Council for Defense and Security Education

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