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Bac Kan armed forces promote legal propaganda, dissemination and education

Bac Kan is a mountainous province with large number of ethnic groups. The ethnic minorities here always unite and help each other, strictly observe the Party's lines, the State's policies and laws; actively involved in production, economic development, building new countryside and improving their lives. However, their levels of perception are not equal; their legal knowledge and understanding are still at low level; illegal religious practices, social evils, criminal crimes, illegal mineral exploitation happen complicatedly, etc. This directly affects the life, legal and disciplinary observance of cadres, soldiers and people. Therefore, the Military Party Committee and the Provincial Military Command always have many practical and effective leadership guidelines and measures; in particular, promoting legal propaganda, dissemination and education for troops and people is a very important solution to maintain political security, social order and safety, and to build firm “people’s heart and mind posture” in the province.

In order to make the work effective, first of all, the Provincial Military Party Committee and Command have always strengthened their leadership and directed the units to thoroughly grasp the above directives and resolutions on legal propaganda, dissemination and education, focusing on Directive No. 26/CT-TTg, dated September 5, 2016 of the Prime Minister on “Strengthening disciplines in state administrative agencies at all levels”; Directive No. 91/CT-BQP, dated November 22, 2016 of the Minister of National Defence on “Strengthening legal management, education and observance in the Vietnam People's Army”; Circular No. 192/2016/TT-BQP, dated December 26, 2016 of the Ministry of National Defence and resolutions and directives of the Party Committee and the High Command of Military Region 1 on legal education work. On that basis, the Provincial Military Party Committee elaborated the Topical Resolution leading the legal education work; Party committees at all levels concretize and put into their resolutions and action plans; political agencies, political officers at all levels develop programs, contents, plans for uniform implementation. The Provincial Military Command regularly directs all levels to advise the Party committee and authorities and coordinate closely with the local departments, branches and mass organisations to well implement the legal propaganda and dissemination for local people, contributing to improving their awareness of the law, building safe areas of operation, consolidating the great national unity bloc, and thoroughly implementing the Party's line and guidelines, policies and laws State and local regulations.

Signing coordination in disseminating local defence and military tasks

Due to the fact that the province is mainly composed of dangerous mountain forests, sparsely populated, the activities of crime syndicates are always hidden with complications and unpredictability, so the Provincial Military Command remind the units to choose specific and relevant contents when formulating plans for legal propagation, dissemination and education. Agencies and units have organised training about legal documents and new regulations for cadres and soldiers, focusing on the ones directly related to national defence and security. At the same time, closely coordinated with the Party committees, authorities, departments, branches and local mass organisations to step up the legal propaganda, dissemination and education; in which, clearly defining the focus and key content for each subject. For regular forces, emphasize is placed on Law on Military Service, Law on National Defence, Law on Professional Military Personnel, Defence Workers and Staff 2015, Law on Cyber ​​Security; Law on Complaints and Denunciations; Anti-Corruption Law; Law on prevention and control of the harms of alcohol and beer; Law on Protection of State Secrets; Circular No. 157/2017/TT-BQP of the Ministry of National Defence regulating the management and use of defence land for defence purposes, etc. For the militia and self-defence force, the mobile reserve force, focus is on the Party's lines and guidelines, the State's policies and laws, the basic contents of the militia and self-defence force, mobile reserve; Some contents of the law on military service, militia and self-defence, defence and security education, defence mobilisation, civil defence and other related documents, etc.  For the local people, the Council for the coordination in legal propagation, dissemination and education of the Provincial Military Command has coordinated with the Party committees and authorities at all levels to propagate and mobilise the people to strictly implement the Party's lines and guidelines, the State's policies and laws, especially ethnic and religious issues and local regulations. Emphasis is placed on the propaganda and dissemination about the Law on Military Service, Law on Marriage and Family, Law on Complaints and Denunciations, Law on Environment, Law on Anti-Corruption; United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment; strengthen legal dissemination and propaganda in order to raise legal awareness for young people; promote the dissemination of the basic contents of the International Covenant on civil and political rights, and Vietnam’s laws on civil and political rights for cadres, civil servants, public employees and people, especially the Plan No. 55/KH-UBND, dated February 4, 2020 of the People's Committee of Bac Kan Province on legal propaganda, dissemination and education for 2020.

Moreover, the Provincial Military Command directed the units to regularly renew methods of legal propaganda, dissemination and education to make it comprehensible and memorable. Sticking to the actual situation, the units have combined many effective forms of legal propaganda, dissemination and education. At the same time, they have strictly implemented “Legal Day”, focusing on thoroughly grasping legal documents, directives and instructions of the upper echelons related to the disciplinary observance of the troops, the duties of the unit; exchanging and discussing legal contents. Promoting well the model "One law and rule a week", thereby, making officers and soldiers grasp and understand more deeply the basic contents of the law, contributing to making a positive and steady change in the sense of self-disciplining of troops.

Strengthening measures to manage the troops, building a formality is also a very important content in legal education. The Provincial Military Command required the units to strengthen measures to manage the discipline, strictly maintain the regimes, regulations, promote the building of formality and discipline management. Hold training on the disciplinary order; closely combine the task of training, combat readiness with formal style practice and maintaining discipline to create a robust change in both awareness and action of each soldier. Strictly manage the soldiers, pay attention to holidays, weekend, break time, New Year holiday; resolutely prevent officers and soldiers from violating discipline, losing safety in training, during working and when in traffic; at the same time, thoroughly implement the Grassroots Democracy Regulation, strengthen internal unity, and the military – civilian solidarity. The units actively advise the party committees and local authorities to do well the work of legal education; closely coordinate with functional agencies and local people to firmly grasp the situation of political security, social order and safety in the locality. Thereby, promptly detecting and solving well the cases related to the unit, creating agreement and high consensus, maintaining the good military - civilian solidarity, contributing to building a solid “people’s heart and mind posture” in the defensive area.

Doing well the legal propaganda, dissemination and education has contributed to building the Provincial Military Party Committee clean, strong and excellent; 100% of its members successfully completed their task, in which 95.5% are rated very good and excellent. The Military Command of Bac Kan Province was awarded the Emulation Flag by the Ministry of National Defence for the unit leading in the determined to win emulation movement; 41 collectives and 301 individuals were rewarded by all levels. This is the premise for building the Provincial armed forces all-strong and firm defence area and “people’s heart and mind posture”, as the core in defence and military work.

Senior Colonel NGUYEN DINH HUYNH, Commander of the Provincial Military Command

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