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Ba Ria - Vung Tau provincial armed forces follow Uncle Ho 's teachings

In implementing Directive No.05-CT/TW of the Politburo (the 12th Tenure), Ba Ria - Vung Tau province Military Party Committee determined that “following” Ho Chi Minh thoughts, ethics, and style in promoting the spirit of self-reliance, self-resilience, and determination in overcoming difficulties and challenges to build a clean and strong Party Committee and comprehensively strong armed forces of the Province is the most fundamental issue.

Learning and following Uncle Ho have been received by the Province armed forces, Party members, and the masses and considered it a regular job with a high sense of responsibility of each individual. As a result, awareness, sense of responsibility, quality, capacity, ethics, lifestyle, and working style of cadres and Party members, especially the Party committee members and presiding cadres, have significantly changed - improved internal solidarity and unity, increased leadership and combat power of the Party organizations, and constantly improved quality of the contingent of cadres and Party members within the Party Committee. Notably, the implementation of Directive No.05 has been closely associated with the contents and targets of building comprehensively strong provincical armed forces to be close to the requirements the local national defense and military tasks and contribute to building the increasing strong all-people national defense posture, the people's security posture, and defensive area, creating a favorable environment for the local socio-economic development.

Being imbued with Uncle Ho's words: "Military without politics is like a tree without root, useless and harmful", the Provincial Military Party Committee and Command have focused on leading the building of politically strong armed forces as a basis to improve the overall quality and combat power and considered it an important task throughout the process of building comprehensively strong units. In particular, importance has been attached to directing agencies and units to thoroughly grasp and strictly implement the superiors' directives and resolutions and those of their respective levels concerning the local defense and military tasks. The military Party committees at all levels have issued specialized leadership resolutions and organize the implementation thereof, focusing on education to raise the awareness of cadres and soldiers on the goals and requirements for the task of building comprehensively strong units under Directive No.917/1999/CT-BQP of the Minister of Defense and Directive No.333/CT-BTL of the Commander of the Military Region. At the same time, the ideological work, trust building, and sense of responsibility for cadres and soldiers have been strengthened with several contents and in rich and diverse forms to create a high consensus in awareness and actions at all levels.

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Along with that, the Province has associated the content of building comprehensively strong units with building clean and strong grassroots Party organizations and building the contingent of presiding cadres with building the contingent of Party committee members as a basis for evaluation of party organizations, party members, and cadres and emulation commendation. The Provincial Military Party Committee has directed all levels to pay attention to raising the leadership capacity and combat power of the grassroots party organizations; strictly implementing the principle of democratic centralism, collective leadership with assignment of individuals in charge, self-criticism, and criticism following Ho Chi Minh thoughts; and strictly maintaining Party activities. Through annual evaluation of Party organizations and members, 95.08% of Party members well and excellently completed their tasks and the Provincial Military Party Committee was rated clean and strong, that has contributed to building politically, ideologically, and organizationally strong Province armed forces to be firm support of the local Party committees, authorities, and people.

In his lifetime, Uncle Ho taught that "We must enhance the military work, especially the training of soldiers." Grasping that spirit in implementing Directive No.05, the Provincial Military Party Committee and Military Command have always focused on advising, organizing the building of forces, improving the training quality, and maintaining the high combat readiness, not to be surprised in any situation. The military agencies at all levels have thoroughly grasped and strictly complied with the directives of the Chief of the General Staff and the Commander of the Military Region 7 and the plans and instructions of the functional agencies regarding the organization of staffing, forces, combat training, and discipline training for soldiers. The Provincial Military Command have advised the Province’s Party Committee and People's Committee to propose multiple measures for leading and directing the building of strong local armed forces, and, at the same time, to focus on consolidating the staffing of the military agencies at all levels, the local army, the militia, and the reserve force towards stability, elite, compactness, and strength, ensuring the balance, synchronism, and meeting of the requirements of tasks.

In training, the Province has directed localities and units to closely follow and implement the motto of "basic, practical, and solid"; to attach importance to synchronous and intensive training to be close to subjects and tasks, especially combat missions in coastal areas; and to focus on training of the local army, militia, and self-defense forces on combat in coordination with other forces in the defensive area. At the same time, it has directed the military agencies at all levels to coordinate with local departments and branches in adjusting and supplementing their determination and combat plans and organizing the drill of plans, especially plans of prevention of floods, fires, explosions, and forest fires, rehearsals of defensive areas, and policing combat; actively organizing competitions and contests; and attaching training with discipline regulation. The training results of the forces have always ensured 100% of the contents, programs, and time as planned, including 100% of satisfaction, 70% - 75% of good and excellence and safety. Particularly, the militia and self-defense forces, there have been 100% of communes (wards and townships) participating in training drills with 100% of satisfaction and 75% - 78% of good and excellence rates.

Learning Ho Chi Minh style, the Province Military Command has concentrated on leading and directing agencies and units to strictly implement directives and plans on building regular order, first and foremost in combat readiness. At the same time, the education to raise the awareness and sense of responsibility of cadres and soldiers has been promoted to substantially change the working manner so that all cadres and soldiers are "working according to their positions and acting according to the military regulations". Besides, the Province has also strictly maintained the observance of the State laws, the Army disciplines at agencies and units to minimize the common disciplinary breaches and traffic accidents and prevent serious breaches and accidents in training. The rate of disciplinary breaches has been sustained lower than 0.2%, and there have been no serious breaches.

Thoroughly grasping Uncle Ho's teaching: "The work of supply is as important as the direct fighting in the front line,... But, to get it right, there must be a clear policy and a thorough thought," the Provincial Military Party Committee and Military Command have attached importance to strengthening the leadership and direction in terms of logistics and technical work. In the implementation of the emulation movement entitled "Military Logistics follow Uncle Ho's teachings", agencies and units have boosted the propagation and education to raise awareness and sense of responsibility for all levels, branches, and cadres and soldiers concerning the local military logistics. Thereby, a large number of cadres and soldiers have been encouraged and mobilized with the participation and support of the local Party committees and local authorities to promote the synergy to successfully implement this work. The Province has focused on ensuring the decentralization of reserves of supplies under to the Military Region's Instruction and implementation of the task of weapon and technical equipment assurance, giving priority to units on duty of A2 missions with sufficient quantity, good quality, uniformity to meet requirements and tasks. It has also focused on directing the good implementation of the Drive entitled "Managing and exploiting weapons and technical equipment effectively, sustainably, safely, and economically and traffic safety”. The preservation and maintenance of weapons and technical equipment have been decentralized. The technical coefficients for the tasks have been strictly maintained from 0.97 to 1.0. Meanwhile, depots and stations have been strictly managed to prevent fires, explosions, and loss of weapons and equipment.

With infinite respect for Uncle Ho and a high sense of political responsibility to the Party, the State, and People, in the coming time, cadres and soldiers of the Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province armed forces continue to promote learning and following Ho Chi Minh thought, ethics, and style to contribute to building a clean and strong Party Committee and comprehensively strong armed forces to well perform all assigned tasks.

Senior Colonel PHAM NHU Y, Member of the Provincial Party Standing Commission, Commander of the Military Command

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The entire Party, people and armed forces shall unify in hearts and minds, join forces to carry out thoroughly the preparatory work for, and successfully conduct the 13th National Congress of the Party, leading the country to a new phase of development with the goal of “prosperous people, powerful, democratic, just and civilised country”, successfully fulfilling the heartfelt wish of great President Ho Chi Minh and the desire of the entire nation.